Comics,Family & Relationships

Why are comics so awkward when it comes to superheroes and their interaction with other characters? Why can't character ever just be in a relationship and be happy, why are almost all relationships regarding superheroes a complete mess?  I mean Reed Richards & Sue Storm are still together after all these years and they toughed it out through all the hard times and you have characters like Luke Cage & Jessica Jones who seem to really love each other and their trying to make it work but most characters have been in relationships and some have even had children and it seems that alot of superheroes aren't even raising their children and they aren't building a family..their life just seems to be all about being a superhero. Now I understand that in the event that superheroes were real and that was something that people really did on a regular would be hard to maintain a relationship but it just seems that when it comes to relationships and having children in any fictional comic related universe everything seems to take a turn for the worse.  

Take Storm & Black Panther for instance. A couple that seems made for each other doesn't work because T'Challa just can't seem to give his wife the same love and respect that she gives him. Why? Why do we have to bother with their poorly written fallout when Hudlin and other writers could have simply made something decent out of it? Why does Daredevil have to have a new girlfriend in every era? Doesn't he know by now he can't protect them? Why don't they just have him get back with Elektra (whom is fully capable of protecting herself), that way we don't have to deal with his emotions when he loses her. Isn't that old now? Is anyone else tired of the "I'm sad because something happened to my civilian girlfriend" storyarcs? I guess my point is would things be better if writers simply didn't allow superheroes to date or if they did, they allowed to them to break-up the way normal people break-up? And when it comes to children do they always have to get killed or kidnapped or get caught up in some weird storyline, can they just be kids? Like when Danielle Cage starts getting older, can she NOT be a superhero or an awkward kid. Can she just grow up to be a teacher or something. Do comics always have to be so predictable?