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To all Ultimate Universe haters: Go #$%# yourself you change hating racist pieces of *&%$. I'll have you know this is my favorite line of comics because it' s more realistic. Haters, I bid you go day.

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Ok. I am so mother#$&&^%##&^^%# tired of everyone bashing the Ultimate U. This universe inspired the movies. It updated the Classic characters and made them fresh. I prefer this universe to the classic one because it is more realistic. I'm all for people having their own opinion, but seriously, $#&$*&$&$*&$&$&$*&$&$&$&(%)(*^(*$(*^&$E(& YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What Utada song should be the theme song for kingdom hearts 3?
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@Sentinel of Magic:
I'm sure Osborn didn't kill him.
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I think that after siege, New & Mighty Avengers join as one Team starting with Avengers #600.  Written by Brian Bendis. Art by Chris Pacheco.
Here's my line-up idea:  
Captain America (Steve Rodgers)  
Iron Man 
Hawkeye (Clint Barton)  
Ms. Marvel 
Captain Marvel (Noh-Var) 
Wasp (Hank Pym) 
Amadeus Cho 
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1. Captain America (Steve Rodgers) (Team Leader)
2. Thor (Elemental Factor)
3. Iron Man (Tech Factor)
4. Ms. Marvel (Energy Factor)
5. Quicksilver (Speed Factor) 
6. Wasp (Hank Pym) 9Science Factor)
7. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) (Second in Command)
8. Mockingbird (Stealth Factor)
9. Stature (Shape-shifting Factor)
10. Vision (Intangible Factor) 
11. Hercules (Strengh Factor)
12. Spider-Woman (Spy Factor)
13. Doctor Voodoo (Magic Factor)


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My theory:
Vanitas is Master Xehanort's son, but he feels neglected because Xehanort wants Terra as his apprentice. So by tampering into the Darkness, he made himself look like Terra, but instead has Terra's looks but his hair is white and his eyes are brown, so he hides his face with that Mask until it is complete. He seeks Kingdom hearts to become Terra and tries to destroy the real Terra, but Ven gets in his way. Master Xehanort tries to correct his mistake and follows his son. He opens Kingdom Hearts and locks it so Vanitas wouldn't be overpowered. Terra, Aqua, Ven, Erauqs, and Xehanort combine their combined light and fade away, creating a blast so powerful, it turned the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion and Vanitas landed in Radiant Garden, was founded by Ansem and only rembered the name of the person who he cared about the most, his father Xehanort. And the rest is history.
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In Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora and Riku have their own scenarios. 
While Sora, Donald, and Goofy visited the Worlds of old friends like Stitch and Mulan, Riku and Mickey visited New and Unexplored worlds like Treasure Planet and Notre Dame.
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Here's my theory: 
Master Erauqs is the friend sleeping in Castle Oblivion that Xemnas was looking for. 
The world that Castle Oblivion is in is the Land of Depature, Homeworld of Erauqs, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Master Xehanort and his Apprentice.  
Master Xehanort absorbed his Apprentice, and tried to take over Kingdom Hearts. Terra, Aqua, and Ven sacrifice themselves to stop him, however Xehanort lands in Radiant Garden with no memory but his name. The massive energy from that battle splits up the Unversed into the Heartless and Nobodies. Xehanort looks like Terra because he wanted him to be his apprentice. Ven's spirit lands in Destiny Islands the friend that he asks to erase him is Erauqs, so he put's Ven's essence into Sora's soul wich is why Ven and Roxas look alike. Aqua's spirit is captured by Xehanort after he becomes Ansem's apprentice. Terra's Spirit becomes the Lingering Sentient in Final Mix 2.  
Xigbar sees Xion as Ven because he and the other orginization founders met him when he visited Radiant Garden, but Braig, Xigbar's whole self was the only one who became friends with him. Xehanort sees Xion as Ven because he had met Ven when he was Master Xehanort.  
When Maleficent and Pete fought all the Heartless in The World that never Was, they ended up in Jiminy's Journal. Maleficent used her magic to send the mysterious messages in the journal that appear in Coded and bring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy into the Journal to destroy them. Maleficent destroys the digital Sora and the Journal's cloaked apprearance and her, Pete, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy come back to the Real World. Maleficent and Pete escape and Mickey sends a letter to Sora, Riku, and Kairi waring them about their return. That's the letter sent at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.  
Master Erauqs reawakens, Master Xehanort becomes whole along with the rest of Orginization XIII.  Braig, and the other members revolt againist him, returning to their real kind-hearted selfs (since being Nobodies destroyed thier good emotions) and Ally with Sora.  
Maleficent and Pete gather more heartless, Master Xehanort tries to take over Kingdom Hearts, and it's up to Sora and his Friends to stop them. A new adventure begins.

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I just recently saw the cover of Dark Wolverine #81 and it looks like two Dark Avengers hook up!
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