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I do not want to sound old school, but I still doesn't even own a cellphone even less an iPad, I too have space problems, I collect comics since 1986, but I already made the switch to digital music, TV and movies... and when my computer doesn't work, I still have comics to read with my son ;)

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I'll go with YES, I'm a writer and I believe that if a concept isn't used anymore, it slowly dies... look at religion;)

I read comics since 1986, never read Watchmen until before the movie was screened, I'm not ashamed to admit that after i've read the trade, I was wishing for more... and a crossover with the Justice Society of Earth-2.

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In Batman Mystery of the Batwoman, who are the Penguin's female bodyguards and do they exist in continuity?

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The problem with having "super" scientist in a fantasy and/or science fiction landscape is that it is not challenging anymore to write a story, besauce everything that happened could be undo by a Dr. Nemesis, a Mister Fantastic, a Doctor Strtange or a Lex Luthor.

I do like Kitty, but I don't think having healers, sorcerers or scientists should mean to go back to the status quo immediatly.
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I liked Thena.