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@Vortex13 said:

A sixty-nine joke? Really?

I have zero

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@The_Tree said:

Follow the creators.

I've learned firsthand that your favorite character can be horribly mishandled. I'm not going to continue to follow and support a title that's complete trash, even if I do/did like the character.

This, although creators can disappoint as well so they can be a reason to drop a book, you could really pick it up for any reasons but creators are the most reliable and either way you should drop comics if they don't live up to your enjoyment, that's their entire purpose.

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@The_Tree: ah, that show, I was wondering why she looked familiar...I think you've just ruined any potential she had for me as being a good Mary Jane unless she goes for a drastic makeover

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Wait a minute, comic fans don't like guest artist issues? Wow, clearly I've been out of the loop, I always loved them and think they can make a nice break from things and they usually go out of their way to get a top notch artist. I don't know how I missed Becky Cloonan doing Batman though, I'm going to have to catch up, she's one of my favorite artists!

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Implying that amount of posts and followers have anything to do with impact. The people who have actually done stuff for the site are not the ones everyone knows by name, they are the ones who spend their time doing more productive things than just posting (although posting some is never bad and over years you can accrue a good post count even without being the life of the party).

People who would have had the easiest time having a bigger impact would be the people who joined the site earlier on, people who have an easier time getting a large post count early on in their stay will have joined later so the two feats actually oppose one another.

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I'm all for a change that makes sense within a story context, that's character evolution and the entire point of a good ongoing story. It's all this retcon business that's ridiculous and there is no status quo to go back to, I think the problem is people complaining about changes and then supporting the books anyways, that doesn't help anybody.

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Lemire doing Green Arrow sounds interesting but I think this is just more proof that The New 52 long ago fell apart, how is DC going to be able to sustain this?

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It doesn't bother me too much but the whole idea has always come off as poor writing, I can still remember when people were making jokes about the dumb ways the whole Rainbow Corps could go, not realizing that was actually all it was leading to all along (White Lanterns).

For me the worst part of is that of the rainbow, the three pre-existing teams don't actually make any sense in the context of the rainbow and just needed to be retconned to make any sense, then the four others are about as one-dimensional as you can get. Larfleeze is just a fun concept, but he didn't have to be his own corps, he could have been created as something else. The whole concept just seems too silly.

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And you make a thread about it in the wrong forum.

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Love Symbol Album