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@jayc1324: You say he isn't a spy, but if Dick Grayson, second to Batman in human heroes, who is able to sneak and disappear without any problems. Able to sneak into a building, with no open able windows, without anyone noticing in broad daylight, then I don't think anyone can be a spy. Dick Grayson can be whatever you need him to be. Oh yeah, since he uses guns now, he is going to be the punisher and wolverine and just kill everyone now. Because with him wielding a gun, which is just like his time during his Cop days where they were issued a gun to use during missions, he is going to use it ALL the time and KILL everyone. Interviews after interviews, Tom King and Tim Seeley have stated that the gun thing is going to be an internal struggle in Grayson, but you obviously never read them, seeing as though you think because him having a gun, while undercover to convince them that he is one of them, he is going to use it like a Wing Ding.

Being able to sneak around and disappear doesn't make some a spy, anymore than it makes that person a ninja dude. It gives him a tool for the job, nothing more.

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You mean the current version? Because the last one he found out about during the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk business.

The current one just had him confronting Tony about it in issue 29 of the current Avengers run.

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I agree their relationship has never been focused on enough, yet their friendship's with Cap have. Even after Civil War the relationship between Iron Man and Captain America has received consistent focus, going back and forth, trying to see where they stand. Thor and Iron Man hasn't, and in fact I don't even remember there being any kind of reconciliation between the two after the event. Best I think there was happened in the Avengers Prime trade which was right after Seige and had an adventure dealing with all three men.

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@jayc1324 said:

@nathaniel_christopher: People also didn't like those, and none of those lasted. And this is actually very different than someone taking on the mantle of someone else, this is changing dick completely and trying to make him into a new character.

Well of course people didn't like those, every change has haters. Also wasn't saying it's the same type of change, simply saying it's a character taking on a new role.

As I said though, I doubt this is going to last, and no one really seems to think it's going to last.

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@jayc1324 said:

Doubtful. Not many people seem to be that interested in it. Not enough to kill Nightwing. I believe Nightwing will come back eventually.

This is the same topic as your RIP Nightwing thread. You don't have to keep starting new topics we get it you don't like the idea of Grayson. The main thing about Dick Grayson as a character is he is always evolving. He has been a lot of things in his 74 years. Robin, Batman, Nightwing, and now Just Dick Grayson. Give this book a chance. If you are married to a character JUST having one code name Dick Grayson is not the character for you. All that aside I do think he will be Nightwing again at some point.

Honestly I personally see this as no different than when Dick became Batman or Bucky became Captain America. (I think Donna Troy was also Wonder Woman for a bit.) No one believed those "graduations" or changes were going to stick, and I don't think anyone see's this as any different.

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@denam_pavel Considering that Batman's on the team who wanted Dick, and that Dick's been active since he was a teenager, I think it's more likely the JLA are well versed in who he is, and his skills and abilities rather than that they aren't. Never in any of the JLA meetings we've seen where new members are being discussed, has the opinion of one person been the only factor in whether or not someone is voted to join the team. So I see no reason as to why it would be now.

Flashbacks do impact the present, because if these scans are included, they become canon, and are therefore events that did happen, and events that can later be referenced down the line whenever people find out Dick is again alive. Basically, they'll have an effect, just not in the current series going on where Dick won't be interacting with any of these people for some time. Therefore, it's impossible for current relationships to be expanded between Dick and any of the people that appeared here, or anyone except Batman for that matter, seeing as Bruce is probably the only person from his old life he'll keep in contact with. It doesn't matter what characters appeared at his funeral, that'd still be the same. All flashbacks, regardless of who's they are, have a chance at impacting the present/future. It's up to the writers to decide whether they'll be referenced again, and exactly how they will. Since none of us are those writers, speculating on what impact they'll have is pointless.

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@rustyroy said:

@nathaniel_christopher said:

Oh lord no, though it'll probably happen lol

Why not? Nightwing is a profitable character even without DIck it could sell 30K books, it will be foolish of DC not to capitalize from the name.

Oh I know they could make a profit off the name, I just don't like the idea.

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@rustyroy said:

Someone else should use the Nightwing identity now IMO, maybe a Kryptonian.

Oh lord no, though it'll probably happen lol

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@nathaniel_christopher The JL considered him and ten others. Including someone who had just been created a couple of days ago. So no, it does not neccesitate more then passing knowledge of his skills and the methods by anyone save Batman. And Tim is the one that is yelling at Bruce and getting multiple flashbacks. Undue importance for someone that had narry an appearance in this Nightwing run. Yes, Batman crossovers had them occupy the same room at the same time at an occasion or three, big whoop.

Yeah i'd say it still does. You're basically saying "Hey this other guy just popped onto the scene, they didn't know him well, so there's no chance they knew anything more about Dick than they did about him." There's no logic in that. Batman crossovers had them actively working together without any issue, so yeah, they've been doing more than just standing around.

There's potential in current relationships being continued, but seeing as how the world, these people at his funeral included, now thinks Dick is dead, none of these current relationships are going to be pursued for some time, making the expansion of the relationships in the past more important to me, especially as expanding on how they all started and what happened during them only makes any current/future relationships with people that much deeper.

I never said any of this was character development for Dick. It's relationship development, expanding on the character's history, and things we already know. Dick does nothing in the scans that's out of character or mysterious after all. It could've been anyone having these flashbacks, and as long as the memories were similar and didn't show him in a different light he wouldn't have changed any.

To each his own, I don't see it as a tease at all, but again an expansion of what's already been established as fact.