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@redwingx: Why do I have a feeling that if you were around when Dick Grayson first became Nightwing, you would have been like "OMG DC has no idea what to do with Dick Grayson, he will always be Robin!!".

Until the first issue comes out, I think that it's wise to chill out with the talks of "character destruction". To be honest Dick Grayson has been treated pretty well out of the other members of the Batfamily in the new 52.

Not really, the Robin identity is imo stupid and kills the seriousness of Batman so no I wouldn't care if Dick became Nightwing, in fact I would have welcomed the change.

-___- How anyone can say this, and then talk about DC taking away things that make Dick who he is, and that fans loved is simply beyond me. I'd say being Robin is just as much part of who is, as being Nightwing is. I agree though, DC's taken a lot away from Dick since the Reboot.

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Can't say I agree. I wouldn't really say that him being Nightwing again was a bad thing, or that him growing into some kind of super spy is good. It's a change, but i'm not sure i'd call it him growing into a better character or anything. I also don't really see this lasting to be honest, so I think he's going to end up right back to being Nightwing, just like he did after being Batman the first and the second time.

I agree, Bruce's events were hindering Dick, but just trying to make him completely different than anything else he's been isn't the answer. The answer is to simple stop getting him mixed up in Bruce's events. It's not that hard, because it's not like it hasn't been the status quo in the past.

Honestly, Dick Grayson is Nightwing and doesn't need to be anything else. If a writer can't understand that, or make that work, he's the wrong guy for the job. I think this series has potential however (Despite the terrible name) and it's something that's never been done with the character before, so it at least has the chance to do something completely new, adding more to his story.

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I give it a year and a half, two tops.

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Yeah there are tons of holes that need to be filled in. I'll say it again, I don't think they needed to do a reboot, but they should've gone all the way and rebooted everything and not tried to half-ass it with Batman and GL.

I assume though that Bruce was still MIA for a year or so.

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Don't see it happening.

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@nathaniel_christopher: his solo series ends with issue 30

Doesn't mean he's dying or that the character can't get away from Batman in whatever new role they place him in. The fact his comic's been doing well show's there's an interest in the character.

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Blue; having him wear the same dominant color as the rest of his brothers was a bad choice on DC's part.

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Makes sense after all, his comic's been doing well. Let's just hope that they finally stop dragging him of course with ever new event in Bruce's life, and really allow him to do his own thing. That's what Nightwing was all about in the first place; stepping out of Bruce's shadow and being his own man.

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With Tim being some kind of Olympic level wonderkid/genius/detective, and Jason being some chosen one deal with magic and sorcery, Dick's probably the "son" who came out looking the best on the origin front. Not that mistakes weren't made along the way.