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@deathpoolthet1000: i do agree that writers often times mistake Starfire's sexual liberation with sexual promiscuity. The whole idea is that Kori isn't held down by outdated social norms regarding female sexuality and that could be told in a better way than what we have seen in the new 52 and quite a bit of pre-Flashpoint. Liberation does not mean she's a nymphomaniac. The way Wolfman and Perez wrote her to keep her from being viewed as a sex object was that they made sure that she was a fully developed character whom the readers can be invested in and then write situations where her sexuality comes into play. They made sure to never forget her humanity when they wrote her, if you will. So while her sexuality was one of the defining aspects of her character, it wasn't the only thing that defined her to those that have actually read about her.

I'm glad somebody gets it. Starfire's had crappy writing for years now and it needs to stop.

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@vitacura said:

@nathaniel_christopher: Sure, Women hug himself when they are cold or when they are pregnant too. But since this is a comic and the visuals are part of the message I don't tink they are aiming to cold and I hope she isn't pregnant.

And yes, Jason has always envied Dick and now he is going for every person Dick has loved.

The way he keep going after Barbara until she said yes and THEN he didn't want to. Wow How people are seen it like is a good thing is mind blowing.

They also just hug themselves for no reason sometimes to do something with their hands, or when they're happy. My point being that it doesn't automatically mean she's said, and that she again appears to have a smile on her face. Also, considering that they're on top of a bridge, i'm not sure why it wouldn't be cold up there, and it's clearly somewhat windy, as Barbara's hair is blowing, along with her cape.

Which is why this scene is again so good. As I said, Jason's always envied Dick for his relationship with Bruce, and because he's never felt he could measure up, and that Bruce valued Dick more, etc. Yet at no point has he ever actively wanted to be Dick Grayson, which is what him hooking up with Barbara comes off as, and it's the same complaint many have with him hanging out with Kori and Roy. Nothing that can be done about the latter two at this point, but good on the writers for realizing it now at least and not having Jason get with Barbara.

You have poor reading skills if you're referring to me, as I outright said it was written poorly, but them having him get with Barbara wouldn't have been any better. What should have happened (Realistically, they shouldn't have ever tried to have these characters possibly getting together at all, but barring that) is that Barbara is the one who turns Jason down and ends any discussion on the issue. They then talk about the reasons why, and Jason comes to accept what she's saying, that it's for the best, and both characters move on.

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@hushofthewind @youknowwhattodo

Love the scene, execution could've been handled better. It really reads like an Anvils Need to be Dropped work, as if it was an editorial mandate or something someone wanted to have said in the work, regardless of buildup and so on. However, it's certainly a good thing for Jason to realize, especially seeing as he's always envied Dick, but has never wanted to be him. So realizing that he'd just be a stand-in for Dick here is good on his part.

Also agree that Barbara doesn't look sad in that last panel at all. Women can hug themselves like that (And she's hugging herself with both her arms by the way) for a variety of reasons, and her face looks like she's almost smiling.

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He'd continue to be Batman until he became too old to do so, or no longer could due to some injury, in which case he'd take up a similar position to the one he had in Batman Beyond. Though seeing how they handled Wally when Barry came back, and how they made Dick go back to being Nightwing already, I don't ever see such an occurence happening. Same thing even happened on Marvel's end, with Bucky becoming Winter Soldier again. (Though Steve also gave up being Cap anyways.) DC doesn't seem to be able to juggle identities between two people for some strange reason; though they somehow manage to have thousands of Green Lanterns without an issue.

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The new Jason's a complete character now because he took aspects of Dick Grayon's character?

And in terms of the new DCU not caring about Dick i'm fairly certain that even with both of his brother's wripping away aspects of his character his comic's (Including recent sales for Grayson) been outselling both of there's so take that as you want.

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I'd say it's easily debatable, seeing as how every now and again there's some mind control business going on, and Batman drops his superpowered teammates instead of the other way around. True enough, there's a difference between fighting a Mind Controlled Superman and Superman, but it's still a human dude fighting against an alien with enough phyiscal strength to move a planet (Depending on the incarnation) And he routinely fights people such as Clayface, Poison Ivy, and Mr. Freeze, people who i'd say could take on many heroes that have been in the Justice League at any given time. The same applies to Dick and Tim, and even Damian to a lesser extent. We could even go to another area and use Green Arrow as an example.

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I really can't understand how Jason Todd fans or Barbara Gordon fans could be fine with the two of them hooking up, besides the "bragging" rights that come with such a thing in the real world.

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@hushofthewind Pretty much. The idea seems to be "Well he's super attractive, she's super attractive, why would they not get together?!" No actual thought into relationship dynamics at all.

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@orangebat said:

Eh, the whole, "we're like brother and sister, we already love each other too much" is cliche enough already, and not just in comics. Also, I don't think it's valid to compare Batman/Wonder Woman and Robin/Wonder Girl to Dick/Donna, since the latter have a far more different and closer dynamic than the former two. Plus, it's way better than the gag-worthy Roy/Donna pairing.

Well I'm not totally against Dick/Donna, I do think that a romantic relationship between those two would be better than BM/WW, Tim/Cassie but I don't know by how much, especially in the new 52, they're likely coming to come from two separate worlds.

Personally, my favorite Donna pairing is her with Kyle Rayner, I really did wish DC explored that more.

I liked Donna and Kyle, and would have liked it if they got together again down the line, sometime after the Sinestro Corps War; didn't care for Kyle/Natu at all. You could have both being a little older and more experienced, which can lead to a compeltely different kind of relationship.

I'll definitely thought that Dick and Donna were better off as extremely close friends/brother/sister, and I really don't think there's a lot of that in comics anymore; a male/female relationship/friendship where there's really no sexual tension anywhere, and the idea that they might get together at some point really doesn't exist.