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@crazyscarecrow said:

@nathaniel_christopher: I agree. I just don't see them lasting that long without a big event. Though I really hope we just get good stories in books and some books reaching a number that isn't 12.

Oh i'm not saying 5-10 years with no big events. I'm just saying that we stick to only a few, like 2 max, and mainly focus on regular old, individual character stories, with a few heroes meeting up now and again for teamups, and of course the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic 4 will still have the usual team dynamic anyways. However, let's put an end to the Feat Itself's and the A vs X.

I'm not 100% against this, but i'm just not 100% for it either. It's a good way to clean house and streamline things, but DC's done the same thing, multiples times now, and it barely ever works out in the long run.

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I'm actually interested in this. It sounds more like the Crisis for Marvel to me. If anything Marvel really does need this. I can understand whats happening with properties not hugely impacted by events like Daredevil, Fantastic Four, GOTG, and others like that though Avengers and X-Men have became so huge that something like this will be needed. To many events. Hopefully Marvel will stop eventing things and just produce some really good comics for the next year or two. Also with very little change in costume (I don't want a 90's Marvel costumes like we got with New 52).

I'm excited for this. Hopefully all my favorites will still be my favorites in the end.

This, except i'd say the next 5-10 years honestly. If they just go back to pumping out event after event again then the entire thing will be pointless.

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@boschepg Agreed. Marvel has been killing us with these events for a long time now, and we tend to forget that a Reboot of any kind does have the potential to be good. It just so rarely ever is. Not really for the idea, but i'll read Marvel's Crisis on Infinite Earths to see what happens and where things stand at the end.

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@waezi2 said:

Good. Let's get this over with so that we can get some REAL Avengers stories.

Agreed. So ready for this entire thing to be over, though i'm wondering exactly what anyone at Marvel has planned for these people (specifically talking about the Illuminati) now, because i'm finding it hard to believe that any of them will ever be friends with most other heroes again. SMH everything just seems so broken right now.

Also, wondering when Tony's personality is going to be switched back from AXIS.

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Dick's ability to read a person's body language, along with his detective skills, is criminaly underused, but awesome to see when it us.

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Not a fan of the Spyral powers or Jason's mystical abilities. And the same goes for people who think that Bruce should be using something like the Insider suit all the time. Ruins the entire dynamic of these heroesfor me. But I don't consider the character of Dick Grayson to have been completley killed off yet because of it. Though I eagerly await his return to the Nightwing mantle. (And I thank God everyday that Harper Row didn't take it)

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No secret identities, not nearly enough of a cast, just an excuse to have heroes fight. Plus Civil War wasn't even a great storyline anyways, just happens to have caused a lot of controversy.

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Man my advice on where to start in Marvel is the same advice i'd give for any kind of series honestly. Figure out what characters you like to narrow your focus, and then narrow it a little further to maybe around three at the most. From there, search around for some classic stories on them, along with a few more recent ones, and build your database from there.

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SMH freaking trolls man.

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@redwingx said:

He is a spy now. Starfire or Barbara doesn't fit in his world. Especially Barbara.

Meh romance is overrated. I would like for Dick to get a true friend instead of a romantic relationship that will end fast because of the comic book law.

Which is why the OP made it clear he was speaking in terms of the future (in which he personally also states he doesn't see Dick lasting as a spy for long) and not the present.