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@LT1085: lmao  ><  Every battle contest from this day forth must require one or more combatant getting their face completely punched off. This is both one of the most ridiculous and most awesome pieces I've seen. 
(This requirement also stands even if the battle does not depict a fight, IE racing each other, pool party, table tennis, etc.)
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@deadpool1109 said:
" I say start a voting thread and let everyone decide.. Its only fair!! "
Completely agree. I've been following this thread since the beginning but wasn't able to participate because of time issues. I really tried to get something in when I saw there were NO entries the day before the deadline. I was very relieved when Tonis not only submitted an entry but several pieces that obviously involved a lot of work. 
I know I'm new here but I never really considered the Battle contest to mean someone hitting someone else. It's one of the few (if not the only) contests that calls for more than one figure in the entry. I've always thought of the entries to just require at least two characters (probably from different books or even different medium) to be interacting with each other.  
While I think it's a little ridiculous to sit here arguing over the definition of a battle, I think it's even more ridiculous that anyone (especially people who didn't participate in the contest) would ever punish an artist on this forum who made an entry with honest and genuine intent. This is an art forum where we should all be helping and supporting each other, and here we have people saying "thanks but no thanks" to an outstanding artist who put in tremendous effort?  
My vote would go to Tonis. To ignore his awesome entry is complete bullshit and if this battle doesn't go to a fair vote I will definitely reconsider participating in future contests.
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@Over_kill said:

wow... so the long pause was not me being SOL but at least one person attempting to draw me! Wow, nice art there Payno!  I'm definitely putting these on my page.  Anyone else trying this? 

It's on my list of things I want to do, but I can't really promise anything.
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Alright. Well since Kid Anarchy posted the only valid entry I guess that makes him the winner. Congratulations! 

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@deadpool1109 said:
" Damn i really wanted to do this one, but i got so piled on with work that i couldn't work on my entry, hopefully next time. "
Yeah, same here : / ah well.
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@Kid Anarchy: Love that you did multiple battles with the lesser known characters, and the pose/angle on Superman is really nice. Awesome work!