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@Shadow_Thief said:
" Given Nate's character, if he expresses his disapproval at all, he would privately tell Cyclops what he thought, and leave it at that. I have trouble picturing Nate getting more involved in someone else's relationship matters (yes, even a family member's) than that. "
I definitely have to agree with you on that. Although if it was a little more fresh and recent and Jean was still alive, and being cheated on I think I could see him acting a bit differently. Nate has never seemed the type to keep his disapproval or judgements quiet. But in this case I don't see it really coming up, at least not early on. After Rachel's reaction to Emma, I don't think they'd really go down that road much if at all. It would likely seem redundant.
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Definitely Cassie, although I am curious where things are going to go with Miss Martian and Superboy. But Wonder Girl definitely needs to be in this series.

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Well Nate used both his and the Harvester's energies to taint all life on Earth. So he could have left taint behind with the Harvester's life force, since it's unlikely they can feed off their own energies. Chances are though, that whole Harvester story is over and done with. It was a plot device used to get rid of Nate because he was too powerful and the writer's had difficulty writing for him.

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@kimeraevet:  I'd actually like to see Nate and Hope join forces. They could be a real power couple. I mean ok she's his adopted niece but that's just it she is adopted. I mean say a new X-Men team led by X-Man and Hope with Blink, "the lights" and the New Mutants. They'd be a young team with real potential. Never happen quite like that but still.
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I've honestly always like Nate as he is, very separate from Cable. He was never meant to be Cable. 

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He usually seems drawn to look older but ya he claimed in issue #68 of X-Man that he is "genetically 17".

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@ Powerzone789 Nate's approximately 17 biologically. He's said so himself. They're both roughly the same age.

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It soooooo does. Blink and Nate are gonna be the best team-up. Even if she is the main universe version.

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It looks like Nate is returning in New Mutants along with Blink who has been AWOL just as long

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I would like to see him as a member of the X-Men with his own team though. I also agree though that he'd made a good big brother type to the Richards kids. Seeing as him and Franklin got on quite well during Onslaught saga and when Nate went to the F4 for help for a time. Seeing him meet Hope and Rachel for the first time and hang out together would be awesome. I still think Hope and Nate could actually make a good couple honestly. There is no reason he couldn't be an X-Man and a member of Future Foundation. I mean how many teams are Wolverine and Spider-Man a part of. Also with my mention of Spider-Man, Nate and Peter should reunite. I always liked their friendship, like brothers almost.