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Carbon Grey: Issue 2 0

The Cover At first I had the same criticism that I had with the first issue with this cover. It just doesn't grab me or standout as much as a book of such quality inside deserves... but then I put it side by side with Issue 1 and you know.. it does actually work. Its not until you start seeing this tale as a whole that I think you really get it. The cover art is really well detailed and actually more atmospheric than you would appreciate at first. The Story  Engaging, Realistic Scenes.The writ...

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Mixed Omens of Things to Come. 0

As with other reviews I've done I will review all 5 issues of this arc, especially as it is a very important arc in the Chaos Comics universe and is tightly scripted, leading into the bigger Armageddon arc that it preludes. The Covers  The covers were not what I'd come to expect from Chaos Comics at that time. They seemed crowded with characters that I didn't recognise and somehow less crisp and engaging in their subject matter. I was drawn to Chaos by the gripping covers of Lady Death and Purga...

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Hotwire Gets in Deeper 0

The Cover  Again a 3 cover issue to maximise profits (you can hardly blame them its one of the oldest tricks in modern publishing). The one I purchased Hotwire is yanking cables from the stomach of a zombie and as before the detail is wonderful, the characters realistic and beautifully constructed.  Again interestingly the 3 covers each give Alice a different face. One is dead on model from the internals but the other 2 seem to be at the discretion of the artist. The Story This issue we have ...

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Hot to Trot 0

The Cover You cant go wrong with a Louis Royo cover for your comic, you know its going to get bought on that recommendation alone. Oddly enough of the 4 covers this issue came out with it wasn't my favourite... the one i picked up had our heroine full square on the front, futuristic glowing weapon in hand, looking down the throat of a creature with huge teeth. I was immediately taken with the heroines pale, albino image and a look of unconcerned intensity in the face of danger on her face. The...

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Hatter M: 01 - A Not so Mad Hatter 0

The Cover The muted cover of this first issue in the Looking Glass Wars series is not the most enticing cover I've ever seen (the preview image of issue 2 looks far more attention grabbing) but it does still catch the eye and oddly its more the lettering of HATTER M that drew my attention. I am an Alice in Wonderland fan and you might say the had me at the words Looking Glass. The Story Now Looking Glass Wars has been on my novels 'to read' list for some months now and a chance to hop into the ...

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the Maxx: 01 0

The Cover I've never been a fan of the first issues cover. I never felt it conveyed anything of the subtly and humour you are going to be treated to inside. It looks like yet another masked super-hero, with a ridiculously over developed body and a blood splash to show this is a little more brutal than your usual Marvel/DC gay romp through the park.  The Story Like many people, I suspect, my first experience of Sam Kieth's The Maxx was from the MTV show that took the comic and reproduced the fee...

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Starcraft 1 0

The Cover Possibly the best thing about this comic is the cover and even that is nothing really special. It has the flashy Starcraft logo at the top so you wont miss it on the shelf. The scene give the impression of a rouge Terran squad  standing around some heavy guns and a few battle cruisers in the sky to give you more connection with the game.. and honestly theres more on the front cover to tie to the game than you'll find in the story. The Story  What can you say about a Starcraft comic. I'...

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Evil Ernie 1 0

In this review I'm going to review the entire first, 5 part, volume of Evil Ernie 1991, which was reprinted by Chaos Comics in 1996 as Youth Gone Wild with new cover art. The Cover  The original covers of Evil Ernie were something special to me. Back in the 1990's there were some horror comics for sure but the bold, heavy metal inspired covers certainly spoke me as young man with a taste for bands like Slayer and Megadeth. Indeed Ernie's look was based on the lead singer of the band Overkill. H...

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Bomb Queen VI parts 1-4. 0

While I'm going to focus on the first issue there is so little going on in this four part outing I'm going to review the whole of Volume 6 in this review. The Cover                                               Bomb Queen is not a series that's particularly known for its covers and the first two in this sequence aren't anything to write home about either. Oddly i loved the cheeky charm of Issue 3's scandle-mag cover and to a degree the stylised cover of issue four with a pregnant Bomb Queen in ...

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Carbon Grey : Issue 1 0

The Cover The regular cover of this issue is strangely uninspiring to me. Three short haired women on a red background with Asian looks and gritty, retro WWII looking guns with a tiny steam-punky twist. Muted references to the Third Reich and Europe do all give hints to the content but honestly if i saw this in a comic book store I'm not sure I would even pick it up. The drawing is well executed but just not gripping enough. The Glossy alternate cover is far more dramatic to my mind. The Story ...

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The Vampire's Christmas 0

Tobias Esque is a vampire. He is a lonely, impotent and secretive vampire who protects his secret affliction from unwanted notice but with Christmas only a few hours away, he hasn't fed in weeks and the hunger is driving him to break a few rules.   The CoverRight from the get go we have a classic piece of Linsner artwork in his instinctive style that will sit well alongside the other pieces in your collection. For the uninitiated Linsner is an artist who puts just as much into his comics interna...

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Elephantmen 1 0

Elephantmen  1 was something of a revelation to me. I'd just bought my iPad and was busy downloading Apps when i came across one for the many comic book readers. I popped it on and opened it up and started hunting though the lists of free comics. I was in an airport waiting lounge and badly in need to entertainment. After hacking through a pile of bland and flat vector drawn, soulless fair i came upon Elephantmen 1.   The CoverThe cover spoke volumes to me. The noir, blade runner-esque scene dom...

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Dawn - Lucifer's Halo 0

Beginnings  I think i am somewhat spoiled in the world of independent comic book collectors as it was this book that i first picked up and read as a younger man and was inspired into collecting comics by this very series. I had been captivated for some time by images of the startlingly dramatic cover art and on purchasing a copy i was not  disappointed by the quality of work inside the covers.       So many titles out there get bought on the strength of the  cover art and completely fail to live...

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Crossed 1: The Start of the Road to Hell 0

Crossed is a new and brutal form of comic that appears to have its roots in the survival horror and torture porn camps that make up modern horror films these days. The zombie plague idea has been well explored in the movies of late and its the new fad to find a reason and a mythos behind the outbreak and to give your zombie a new twist.  In Crossed the origins of the outbreak are yet to be explored but they do have the gimmick that the infected seem more  interested in rape and torture than braa...

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