Not-So-Daily Blog #1: DC's New 52

I know it all started in September of last year, but I just recently decided to give the New 52 a try. At first, like I'm sure most of us were, I was skeptical. Having no idea what canon has carried over, and what hasn't. Characters that have been middle aged since the 50s suddenly becoming young again. Underwear no longer being used as outerwear. All of it was foreign, and, like most, I didn't know whether to jump for joy, or break down and cry.

I hadn't read many of DC's books at all before the reboot, but I would surf the databases constantly to find out stuff about the heroes I've adored since before I could walk. I knew my fair share about the characters, Then, disaster struck. Everything I knew about them had suddenly become ancient history. I didn't know what was important to retain, and what I could dump into my metaphorical trash bin. I looked at Superman, with a turtleneck, no red trunks, and a distorted shield, and thought all hope was lost. Then, let's see, it was . . . last week, I think. I decided, "What the heck, I'll give it a shot!", so I took the $8 I had and bought Justice League #1, Superman #1, and Detective Comics #1 from the DC comics app on my iPad (I know, digital comics. Sue me). I looked over some of the new costume designs while I waited a couple minutes for the comics to download. I looked again at Superman. Then I thought, "You know . . . this is actually kind of cool." I looked at Batman. It made sense to not have a speedo outside of your costume (armor now, I suppose). I started off with Detective Comics. I loved it! I thought the way they immediately drop you into the cat and mouse game that Batman and Joker play was great! I moved on to Justice League. Although I was left wondering what had happened in the last 20 pages near the end, I wanted to read more. I wanted to keep seeing the characters. They were fresh. They were modernized. They were all "reborn" if you will. Superman was the same. I wanted to find out more. Then I realized, this seemingly ill-conceived relaunch might not have been such a bad idea after all.

I'm sure their are some individuals out there that would have my head for this, but I really think this was something that was inevitable. How long do you think the old tights and cape were going to last? Some of the series had several hundred issues released. Action Comics hit issue #900, and issue #1 came out in 1938. Who in their right mind is going to go read 900 issues of a comic so they can find out what's happened before the most recent issue? Not to mention the low sales at DC, which was one of the biggest reasons they decided to reboot. New readers (such as myself) would be lost, not knowing where it was safe to jump in, not knowing if they should really be reading this issue before the other 900. So, the relaunch happened. A lot was changed. Everybody looks different. An origin story or two was modernized a little bit. Bruce Wayne's birthdate was no longer in 1915. New readers now had an easy place to start. You can kill me for saying this, but I think this was one of the best moves DC has ever made. And I'm sure it will need to happen again. The world will change, and, just like in that boring little space between Green Lantern Corps and Animal Man we call real life, we're gonna need to change with it.

If anybody actually got to the end of this little heart-and-soul spiel, I both thank and congratulate you. Not many people can sit through one of my monologues, but you did. If you have anything to say, please speak your mind in the comments. I only ask that we keep any conversation on a civilized level, and avoid any barbarism. Thank you for reading.

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Geek-Rage #1: Non-Teenage Non-Mutant Non-Ninja Non-Turtle Aliens

Are you kidding me? This IS some kind of prank, right? Michael Bay is sitting at his computer reading nothing but negative comments about his little disaster, and laughing because it's all a joke. HOW CAN YOU EVEN CONSIDER CHANGING AN ORIGIN STORY THAT DRASTICALLY? While your at it, why don't you make SPIDER-MAN a FREAKING ALIEN? Can Bay do anything but ruin things for us? ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH! Can you tell I'm upset? This is just so ridiculous, I really am having a hard time believing it. I keep trying to tell myself there has to be some reasonable explanation for Bay calling them an "alien race", other than them actually being aliens. But, if that were the case, don't you think he would have retracted the "alien race" phrase? I don't know how this can possibly be allowed by whoever currently holds the rights to the Turtles. Do they have no respect for, not only the franchise, but the fans, some of which have been with the Turtles since the beginning? I want to be an optimist here, I really do, but they haven't given me anything that could possibly allow me to be optimistic. Raph, Mikey, Leo, Don, may you rest in peace. Michael Bay is about to effectively kill you.

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