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I go by the pen name Edison Chestnut. I am an aspiring comicbook writer/artist from Satellite Beach, Florida. I grew up on the Spider-Man and TMNT televisions shows of the early nineties which ultimately warped my brain into an encyclopedia for esoteric superhero information. While I love indie comics as well, the big flashy superheroes at Marvel Comics that will always be where my real passions lie.

Although Marvel heroes had long been some of my favorite characters; it wasn't until 2005 that I picked up the first issue of New Avengers and officially became a collector. From their I become an avid reader of the classic Avengers, The Ultimates, Teen Titans, Black Panther, Deadpool & Watchmen.

Currently I am loving Saga by Brian K. Vaughn, Brian Michael Bendis's black/latino Ultimate Spider-Man, Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello, and the team of Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman on Animal Man.

My childhood friend Tom Shea and I recently co-created a comic series by the working name of Hyperbole. It stars a non-powered chainsaw wielding anti-hero operating within the seedy drug-trade around the coastal southern city Miami, Florida. It's sort like what would happen if Kick-Ass were a pothead college student being shaken down by drug dealers. I have been drawing more violent images than I ever had before! Work is in full effect on the first issue and it could not be more exciting.

Artistic Influences: Michael Turner, Clayton Henry, Salvadore Larroca, John Romita Jr., Mike Allred, Eastman & Laird, Jack Kirby, Yasuhiro Nightow, Akira Toriyama.

Writing Influences: Mark Millar, Kurt Busiek Alan Moore, Christopher Priest, Chuck Austen.