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This issue was such a let down.

I was caught in the hype and expected something at least moderately dramatic but nothing happened. Nothing at all. The worst thing that happened was the Bat Family had a little bit of a scare - a sense of true fear but nothing too complex. From this issue I imagine they want to hang up their costumes? Well all of them except Dick... I'm not sure if it's a sign of maturity or the fact he's been exposed to this nonsense longer that he chose to go to the mansion, change his mind and have the courage to actually contact Bruce directly rather than leave a message.

They got scared. That's it.

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I don't care for any of those titles anyway so no skin of my bones.

Why isn't the Red Lantern comic there? Or Teen Titans really... *flees scene*

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Alfred's eyes? I can't see them outright killing Alfred considering he is such a prominent character in the Batman universe.

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@feebadger said:

It's Bat Mite. That's who's on the tray :)

I hope this is the case!

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@Manbehindthewires said:

@Nantucket: Nightwing has been brutal! Not sure if it's because he's always been a favorite character of mine; but to me it seems Joker's been going extra harsh on him.

Well Joker did say Nightwing was his least favourite...

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@Manbehindthewires said:

Loving Batgirl. Hadn't bought a Batgirl til DotF; My LCS barely bought any in up until now either, but gonna go back to the earlier Gail Simone stuff after this arc is done with.

I concur.

I never fancied Batgirl but I picked up the previous three issues of DotF and loved it.

Nightwing is my favourite tie-in thus far but mostly because his fight with Joker was brutal both emotionally and physically. It was great to see Nightwing get a few punches in and harrowing to see the smackdown on Nightwing too.

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@Joelislegend said:

@Reignmaker said:

I actually never thought of it as Joker. I actually initially thought DC was maybe trying to make Red Hood more like Deadpool.

Honestly I always feel Jason has no place anywhere in the New 52 they should have made the character dissapear I really don't get what they were trying to do with him.

They should have reverted to a dead robin and erased the entire red hood line from the past.

I quite like Red Hood & the Outlaws and since its run I have quite taken to Jason. The art in the initial comics were great and it's fun to see an unconventional team.

Jason has a place in the New 52 universe as long as he keeps away from the Batman tie-ins.

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@entropy_aegis said:

Nightwing took a big L last week.

Getting owned by Joker in a crossover event check

Concludes in Batman# 17 check.

Haly Circus gone check

Most of the supporting cast killed check

Deathstroke going after The Outlaws(for some non monetary reason) check

Tim referring to Jason as the closest thing to a brother(WHAT?) check

In addition he's no longer the founder of the Teen Titans,his best friends have either been removed from continuity(Donna,Wally) or have never met him(Cyborg),his relationship with Kori was merely a forgettable fling in her eyes.

He has been reduced to a reject,a poor Daredevil who's only job is to clean up Batman's left overs.

Good Bye Nightwing.

Well... when you put it like that...

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@bennyq said:

Maybe they kept it black because Roy's hair is red. And Starfire's. Hey they should have all 3 redheads and rename the series the RedHeads!

Every time I see this post I just laugh.

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@moywar700 said:


If anybody is going to die,it's Alfred.He's the most expandable bat-character.

You can't kill Alfred. :o Even my mother knows who Alfred is - he's a legend.

My mother's never read a comic in her life and if she knows Batman has a butler called Alfred he's not expendable. He'll be truly missed :(