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New Mutants Vacation 0

Basically Sam decides that the group needs to go on vacation to relax & help the team take their minds off Bastion & the Nimrods assault. We also see that General Lehni Ulysses & Doctor Noc's team of soldiers spent 26 years in Limbo & that their mission is to capture Illyana's Bloodstones & her Soulsword. The team also recaps the events of Second Coming & their battle with Cameron Hodge while having a few beers & during their drunkenness Dani & Sam share a passion...

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Secret Avengers: The Namor1987 review 0

So this was an AMAZING 1st issue in my humble opinion. Everything from the team chemistry, to the use of colors, the environment to help set the mood, & plot/story line.   GOOD:  The good points for me were I loved how they made the Avengers mesh so well like Ant-Man & Moon Knights pairing & little conversations was great comedic-relief for me. Plus the character's who had a lot of development in their motives for being on the team really intrigued me.     BAD:  This may sound really...

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