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Take the Where am I?

Your Results:

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning 100%
Haha! You're in school. Pretty people with awesome super powers with a dash of teen angst. You lucked out. Now get to class! Your next class is the Effect of the X-Gene on Microbiology 202. Good luck.
Duh duhduh duduh duh duh dududududuh. That's how you're supposed to sing the song. Welcome to Springfield, . There's so much stuff to do and see, but I'm sure you probably just hang out with Comic Book Guy and just talk about how everything is the worst thing ever.
I'm pretty sure that if you hear that stupid "In brightest day... In blackest night" b.s. anymore, you'll murder everyone on the planet. Luckily, you're in the center of the universe, so you have lots of traveling options.
Bizarro World
Me love having not to write this non-description. It is so much fun. No one on Bizarro world talks like this. They are all so smart. You should stay here forever and make friends with everyone. Bizarro World is not stupid.
    I'm just your average 23 yr old comic fan been reading almost all my life & I'm currently reading New Mutants, X-Force, Secret Avengers, Green Lantern & Power Girl. I'm also into MMA, UFC, wrestling, food, anything historical, video games, &  anything that I can learn something from to improve myself. So you want to talk just holler. 


Take the Date a Superhero Chick Quiz

Your Results:

She-Hulk 100%
Tall, strong, and...green. She-Hulk will show you a night on the town. Make sure you're a perfect gentleman. You don't want to make her angry...or have her sue you. Be sure to do your stretches before you date. Remember, she dated the Juggernaut before. Make sure your home is ensured.
Psylocke might show you her sensitive Betsy Bradock side. If she does you're a lucky guy. Otherwise watch out, you're in for the night of your life.
Vixen is a wild one. If you treat her right, you might be able to make her purr. If not, she might channel the powers of a rhinoceros and skewer your ass.
Black Canary
Long legs, leather, and fishnet stockings. You are in for one night you will never forget. Just be careful not to show her too good of a time. If you make her scream, it'll knock your head off.

Take the What superhero am I?

Your Results:

Iron Man 100%
You're a "cool exec with a heart of steel. As Iron Man, all jets ablaze, you fights and smite'n with repulsor rays." People might think you're a jerk but who cares, that's quite a life you lead.
Captain Marvel
You are Captain Marvel, the Big Red Cheese. Just keep in mind that your alter ego, Billy Batson, has barely passed through puberty.
Da na na na na...Batman. Where do you get those wonderful toys? You are the Dark Knight. Money, cool gadgets, little boys in tights...what more could you ask for?
Hey chere, you da man. Dat 'tis pretty cool, mon ami. You are able to charge things up...even the ladies.