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@Baron_Emo: ... 
your name reminds of baronmunchhousen <.< 
but anywho it saya PLUSHIES ont the tag produced by FUNNKO it has a tingy too
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fine i'll look at the dolls tag 
(starts searching panty draw for mad hatter.)....there nothing wrong with that sentence!

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..Boss Fix Tail...AHHHH i'm tearing up again! D:..i'm such a cry baby :|


you don't now there is mOAR o.o...starts looking for link...maybe..perhaps..


NagolNuff= L A Z Y

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your wall post made me sign in after so long ago /./ 
ja don't come here much so i don't get distracted with my writing ( but then again i get distracted by life \.\)  
what could be missed? 
the randomness of banana pirates 
or the foils  of my dolphin army that i wish i could first have be for they be even foiled... are you? :P
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@Baron_Emo said:
For your sexy, geek love. "

Whoe ever made those brand of dolls i want to destroy..cause I want all of them! i pretty much have the wonderland set and i pratically sqeeud when i saw the JLA set at borders...GOTTA CATCH EM ALL >.<
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Finished reading Y The Last Man yesterday, I pretty much bought every book in the span of 2days...when not all of them 5 ain't out yet but i read the last bit at borders and i had to go to the bathroom so no one could see me cry..then i decided to read We3 since I was still waiting for my friend to get out of work( since i only skimmed it first time i saw it a lng time ago) and once again i had to run into the bathroom to CRY LIKE I'VE NEVER CRIED BEFORE..(Boss..Fix ..Tail..D: !!!) and what goign through my mind right now? well first of how i couldn't login in for some reason cause this stupid thing kept wanted to make a multi pass yesterday, and now I'm thinking of adding 355 as one of the costumes I should wear for mega con..but then again her outfit is so simple who would now who I am? 
and finally 
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o man! this looks like fun! looks cool n.n

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ooook ? the blurriness doesn't help so...what is it?

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i just want that comment where storm and wolvie are together in the AU holding baby torrent 
other than that meh unless the green lanteren ring actually gives me super powers....and if yes i rather have star sapphire :3 

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@King Saturn:
yupp yupp i'm glad that jj followed through with the original series ideas that they had for the couple but couldn't cuase of the times and other actors butting in (cough shatner cough)