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The shell needed rest, the spirit was restless. The Countesses spirit form manifests from beyond the confines of her flesh. She keeps the vale intact not revealing herself to Charlemagne or the natives, she is only a shadow presently and she doesn't wish to alarm anyone.

She observes and does her best to keep her her efforts from expiring prematurely, while also focusing on healing her injured shell. She leaves just enough of her spirit energy inside of the shell in order to keep the heart beating so not to startle Charlemagne, she didn't want to appear dead.

She uses her healing arts to the best of her abilities in her present form, were she herself completely it would be much easier, however it was half of that equation that needed the healing, irony is a cold mistress.

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The Crimson Queen smirks wickedly as she notices the memento that Daemon left behind, upon the earth lay one of his severed hands and part of the forearm ending at a bloody stump. "The rabbit needs to get down the rabbit hole more quickly." She says wick a sadistic chuckle.

Some of the oldest songs in the history of mankind tell the story of The Crimson Queen, whose explorations of the shadow realm set a standard for other abyss walkers to follow. The shadow-lings claim this bold Avatar as their founder, reverting her as second only to Naamah Prime herself.

The Crimson one sends her spirit soaring through the shadow world while her body remained in the physical realm. Leaving her body behind as an anchor, The Crimson Queen spirit travels further and further into uncharted, and by many others, unchartable realms of the abyss.

It is in one of these darkest recesses of the endless void that she locates her desired artifact. Her golden eyes gaze upon the reflection of their likeness upon the surface of a magic mirror, an ancient reliquary that has been adrift inside the endless void ever since The Crimson one had hidden it there eons ago. The mirror however would be her gateway to reach Daemon within the very pits of Hell, she would be able to see him, and he would be able to see her. They would also be able to communicate directly, only he would see her. Anyone else that sees Daemon talking to an invisible entity is first going to panic thinking it some sort of infernal trickery and then they are going to access that he is just plain nutters.

"Hello again Daemon." first he hears her voice in his ears, and then an image of her head appears before him, not the whole of her only her head and part of her long slender neck.

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Retiring back to Ishins room within the Monastery, Lady Naamah invokes the spirits once more. She communes with the Earth and reminds them of their word to change things back to as they once where, after much grumpy groveling about how tiring the experience would be they realize that they were bound to their word, and that they should be more careful on making them in the future.

Lady Naamah thanks them and apologizes for the trouble, as they shift back the Monastery bringing it back to the surface and returning the Earthen floor around its mound back to how it had been for centuries before. All of the melding of the Earth in the location does have an effect however, an extra unexplainable bonus for those living there. The ground is now 300% more fertile then it was prior to the event. the Keijijo would be able to grow amazing gardens in no time.

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She felt nothing, darkness enveloping her senses and her body. Pain surged through her legs and with that sensation, a great feeling of cold washed over her. She opened her eyes and saw Charlemagne shielding her from the primitives and their spearheads. "If you have any tricks up your sleeve love, now would be an excellent time." he says with a slight tone of alarm.

She uses her telepathic abilities to pull a curtain over the primal eyes of these primitive ancestors of man. Her cerebral influence swarms their minds with planted imagery, convincing them that Naamah and Charlemagne were friends. When they look they do not see through their own eyes anymore, they now see exactly as The Countess programed them too. After this expense of her personal energies however, she becomes unconscious from the strain. The curtain remains intact, but for how long shall remain to be seen. Would her efforts pay off, or would the effects ware off before she regained her consciousness.

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The Countess rolls up onto her feet in a tumbling manuvure. "Its a stampeed of Mamoths." She takes off running in a direction that feels like a good choice in her stomache have no real way of knowing where exactly the stampeed was coming from or heading to. She just feels like the path she chooses is the correct one.

She is half right as she hits the edge of a steep hill that causes her to fall and tumble downwards chaotically, her body is rag dolled down the sloping incline as it smashs against many trees beating it harshly, brusing her flesh and fracturing bones. She yelps out in please for the bombardment to yeild.

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She glided from the bed as the bed glided with her in equal grace, her movements were liquid as the gentle lapping of waves. She didn't wish to disturb Ishin knowing what she must do, and she must do alone. He was going to have an important day ahead of himself, as he would have to no doubt lead the assault against 'The Possessed Ones' The Wendigo that were once men or women that were driven insane by the spiritual energy of Lord Wendigo himself. These lesser Wendigo's would be a hell worthy challenge all on their own... Lady Naamah knew she must act fast with her own play against Lord Wendigo himself, as he sleep in the sacred cave of his birth. The cave was just beside where the Keijijo monastery was perched on the mountain-range.

The moon, Luna, was still faintly visible when Lady Naamah slipped through shadows, walked the abyss and came out clean on the other-side. Lady Naamah traveled the spirit realm, were all things could be tracked down, could be bound, or killed. She intended to find Lord Wendigo there in his rest and bind him to a deep slumber that he would not wake from unless released from her binding.

She wore few clothes, as was normal for ones who traveled the other-side, other then the agents of The Weaver who were order and wore heavy armor, and carried mighty weapons. She had no reason to fear the Weaver or his agents however, they knew the Lady well and knew of her place, and its importance. No... All that she had to fear was Lord Wendigo discovering her plot against him, or his sisters Luna or Gaea alerting their brother of her presence in his sacred cave.

Lady Naamah's hand went to her hip as she moved towards the entrance to Lord Wendigo's cave, and she untied her short skirt and let it fall aside. Still walking, she pulled her top over her head. She was not embarrassed, not uncomfortable, but bare and beautiful. She discarded the last few pieces of garb knowing that Lord Wendigo may catch her scent on them and it could stir him from his slumber. Her body unencumbered by garments she could conceal with her magics, the tangible fabrics however were a gamble she was not willing to chance.

So now she walked toward him with confidence, and as she entered his sacred cave, she felt the silent whispering of yet another spirit that she did not consider. It was Anansi the trickster. A spider spirit that was worshiped in West Africa as a God. She had forgotten that Anansi was a cousin to Lord Wendigo, and could possibly try to interfere on his behalf.

"It would be a shame if something were to wake my sleeping cousin wouldn't it?" Anansi teased in her ear with a whisper.

She stopped walking towards Lord Wendigo for a moment, to see if Anansi would explain himself.

"I really should wake him you know being family and all... I could be persuaded to look the other way however for the right price." his whispers were soft as silk and would not disturb Lord Wendigo unless he wished to.

She takes a step back, as if retreating. Gambling that Anansi would reveal more of his desires to get her to stay and complete her task, she knew he wanted her to owe him some type of favor, only the what remained?

"Its nothing really... Just a teensy weensy favor... I want you too help me settle an old score with Nyame, my father the sky god. If you do this I will look the other way. Take a step forward and I will take it as an agreement. Take another step backwards however and this is where this little game of you feeling like you have a choice stops."

She grudgingly takes a step forward accepting that she had no choice. Anansi is pleased and he indeed looks the other way, as Lady Naamah performs her binding ritual on Lord Wendigo. Unknown to Lady Naamah, Anansi had spun his webs all around Lord Wendigo's sacred cave and the webs were hiding all that was going inside of it from his sisters eyes. This helped Lady Naamah not become discovered and she was able to successfully complete her binding.

When Ishin awakes he will realize that Lady Naamah went on without him, however if he is even mildly observant which she knows him to be he will locate the hand written note she left behind explaining her actions. She fabricated many weapons, amulets, tokens, and totems for Ishin and his men. She hopes her efforts will help them to be able to overtake the horrible man eaters that they must now face.

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Yeah it's too basic a location to matter which Universe it's in. I kind of just figured it integrated into CVnU after the fall of Prime.

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Many people made the mistake of thinking that the divine were immune to emotional distress, this was a massive misconception. Gods and goddesses are very emotional beings, they are often times driven by certain emotions. Many are unstable due to being utterly obsessed with certain emotions or passions. Ares would not be the god of war, without being obsessed with rage and bloodlust. And Lady Naamah would not be the nurturing mother matron that she was without a strong connection to maternal instincts. She could imagine the anger a mother feels towards a daughter in order to cause a separation, and she can't help but feel like she must of been very selfish and ungrateful in order to cause this reaction from her mother.

She doesn't want to burden Ishin with her troubles however, so she decides to draw them back inside of herself, and hide them.

"It's not you're fault. I am the one who forced her hand in matters that she considered beneath her concern. She is upset with me, she is not upset with you. I probably could have helped you myself, but it would have taken a lot longer and not have been as masterfully performed." She wanted his mind and restoring it to be in the most capable hands that she knew of.

"We should rest before the altercation with the Wendigo. It's not good to deprive yourself of rest before battle."

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Natural selection at its best demonstrates it's inner workings as all save for one of the critters opt for flight. They make a hasty yet loud retreat all but the one that had an overdeveloped sense of hostility. This one was a tad bigger then his siblings and he wore the evidence of his nature all about him in the form of battle scars, which he wore like badges of honor.

"Shreetch!" The critter utters his battle cry as he pounces at Charlemagnes ancel with a fury of sharp teeth and claws. He hopes to maim one of the larger creatures limbs, giving him an advantage to use the upper ground, the beast is cleaver in primal Warfair.

The Countess pushes herself up into a seated position before stretching and then using her hands to rub the sleep from her eyes, with a yawn.

"I think this one is the weak link in the chain. I admire his spirit but it is a basic part of survival to recognize ones limitations. Opting for survival is not a weakness after all." She says before she starts to feel the very Earth rumble beneath her, something else was coming their way. Something big.