Demon Slaying

Demon Slaying

By Naamah

Welcome to my instructional guide. You may be wondering why I would write a guide on this subject, when I am known to keep company with demons and am directly related to Lucifer himself. When a goddess decides to make knowledge available there is most assuredly a really good reason for the leak of information. I have my reasons and that is all I have to say on the matter. Some demons are not supposed to walk the Earth they have not been invited and they are not worthy of my protection. Within this guide I will explain many things you need to know about encountering demons, including how to banish them back to Hell, certain bad habits that make demons predictable, and even how to identify them.

Chapter One: Identify!

If you believe you have seen a demon, chances are you haven't. Most demons do not like anyone to know that they are in fact demons. And if a demon does want you to know what he/she is, this is usually a bad omen. The point of this guide is to prepare you so that you become the hunter, not the hunted.

Most demons do not look any different than anyone else in terms of mere appearance alone, that is unless they want you to know and then it is pretty obvious. There are many types of demons and some are easier to classify then others. The more powerful demons are often times the hardest to root out, while the mindless pit-fiends are often incredibly short sighted and just want to murder, rape, cannibalize, mutilate, all in the name of Evil for the sake of Evil. They have no master plans, no sense of self-worth and they will be disturbing.

Possession is often times the most common way to meet a demon. Children are the most common targets for demon possession, as the demons are drawn to their innocence and wish to corrupt and defile it. It is usually pretty obvious when a demon has leeched itself onto a mortals soul, child or not. Their physical appearance usually takes on a haunting reminder of what has taken root inside of them, they become wild animal like, as if running completely on impulse.They growl, they drool, they bite, they howl, they scratch, they have horribly bad breath, and they say the nastiest things you could imagine.

Breakouts are demons that should be in Hell but have found a way to end up on Earth instead. They are usually fairly reclusive, unless they are some type of Incubus or Succubus, they are usually attention whores and are around many people who adore them until they spend some alone time with them. I have a fair amount of animosity towards Succubi due to people mistaking myself as one of their kind. It is taxing on my nerves to have to repeat time and time again how I am a Seraph and not a goddamn garden verity Succubus! They are often times either very attractive, or horribly terrifying. Sexy beyond reason, or built tough and ugly as a mud fence.

Chapter Two: Bad Habits.

Demons have a lot of emotional damages from being tormented in Hell for eons, it has given them some pretty easy to exploit bad habits. Vanity or Pride is a pretty common one. I am sure you know where I am going with this by now. The seven deadly sins are in fact almost always noticeable in each in every demon, some more so, or less so than others. Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Envy, and Wrath.

Demons also have a tendency to mock things that are of religious significance and can be even hostile about it if provoked directly by a practicing member of some religion, only if a devout follower of the said faith. Demons get uneasy around true faith as they have none, no faith in anyone or anything, not even themselves.

And last but not least, demons frequent dens of iniquity. If there is a place that mortals enjoy sinning in excess that is where you would most likely find a demon hiding, because they don't standout as much around other sinners. Around the wicked they seem almost normal, almost human.

Chapter Three: Banishment.

You will need a piece of the demon. A finger, a toe, a horn, a tooth, his/her heart. Something tangible many have tried to use hair confiscated by means of theft and ended up banishing an innocent child or a family member or pet instead of the demon. Make damn sure you have a piece of the actual demon that you mean to banish, then take that piece someplace safe and perform the banishing ritual. You will need a virgin sacrifice, a silver dagger, candles are a nice touch for ambiance, and then you will need to repeat this chant over and over again until you see the piece that you procured vanish from sight. This is because the demon has been made whole once more, as the piece is returned to the hosts body. But this also ties the hosts body to the magic being used from this point forward. Then begin the next chant that will summon the demons spirit into the virgin sacrifices body. As soon as this takes place drive the dagger through its heart and repeat this third and final chant that will summon an Arch-Angel, that will drag the demon back to Hell.

    1. Chant One: "Porthu, Porthu, Porthu, Clamixa!"
    2. Chant Two: "Gorthul, Tallannazi, Gorthul, Tallannazi!"
    3. Chant Three: "Yo Micheal get your feathered ass down here and take care of this mess... I mean it Mr High and Mighty, I don't have all day to wait for you to do your job!"

A Final Message by the Author.

Now you know everything that you need to know about dealing with demons. Go on then! Smite yourself a Succubus in the name of the greater good or whatever undoubtedly gay ass reason you probably have for the hunt in the first place. Chow bitches! Naamah out!


Odd Tales #1

Odd Tales #1

Bruce skips merrily through the enchanting forest whistling a lively tune, dragging his sweet Annabell closely behind. Dressed in his Sunday-best and smelling of sweet fragrances the gentleman courts his lover around a crystal-clear pond and up and over a plump hill. It is here in this place that the pair had finally arrived to the sacred spot beneath a large weeping willow tree. Bruce lays out a quilted blanket that his grandmother handmade for him in his earlier years, before unpacking their picnic basket. He reads off the contents in a very official manner only with a cheerful note to his already pleasant voice. "Two silver platters? Check. Two silver goblets? Check. Two silver spoons, forks, and knives. Check,check,check. Two bottles of Wine, Riesling for milady and Pinot Noir for yours truly. Check and check. Ripe purple grapes, cheese and crackers for snacking. Check. And last but not least smoked salmon steaks and french-bread croissants for the main course. Check and check." the man is so pleased with himself he is positively glowing.

He drinks his wine and eats a bit of cheese, before frolicking whimsically off into a nearby meadow pulling on a length of string attached to a kite for flying, he so did enjoy the feel of a kite being teased by the lively breeze of the open countryside. His kite was blue like the sky around it and it had a long red tail with yellow ribbons tied to the tail at varies lengths, that made swooshing noises as they played in the wind.

Annabell lay still on the ground as always, her once upon a time beautiful wedding dress was worn with stains and tattered, mangled to shreds by being drug around the roughness of the Earthen-floor. Her eyes were open wide and dull with a haunting paleness, that matched the rest of her. Her skin was as pale as the fresh fallen snow of winter no longer did it resemble the crust of a perfectly baked apple pies crust. Her hair had grown since she last came to this spot but it no longer shinned of gold and brown, it was now a dull dirty brown and was tangled beyond redemption.

Bruce laughs as he plays away the afternoon before returning to his motionless lover, taking his spot by her side he finishes his meal, and even helps Annabell by eating hers as well. "I'm sorry my darling, but you didn't look like you were even slightly interested in dinning with me today. Hope you don't mind?" He says apologetically as he stares at her doll-like feminine figure, that has begun to attract flies. The smell that Annabell gives off was pungent and reeked of rot and decay.

After having a conversation with his lover for a spell, sitting contently in his hollowed place beside her ever-resting bosom. Bruce remarks how funny she was and leans over her placing a kiss upon her clammy chalk colored cheek, before whispering sweet nothings inside of her ears that are not able to hear them.

Before the scene could become increasingly more uncomfortable a shadowy dark figure steps out from behind the weeping willow tree. The figure has the silhouette of an old hag and the voice matches her twisted form perfectly as her voice is as the ravens croak. "I have been watching you for sometime now Mr Bruce."

The eternally dedicated albeit insane widower scurries back in horror as his eyes glare up at the old Crone of a Witch, whom has ensnared him with an evil gaze. He is now under her spell as she continues to converse with the poor madman. "I can give you back that which has been stolen from you." His eyes that should not be able to leave the Hags own mystical gaze is able to break free for only a moment as they stare downward at the lifeless remains of his beloved Annabell. "Yes! Yes to whatever it is that you require!" He answers her knowing of her by reputation as being a dark deal maker.

The hags cruel thin lips curl up into a wicked smile, her eyes burn like the very pits of hell. "Whatever I require from you it shall be. Your wish will be granted with the rising of tomorrows sun." She finishes. Before throwing the man down a shovel and pointing to the ground. "Dig your sweet Annabell a grave and place her within. When the sun rises, so will she."

Bruce greedily grabs the shovel quickly gathering himself to his feet and begins to dig. He gets about seven shovel-heads worth of dirt drawn from the ground before his body shakes with the fear of the unknown. "And what is it that you require from me?"

The Old Hag begins to walk away into a conjured up fog that fills the forest about them, before she stops for a moment with her reply. "That is for me to know. And for you to give me when I require it." She croaks with a sound of slight amusement laced within her call. After she speaks she vanishes from his sight, disappearing into the foreboding fog as if being swallowed up.

Bruce regrets nothing as he continues to dig, he looks like the most brilliantly happy grave-digger there had ever of been. His muscles ache, his heart races, his eyes burn with chaos, his forehead drips with sweat. He would be sore by dawn when his love would raise from her grave as the Crone foretold. He would rest by her once he had her under the ground, he would collapse beside her grave and rest here until dawn.

As Told By Naamah


The Woodcutter's Wife Volume 1.5 (Revised)

The Woodcutter's Wife Volume 1.5 (Revised)

Legend tells of a woodcutter who built a shack deep within the pine forest. There, he hoped to live in peace and prosperity with his family.

The woodcutter's family lived well for a time, but without warning, the weather turned bitterly cold and spoiled the harvest. Before long, with their meager supply of food all but gone, the family was starving.

Late one snowy night, a traveler knocked on the cabin door seeking shelter from the biting cold. Always generous of heart, the woodcutter welcomed the stranger into his home, apologizing that he had no food to offer.

With a smile, the traveler cast off his cloak to reveal the garments of a wizard. As the woodcutter and his family looked on, the mysterious visitor reached into his satchel and withdrew a scroll tied with a silver ribbon. No sooner had the wizard unfurled the scroll and read the words aloud, when a great feast appeared from out of thin air. That night, nobody in the woodcutter's cabin went hungry.

Day by day, the snow piled up. Every night, the wizard produced another scroll from his bag and read the words, each time summoning a new feast. On the fifth night, the woodcutters wife awoke her husband to confess her mistrust of their magical guest. Surely, she argued, there was some price to pay for the magical feasts that everyone enjoyed night after night.

The woodcutter would have none of it. After nearly dying from the lack of food, his family was eating well. The divines had sent them a gift, he explained, and it was foolish to question their wisdom. "By the grace of the divines, we have been saved from starvation."

But the woodcutter's wife would not be persuaded. Every night, she grew more fearful and more desperate. She was certain that the family had entered into a devil's bargain, and the time would soon come when the wizard would ask for something unspeakable in return for his gifts. She became obsessed with the notion.

While everyone in the cabin slept, the woodcutter's wife snuck out of bed and took her husbands legendary silver axe in hand. She crept into the traveler's room and with one mighty swing, the silver axe-head cut neatly through skin, and vertebrae lopping off his head.

Suddenly, the wizard's disembodied head awoke. His eyes opened wide and when he beheld his maimed body, he let forth a terribly painful cry.

Awakened by the horrified scream, the woodcutter and his children rushed into the room and gasped at the terrible sight of the decapitated wizard.

With his last gasp of breath, the traveler laid a fearful curse on the woodcutter's wife. After her mortal death, she was damned to rise once again and walk the woods alone only to burn at the rising sun.

To this day, those who walk the pine forest late at night tell tale of a weeping woman glimpsed between the trees. She carries a bloody axe, the stories say, and is terrifying to behold.

She is known by those whom have encountered her as the 'White Lady', she may have been the one and the same wife from the woodcutter tale, or perhaps another unknown tale of how she became cursed to wander the pine forest alone for eternity. I can only speculate that she is the woodcutter's wife, her name long since forgotten through the ages. But their is a weeping in the winds of the great pine forest, it can be heard at night by anyone with ears to hear it.

As Told By Naamah


The Cabin in the Woods Volume 2.5 (Revised Edition)

The Cabin in the Woods Volume 2.5 (Revised Edition)

Late one dark and stormy night a few centuries ago, a war-hero was returning home after serving his Lord's army in several bloody battles. He decided he would save some gold and decided to cross the pine forest on foot, instead of carriage.

The next day of his journey was rather uneventful, the soldier stuck to the main path and kept a brisk pace. When it started getting dark he setup his bedroll, built a small fire and cooked up some trout he had fished out of a nearby river. "A fine day" he thought to himself as he fell asleep.

Partway through the evening the soldier was woken up by soft sobbing in the distance. He grabbed his sword assuming it to be a bandit trick, but pretended to sleep so he could get the jump on them. After a few minutes the sobbing started moving away from his camp until he could no longer hear it. For the rest of the night he slept with one eye open.

On the second day the soldier awoke with a jerk from what rotten sleep he could catch and started off through the forest at a quicker pace, intending to put distance between himself and whatever he had heard the night before. As the day went on it began to rain heavy so the soldier built himself a little shelter foe the evening so he could remain dry while he slept.

It took him a little longer to fall asleep with thoughts of the previous night fresh in his mind but he eventually fell asleep. This time he awoke to sobbing that sounded like it was right outside his shelter. The soldier grabbed his sword and crawled out of the shelter. In front of the fire he saw the back of a ghostly woman sobbing into her hands.

The soldier mustered his courage enough to get the frog out of his throat and he asked her what was wrong, why was she sobbing?

No answer did she give. She only sobbed more loudly.

He began to slowly approach but before he could reach her she turned and screamed at him. The ghostly woman raised an axe and began to run at the soldier, disappearing before she had made contact with him.

The soldier took off into the night with just his sword in hand. He ran until the first light of dawn where he started down the road again, as fast as he could move.

On the third day it was bright and sunny, but the soldier, rattled and sleepless, he didn't even notice. He moved as fast as he could trying to get through the forest before nightfall.

As darkness fell around him he saw a cabin just off the road and thought to himself it would be a good place to bunker down for the night. After arriving at the cabin he spent some time blocking the doors and windows, nothing would get in.

Despite his preparations, he could not sleep. He sat in what used to be the cabin's bedroom staring at the barricaded door shaking. Eventually he could keep his eyes open no longer and he fell asleep.

This time he awoke to the sound of laughter. Laughing on the other side of the barricaded door. It sounded like the woman from before, but he refused to believe it was her. The soldier burst through the barricaded door into the main room to find the ghostly woman from the night before staring at the floor laughing hysterically with her axe in hand.

He began to relentlessly attack the ghostly woman but he could feel his strikes were less effective. He used a scroll of fire-bolt which drew a horrible scream from her and she exploded, before disappearing.

The ordeal was over, the ghost was vanquished. The soldier slept soundly that night and the next day made excellent distance through the woods. As the sun began to set he came out the other side of the forest and looked back, remembering the days prior.

As he turned and started walking away from the woods he could swear he heard the sobbing again.

When the soldier finally returned home once more, he found his entire family had been hacked to pieces by an axe. Their bodies were spread out all along the floor in small bits of what they once were, and the heads of his wife and three children were all set up like roasts of beef placed upon silver platters. The table had been set, silver goblets were at the four different placements all filled with the corresponding victims blood, as well as knife and fork.

This time the ghostly woman did not wait for the soldier to fall asleep she appeared in the middle of the room hovering well above the floor, well above his reach. This time she neither sobbed, nor did she laugh, she simply stared at him with demonic eyes smiling a wicked smile. "What's wrong deary are you not ready for your diner?" her voice was laced with a mocking tone of pure evil.

The soldier crumbled to the floor in horror filled cries of dark torment, his hair turned from a vibrant red to silver white from the sight of his desecrated family. He had not the will to fight this being any further, she had won. The soldier had one last fire-bolt scroll left this time he did not use it on the ghostly woman, this time he used it on himself. The soldier, along with his murdered family, and his home burned to smoldering ashes.

As Told By Naamah.



"Come one... Come all... Rebirth yourself in the dark delight of my eternal splendor. Lady Naamah the Goddess of mindless self-indulgence, of wanton pleasure, of unbridled sexual frenzy requires Clerics.

It is my decree that Temples be built in my name and that shrines be erected in my likeness, so that my religion can spread across the vast modern world of man. Sons of Adam, daughters of Eve, reject your silly convictions of living a Sin free existence and come bask in my presence. Follow my teachings. All are accepted by my glorious neutral nature. All are sweet delectable delicacies of the fruit of flesh to be sampled willingly or unwillingly. *Smirks wickedly.*

For I am Lady Naamah the Mother Matron of Prostitution, of all manor of the pleasurable debauchery. Come my faithful servants your Lady awaits your obedience. You will from this day forth call yourselves Naamahnites. And in your service you will fill me with your glorious zeal, I will sup from your cup of passion and you will rejoice from my own sweet nectar. I drip with it as I think of your hunger.

Spread my words as I spread my thighs for the glory of our right to be glorious heathens, bosom companions of an ill gotten yolk." - Lady Naamah.


House De Hex: Naamah's Chantry. (Place of Residence.)

Chantry: An endowment to cover expenses for the saying of masses and prayers, usually for the soul of the founder of the endowment; an alter or chapel endowed for saying such masses and prayers.

A chantry is a gathering point for collaborating sorcerers, often at the site of Holy Ground, or an area that provides some degree of shelter and security. While a chantry may conceivably be a cave, part of a forest, or some other natural location, they are typically buildings that were specifically designed as haven for magic users or have since been dedicated to that purpose. Chantries are often heavily protected by means both mundane and magical, and entrance may only be granted to members of a particular magical society. Thus, wars between rival groups of sorcerers often involves seeking out and attempting to destroy such locations, while others seek to infiltrate a chantry in order to seize any magical lore and artifacts that may be within.

House De Hex is a notable chantry which has also been cleverly disguised as a Upscale Estate of Residence for the Lady of Endless Chaos herself. The Crimson Queen of Endless Darkness, the Matron Mother of Debauchery, the one and only Naamah. 2nd born of the first 13, and the true power in this or any Universe in the matters of divine Arcane.

Located in Bedford, New York, this inviting dwelling is home to a family of powerful entities belonging to a secret order of mystics known only as The Inner Circle. Designed from a combined effort by Michelangelo, and Mimar Sinan. Naamah traveled back in time to fetch these most famous Architects, due to a love of their works. The Dwelling features many rooms and many floors, which are hidden by means of magic. To the everyday man and woman this rather large upscale home, is beautiful and completely normal, albeit extravagant.


CVnU, Brood: Naamah edition.

As told by Naamah herself:

This is a record of my brood; The vampires of Ravens landing that I have taken under my wing. My Vampiric children that I have adopted, hear about them from their own words. For I haven't the time or the patience... Respectfully yours - Naamah.

As told by Anthony Detonas - Beauty in Death

So, I am too explain myself to you? How gauche. Oh, well, noblesse oblige and all that. I am the son of nobles, French men and women who dedicated themselves to supporting the arts and the people. They gave their all for the masses, and were repaid in blood. It was the Revolution which they supported and the Revolution which killed them. I shall assuredly not make the same mistake.

I was rescued from the guillotine by Ennoia, who had seen my sculptures in the past, and hoped to keep me alive to make more. We fled France and went east, first to Venice and then to Rome. We eventually went our separate ways, and I began to seek a new place to live. The Revolutions which shook Europe and the freedom movements in Italy kept these lands from being any place for a true artiste, so I left and came to America, hoping for a land free from war.

The "Civil" war dashed these hopes. I left that madness and went as far north as I thought I could without entering the lands of the damned British. I thought Ravens Landing would be that, but as you know, it is as much a land of madness as any I have left.

Now I strive to keep some culture alive in this barbaric land. Thanks to Naamah, I no longer have to keep the iconoclastic Elders from destroying everything on my own. Together we fight these dogs, and will continue to do so fuate de mieux.

Oh and there is Zillah as well. (Rolls his eyes)

As told by Zillah Ciminelli - Gawd Zillah

I was born on the street. I suppose my mom must have had a bed, but all I know is that I didn't have one. My first memory is of being lost in the park. A homeless Korean War vet used to take care of me; that's how I grew up. First I begged, then I stole, then I sold my body. That's probably what I would have done for the rest of my life if Jackie had not showed me how much money you could make killing people.

Our first hit took out a junkie who hadn't paid his bills. For just slicing the little sh*t behind a liquor store we made $500. The money I got from hits, added to the money I still made turning tricks, made life easy. I split from my mentor early, and had little problem handling jobs myself. I suppose that's why my job caused me so much trouble.

It should have been no problem; some guy carrying on an affair offered me five grand to waste the lady's house killing her husband. The only stipulation was that I hit the guy in the day so the wife wouldn't be home to witness it. He also insisted I burn the body, some odd wish of the wife. Watching the house were the husband lived did me no good. The first evening, as I got ready to leave the area, I finally saw the husband appear from the backyard, white as a ghost, dressed in black and carrying a shotgun. I had no luck following him.

For the next month I tried to keep up with my pale mark. He never appeared during the day, but at night he would materialize from inside the house or from the back yard and vanish into the night. With the help of an old friend I tried to find out more about my target, looking though the tax, water and electricity records, talking to neighbors, digging through what little trash he put out and even breaking into his empty house when he left. The more I looked, the less I found.

Soon his pallid face filled my dreams and I saw his waxen features everywhere I looked. After a month with nothing to show for it but a fading cash roll and growing nightmares, I made my move. When he left for the night I broke the lock on the window and climbed in. Hiding behind a sofa, one of the few pieces of furniture in the house, I waited with my pistol in hand. An hour before dawn, however, I felt a presence coalescing into human form, dressed in tatters and scarred with wounds that did not bleed. I lifted my silenced .38 to shoot at him, but he knocked it from my hand with ease. I tried to flee but he caught my shirt and pulled me to the ground. His hands caught my wrists like handcuffs and his teeth played around my neck before violently piercing the skin. I felt myself reaching into the heights of ecstasy before I passed out.

For the next week he kept me chained in the basement where he melded with the earth. Each night he would feed off me before going off to fight his enemy. At the end of the week he sank his teeth into me for the final time. I returned to my chains but now the situation was different. For two more nights I fed off him, and then he released me.

I still don't know what happened, but I know I love him with all my heart and soul. He disappeared after that and I never saw him again after that. I would do anything for him, and I don't even know his name or where to find him... That is when Naamah found me. I was in shambles. I had know idea what had happened to me, I was surviving off of alley rats when she saved me. I am eternally grateful... That is for sure. Yeah... I still long for my dark angel however.

(More to come)


Crusaders (Closed Raven's Landing RPG)


It is tempting, upon the Embrace, to run amuck in mortal society, heedless of the mortal insects all around. Elder Vampires know better, and thus the Lords of Ravens Landing enforce a strict rule system above all the vampiric community. In the Dark Ages, an Inquisition led population alerted to vampires depredations nearly wiped out the Vampires Millennium's old society. How much more easily, the Elder Vampire shudderingly wonders, could a human population of over six billion, armed with napalm, phosphorus rounds and nuclear weapons, dispose of the parasites in its midst?

Most mortals, enshrouded in superstition and science, remain blind to the vampires in their midst, but some know, and fear. Mortals who hunt the vampires are known as Crusaders, after the Inquisitors of old. Most are just that, agents of a hostile Church. A few mortal government agencies, secret societies and criminal organizations also deal, at varying levels of depth and hostility, with the vampires of Ravens Landing.

One of these said government types is running around killing off vampires in the city and word has gotten around... A secret meeting has taken place and names were called upon by the Inner Circle (Overlord,Archbishop,and Bishop), of Ravens Landing. The Inner Circle decided that a course of action must take place to prevent any further bloodshed in their city. The orders were sent out and worked their ways down the vampiric power structure and fell "Plop!" right into Miss Naamah's lap. She was ordered to find a solution to the Crusaders issue, a task she grudgingly cannot refuse... She has luckily tracked down at least one of the Crusaders, she hopes, and has called in some favors to get an outside source to help aid her cause.

It is snowing in Ravens Landing on the night that Naamah makes her interests known to the man she hopes to be able to barter a deal with...

(This is a closed RPG for Ravens Landing between, Creed, Rumble Man, and Myself.)


CVnU, Origin: Naamah

CVnU, Origin


Embraced by Lord Hobbs, Naamah is a powerful Vampire who is well mated to the warrior-scholar of Ravens Landing Alabaster Benison. Like her namesake Naamah of Aquitaine, Naamah always knew she would be a prize to anyone strong enough to conquer her indomitable will and out-duel her rapier wit. When she was Embraced by Lord Hobbs, that will and wit were turned to a greater purpose, and she found herself finally a powerful woman in a man's world. She enjoyed learning and using her powers, enjoyed flexing her vampiric might, enjoyed discovering the delicate uses of her power to work great changes.

The only man placed anywhere near her in power in her inner circle was Alabaster Benison. As a Lady, she technically overruled him, but in reality she was terrified of the man who apparently did not fear her or her dread sire. She was incredibly impressed by Alabaster, whose knowledge of the classics and whose natural talent of debate was formidable. She never thought she would marry. However, when Alabaster proposed marriage to her, he did it with such guile and such business acumen that she could not rationally refuse. It was a perfect merger of their spheres of power.

She now hates Alabaster for removing her title as Lady just because she married him. In truth, she wouldn't have agreed to the marriage if she had known that it would cost her position. Naamah now conducts a secret love affair with Fredrick, her vampiric child and favorite at the moment. She does all she can to keep this a secret from Alabaster, as she knows that her husband would destroy Fredrick in a jealous rage if he knew. Although Naamah and Alabaster have never shared blood, they often feed together. Perhaps because of her particular prey appetites, Naamah has always been proponent of civil rights. Her actions behind the scenes are what made Alabaster finally relent to the civil rights movement. That, and the fact that she manipulated him into challenging Lord Hrunting to a duel.

(Its short for me I know. But I feel I said everything that need be said.)


CVU Origin: Naamah (Part Four)

Comic Vine Universe Origin of Naamah

Enoch stood for many ages, and became the center of a mighty Emipre. The world of Seth, Adam and Eves second child grew dark with sin. My own children wandered here and there, indulging in their own dark ways. I was very busy doing my own thing as well, I was very, very self involved in those days. The sky grew very dark and I knew Elohim was cooking up something to ruin my fun, it was just a matter of time.

I also heard rumors of some country ass cracker out in the plains building an enormous boat, and herding animals. Everyone was telling me he was completely bonkers however, so I brushed it off. I mean people were nutters back then, it was not uncommon to hear about some guy trying to kill his own kid in the name of God, or some guy wrestling lions and bashing their skulls with bare fists. Just rumors, right?


Then came the great Deluge, a great flood that washed over the whole of the world. The City was destroyed, all the sinners with it. A lot of innocent people as well, daddy rolled big back in the early days. Again... I was in great sorrow and went into solitude. I left for new lands, far far to the North. Farther than I had ever been before.

In order to reach the North I first had to travel through savage jungles full of wild beasts of legendary stature, let me tell you they were bigger, stronger, and there were a lot more of them back then. After the jungles was the great sea so I put my wings to use, and took to the very skies that had destroyed my past... Surely a new path waited for me in the lands to the north.

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