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  • Alignment:Evil
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Naamah also known as Naamah Prime is a Goddess in the truest sense of the term. She is an agent of the Cosmic Lords of Balance, keeping the scales even tilt between Chaos and Order is her domain. She often times gets confused with her Avatars due to them identifying themselves with her, due to the feelings of a strong mental connection she leaves in place during the creation process. Naamah Prime resides within the Shadow Realm (The Endless Void), inside of her fortress.

The Avatars

Lady Naamah: A motherly matron goddess that has a good nature, and is in charge of a religious following.

The Countess: A Villain who has helped found The Circle.

The Crimson Queen: A creature of vast Darkness.

Madam Darkness: A Prophetess who resides in space, and appears to be an apparition.

Faction: Balance.

Super Name: Naamah

Real Name: Naamah

Base of Operations: Shadow Realm

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian/Bisexual.

Relationship Status: Single. The Avatars are in various relationships.

Known Relatives: Elohim (Father), Lucifer (Brother), Agrat Bat Mahlat (Sister), Michael (Brother), Gabriel (Brother), Obyzouth (Sister), and many, many more.

Hair Color: Raven Feather Black (Human/Demon), or Light Golden Blonde Almost Silver. (Angel)

Weight: 110lbs(Human) 145lbs (Demon) 135lbs (Angel)

Age: 50+ Billion years old. Predates Big Bang. (Unknown)

Eye Color: Blue (Human/Angel) Golden (Demon)

Height: 5'5" (Human) 6' 2" (Demon)

Super Power Origin: Angel / Fallen Angel, Sorceress.

Public Status: Known.

Place of Birth: Heaven. Also known as, The Celestial Realm.

Known Aliases: Naamah, Lust, Lilith, Freyja, Ivory, Nephthys, Ishtar, Inanna, Inn-ana. Qetesh, Rati, Venus.

Group Affiliation: Tenebrasque In.

Avatar Appearance(s): Purgatori. Monica Bellucci.

Grid Points

Naamah Prime: A:7, D:7, E:7, F:7, I:7, MP:7, SP:7, STA:7, STR:7

Lady Naamah: A:5, D:6, E:6, F:5, I:6, MP:6, SP:5, STA:5, STR:5

The Countess: A:5, D:5, E:6, F:6, I:5, MP:5, SP:6, STA:6, STR:6

The Crimson Queen: A:5, D:5, E:5, F:5, I:5, MP:6, SP:6, STA:5, STR:5

Madam Darkness: A:6, D:6, E:6, F:6, I:6, MP:6, SP:6, STA:6, STR:6

Did Your Know?: Naamah is a brew master. Is not a GD succubus.


Born in Heaven before reality as you all think you know it. Eons past.

Served Elohim as Protector of his House for eons.

Aided siblings Mattatron and Lucifer a hand in weaving the fabrics of Elohim's reality. For eons.

Watched the rest of my siblings come into being as a result. Took eons.

Celebrated for eons the joy of our great creation.

Watched eons worth of tension build up between Lucifer and Mattatron about who's contributions were greatest in our great creation.




The great snap. First Lucifer snapped at Elohim and then Elohim snapped back with a vengeance.

Time stopped moving by in terms of eons. The great divide started taking root. Lucifer left Elohim's House and started his own. Others left after. Slow at first a few more siblings followed. Then the later generations started to by into the possibility that Lucifer was as great as he thought he was.

Conflict started taking place between the two houses. Insults at first. Dirty rumors that sort of thing.

Then Physical and Mental contests, sports, games.

Then brawls.

Then weapons were forged. A staff.

Then a shield.

Then a spear.

Then a sword.

Then my mace.


I don't really want to talk about the rest.

(Work in progress.)


Father: Elohim

Mother: N/A

The First Thirteen

  1. Mattatron
  2. Naamah
  3. Lucifer
  4. Gabriel
  5. Uriel
  6. Raziel
  7. Ramiel
  8. Ariel
  9. Raguel
  10. Zerachiel
  11. Camael
  12. Cassiel
  13. Michael

After the first Thirteen a few eons went on before anymore were created, and first thirteen are the only Angels that are truly considered Seraph Arch-Angels. More names were added to their ranks at a later date, but it was more of a honorary title due to the loss of some of the original thirteen. Naamah, Lucifer, Raziel, and Camael were all lost due to rebelling actions taken during 'The Great War.'

Obyzouth (Abyzou) (Deceased) Was a powerful demon. Murdered by Naamah in the Shadow Realm.

Personal Commitments: Goddess of debauchery. Loyal to family and friends.

(This all needs to be gone over again. It depends on which Avatar or if its Naamah Prime.)


  • Advanced healing factor. (Think Wolverine + Lobo)
  • Elder God like strength, speed, senses, reflexes. (Limitless range)
  • Energy absorption powers. (Kinetic, Thermal, Chemical, Electrical, Electrochemical, Electromagnetic, Sound, and Nuclear Energy)
  • Retractable finger talons. (6 to 8 Inch long, Ebony black, cuts through almost anything. Unbreakable by all accounts.)
  • Shadow Powers. (Manipulation, Sensory, Summoning, and Exile)
  • Shape Shifting. (Can take any desired form)
  • Hell Fire summoning. (Manipulation, Sensory, Summoning, and Exile)
  • Demon Minion(s). (Manipulation, Sensory, Summoning, and Exile)
  • Debauchery powers. (Manipulation, Sensory, Summoning, and Exile)
  • Demonic Rage. (Chaotic Anger Fairies are swimming in my brain)
  • Unreadable Mind. (Only OTHERS of her kind can read her thoughts. Unless she opens the door.)
  • Enchanting/Commanding voice. (Her voice has mystical principles, when she commands people feel the need to follow her orders, when she swoons, people feel drawn to her regardless of race or sexual orientation... You get the idea.)

Skills/ Knowledge

  • Linguistics. (Class S) Naamah speaks all known languages and most unknown languages. She also learns new languages extremely fast and fluently.
  • Melee Training. (Class S) Naamah has been using Melee weapons since their conception in Heaven and on Earth. She is one of the finest Swordsmen in the whole of reality)
  • MA Training. (Class A) A Grandmaster of many MA forms, and a Master of the rest.
  • Firearms Training. (Class A) A sharpshooter with Superhuman senses.
  • Survival Training. (Class A) You could drop her form a helicopter naked in the middle of the Andes, and she would do just fine for herself.
  • Interrogation Training. (Class S) If Naamah hasn't heard it... It hasn't been said... Period.
  • Tracking/Ghosting Training. (Class A) Prince Humperdinck ring any bells?
  • Medical Training. (Class B) She could make a comfortable living as MD, at just about any hospital in the world.
  • Well versed in all things of a mystical/magical origin, taught by Elohim, and The Voided One.

Weapons and Equipment

  • The Mask of Naamah: The Mask of Naamah is a symbol more than anything else really... It is what she wears when she plans on being very destructive, and wants to hide her face from the world around her. Naamah uses the mask along with a raven black cloak, gloves, and padded shoes. The Mask is silver and is crafted with a strange Alien beauty to its image.
  • Mace of Naamah: Naamah has had this mace ever sense the Great War between the Angels loyal to God and the Angels loyal to Lucifer. She has used it ever sense then to help ward of threats. The Mace of Naamah can effect Time itself. Only Naamah can lift the Mace... God created it for her, and only she can wield it.
  • Naamah's Chakram: A mystical weapon that can cut threw magical barriers, flesh, and armor. It is unbreakable. After the chakram leaves Naamah's hand, it always finds its way back to it some how. This weapon is magic based and Naamah can connect it too a targets life force. The effect of which is that this weapon will hunt down said target untill the target is no longer a threat, or is dead
  • Naamah's staff: The staff is more or less and extention of herself, a device used to filter her dark arts into a steady chanle, Naamah can use the staff to meet manny different ends. Ranging from but not limited to , Planer travel, energy absorption, energy projection, conjuration, force barriers, and curses.
  • Books of Power: Naamah has an extensive library of Books of vast power and knowledge in the dark arts of magic, and other forces of cosmic splendor. He books are kept in a safe hidden location, outside of this realm away from lustful hands, and eyes.


  • Hypnotic Persuasion : While it is very true that Naamah's mind cannot be read, it is also true that she can be easy to hypnoize and control if she is not very careful, and the hynotic persuasion is applied by someone with at least high level skill. She can fight off the effects of this with willpower however, but it usually takes her a while to notice.
  • The Supernatural : Naamah does have a weakness to things of Supernatural design, and origin. She does have ways of protecting herself against these effect however. If you do find a way around her many walls of defense, her body does not handle the effects of Supernatural based attacks very well.

The Arcane Arts: Magic/Arcane also can harm Naamah much like The Supernatural above, the same rule applies to arcane.

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The "Asgardian" Chronicles.Click Link(s) above to View more about Naamah's Origin.

Recent Role Plays

Reborn: Naamah has turned Hell Michigan into a dark paradise for her and her sisters, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Lilith. This RP is still in the works.