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Every movie should have Wolverine dealing with some kind of heartbreak... That's what makes him so tough; he keps losing the women he loves and it has made him lose his humanity in return, Mariko & Yukio maybe with a tie in to Wolverine & Shadowcat as a framing device? He's showing her the ropes and starts to dig deeper into his history? That I'd love to see!

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I hate what Fox has done to the X Men... Dating back to the 90's! That cartoon was atrocious, and any movie not done by Bryan Singer has been shiite as well. Murimasa blade? The only thing on Earth that negates Wolvie's healing factor, most recently used by Daken & Gorgon... Do any of you read these books that you're so adamant about critiquing? Or are you fans created by that stupid cartoon? Ask yourselves if First Class was as good as you claim, or was it just better than X3?

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Hi everybody! 
I think it'll do better for the medium if we throw everything at the general masses, find out what they wanna see, then provide characters for their consumption? After FAUX crapped on Fantastic Four, no one is clamoring for that franchise just yet. But, you work on a prequel series of movies featuring (but not limited to) T'Challa, Namor, or Norrin Radd... By the time they FF was rejuvinated, there would be less need to shoehorn other characters into their movies.
I know, I know... Norrin Radd, just visualize a Pixar movie starring Silver Surfer and Galactus, humanizes him and it builds up to each of the characters listed meeting the FF?!

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Get the lining parts made of that cut resistant kevlar, then the tear resistant fabric the modern BDUs are made of... DONE!

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Woah... Dubya really let himself go?! (I kid, I kid...kinda?)

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Last year, I sat in on an evening with Spike Lee... I asked him if he remembered how pissed/hurt he was when the studio gave Ali to Michael Mann, then I went on to explain to him that with the way he handled 25th Hour... Black Panther would create a new role model for young black men. He kept on mentioning the sci-fi aspects, I brought up the royal aspect of the character. Hopefully Kenneth Brannagh will compel him to give it a shot?

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I spoke to Spike Lee when he came to the UofA... I asked him to do Black Panther, as a personal favor to me!
I played to his ego, I asked him if he remembered how pissed he was when he lost Ali... Then I went on to say that I'd be that hurt if he didn't do Black Panther. I was honest and true when I told him Wesley wanted Panther first, but they made him grab Blade. (Wesley and Spike remain friends today!)
He went on to say that he didn't do Action/SciFi, and I reminded him of 25 Hour... He could do anything! My idea was met with an uproarious applause, and he even commented on my Spidey tee! Here's hoping he helms it with his epic direction?!

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Just a brief list, albums of note are in italics
KRS One (I Got Next)
Poor Righteous Teachers (Holy Intellect)
X Clan (To The East, Blackwards)
Gangstar (Step Into the Arena)
Public Enemy ( It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back)
The first list created this conscious movement you speak of, the trend continues with;

Jurassic 5 (Quality Control)
Mos Def (Black on Both Sides)
Common (Electric Circus)
Brother Ali (The Undisputed Truth)
Talib Kweli (Right About Now)
The people who took it mainstream were;
Del tha funkee homosapian (Deltron 3030)
A Tribe Called Quest (Low End Theory)
Lauren Hill (Miseducation of Lauren Hill)
Blackstar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli are...)
Digable Planets (Blowout Comb)
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If you didn't notice... Marvel has just been benching people recently. 
 Thor, Cap, Hawkeye, Eddie Brock and various others have been benched, The Hulk was shot into space!
 Black Panther as the King without Fear is just like Incredible Hercules! When a character is out of play... his fans come out of the woodwork. Cletus Kassidy was a joke, he had no bearing in Spiderman's mythos... If Harry had become Carnage, he'd been received better

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Jennifer Anniston and then J-Lo is the reason why people hate on Afflack