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Thanks for answering my questions, especially the one about Spider-Man.

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Sad to say I'm one of the suckers who bought 1-12, it was lackluster in my opinion. Yeah, I got to see my favorites battle it out but as many have said, it could of been shorter, maybe 6 issues instead of 12, but of course, money and sales sadly win that battle too many times.

I'm just happy to see the new Marvel NOW! books starting, I'm definitely picking up the new Hulk and most likely Deadpool. Maybe a couple others I'll keep my eye on and see if the story grabs my attention.

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I really hope he stays as long as he can. Especially through the Riddler and Two-Face stories he mentioned. That'd be fantastic! :D

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Getting OMAC #8 and AvX #1, is going to miss OMAC, thankfully he'll be making a return in JLI #9 and join the team in #10 :)

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@jsphsmth said:

I much as I was enjoyed the news, it is hard to be excited about OMAC joining the team. It quality and humor of the DiDio/Giffen team won't be coming with the character, so will he be as enjoyable?

I don't know, it's more of a wait and see. Considering it's a team book it'll most likely be a little different but hopefully they don't try to change him...

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Click below to get a quick recap of what happened to different JLI members last issue.

After the explosion in issue 6, they found them battered pretty badly in issue 7, Gavril Ivanovich was sadly found dead by August General...I liked him :( As for Fire and Ice...Ice has both legs broken in multiple spots and serious internal injuries, Fire is in a coma, and Mari may never walk again...so the team got hit hard.
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@SoA: I really have enjoyed the issues released, it's getting the axe come issue #8 but thankfully that's when he'll be popping up in JLI. He will be a huge asset to the team.

Not much of a spoiler but he fought against Superman in the last issue, wasn't a big fight but was interesting to see him share a few blows with the man of steel.

I'm looking forward to him being in JLI because I'll miss seeing OMAC have his own comic, it was one I didn't know too much about and it looked interesting and now I'm glad I took the chance to buy it because it has definitely been a fun read.

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Reading this made me so happy, O.M.A.C. isn't gone! Can't wait!!!!


Written by DAN JURGENS



On sale JUNE 6 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

• “BREAKDOWN,” picking up where last month’s FIRESTORM #9 left off.

• The JLI team – BOOSTER GOLD, AUGUST GENERAL IN IRON, GODIVA, GUY GARDNER, BATWING, O.M.A.C. and FIREHAWK – face off against THE BURNERS, who want to create anarchy by any means necessary!

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@NeonBlade: I don't know if you meant it but you sounded a bit annoyed, I don't know why you would just attack a post. Just share your opinion in a lighter manner man. If you don't like the way DC is handling things then drop them. It really is as simple as that. But the topic of this post is about Detective Comics with Batman in it. Not the Batman comic, so take your rant elsewhere please.

I officially dropped Detective Comics. Didn't see buying anymore to be helpful to my wallet or my interest. I'll stick to Batman and Batman and Robin, those have been consistent in a good story that moves at a good pace. Anywho, I don't mean to hurt anybodies feelings by stating my opinion. Sorry if I said something wrong.

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Getting Justice League #6 and Invincible #89, kinda on the fence about the Beyond titles, I've read the two Justice League beyonds released digitally and they weren't the greatest, but they were entertaining. Invincible is my favorite comic I think, I've read the series from the beginning, sadly I don't have the trades...I need to get those, overall though, if you want a great superhero comic that isn't the usual suspects, check out Invincible, you'll probably enjoy it :) as for Justice League, I mean, I figure this will be the biggest seller this month, the end of the 1st arc of the newly formed League, facing their greatest enemy in Darkseid? I'm just really hoping they don't rush the end, let the battle play out, you got amazing powers facing off, you need to elaborate on that!

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