How long do you spend thinking about comics?

I was interested in seeing how much time individuals devote to thinking about comics.  For this thread, time spent reading comics does not count.  Thinking about comics can range from thinking about a specific character or arc to contemplating issues pertaining to the comic industry as a whole.  Feel free to give your answer as either a percentage our hourly amount.  
Personally, I would say that I spend maybe 60-75% of my day thinking about comic-related things.


Series that stink, but you still read

What series do you read despite its horrible quality(in your opinion of course) ?  It may be something you read out of character fanaticism, simple title loyalty, or some other reason entirely.
For me, it's the new X-Men title.  It's been pretty abysmal in my opinion, yet I still read it simply because of the characters(which are terribly portrayed by the way).
What title(s) is it for you?


Big Comic Arcs/Events

After hearing about the recently announced Age of X, I'm a  little torn.  While I do like the idea of large-scope, universe shattering events, it seems like Second Coming just ended.  I almost feel like companies should wait at least a year before thrusting teams into another huge event.  I would like to see more personal stories, that center around character interaction, as opposed to some large plot-based event. 
 So what do you guys think?  What do you prefer?  Do big events happen too often? 


Things you hate that everybody else loves

For me it's the Beatles.  I've listened to their music and think it's absolutely horrendous.  That's just my opinion. 
So what do you hate that everybody else loves?  I am talking about things that you hate because of their very essence, not merely because they're popular.  


Comic content preference

Obviously, a good comic should strike a nice balance between characterization and action.  Unfortunately, not ever title can be so perfectly written.  Barring titles that strike that balance, do you prefer to read comics that are action-heavy or ones that focus on character development?  Personally, I'm more fond of the latter.  Don't get me wrong, I love adrenaline filled, jaw-dropping action as much as the next comic reader, but if it's not accompanied with good character development, I find it harder to care about what's occurring.  I'd rather read a comic that focuses solely on character interaction and progression than one which bombards you with countless panels of figthing   


I hate Cell Phones

Maybe it's just me, but I hate the idea of being able to be tracked down and contacted at any moment.   Not to mention that I absolutely abhor texting and the people who have their damn thumbs glued to their keypads.     I realize that cellphones go along with societal progress and numerous other innovations that I'm quite fond of, but whatever happened to being completely off the grid and unreachable?  What do you guys think?


Comics: Dark, light, or a mixture of both?

What type of comics do you guys like?  Are you more partial to comics that maintain a light-hearted tone or those that venture into darker territory?  I usually like to read books across the spectrum, but if I had to choose, I'd say I'm more fond of comics with a darker tone.   So, what about you guys?



Is it just me, or does the new vampire-centric x-men title lack the regular x-men feel?  It's a fairly entertaining story, but it is my least favorite current x-title by far.  Outside of what's happened with Jubilee, it's really lacking in the character development department?  It really feels like a title that was aimed at less serious x-readers    So, what are your feelings on the new title?

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