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I bought the animted Wonder Woman, Batman, Justice League two Earth's D VD's.  I don't know why more people don't buy these DVDS.  Being a fan of anime I know are some fans are when it comes to buying DVDs.   
I got into argument with my younger brother about the DC animted movies and he would even give them a try.  He still thinks of DC comic are just for kids.  I told him he should watch justice League Unlimited and tell what he thinks about DC afterwards.  DC has the same problem that Nintendo has in video game and the kid factor. 
You have to give DC credit for trying to get DC comic into the 21 century with it's comics.  It is sad that they stoped making new DC animted movies. :(. 
The one thing that also sad is that I really love tha 11 minute short on the Spectre.  I was hopeing he was going to get a full animted movie, but I guess that won't happen. 
I like Thor Vs. Hulk animted movie a hole lot more than Thor Vs. woliverine one. 
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"  All that talk about Smallville and Superman sex reminds me of the episode where Lana gets powers and her and Clark bang so hard it causes tremors...yeah I know and that was seasons ago imagine how much worse the show has gotten. 5 Earth based Green Lanterns:  Alan ScottHal Jordan Guy Gardner John Stewart Kyle Rayner  Edit:6 if you count Jade "

Smallville  is always been a bad show.