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Speaking of Yondu, does anyone else wonder why a blue-skinned alien acts like a redneck? Where did he pick up a Southern accent in space?

It's just a genre conceit. The same way Star Wars takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, yet everyone speaks English and one of the bad guys has a posh British accent for some reason.

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@shadowswordmaster: On Twitter Hickman just confirmed him to be Amadeus. Is he working with the New Avengers now?

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I mean I can understand Black Widow and Hawkeye not actually being a couple (the arrow necklace could just be a sign for something else) but to have Bruce just ditch Betty and Jane to ditch Thor makes little sense.

Does anyone even remember Betty at this point?

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Nice job, Tony! I always enjoy the photos.

I'm not a fan of the Sentinel design, though. The one in the video game was perfect, this is a little disappointing. And not sure why they've gone with a mishmash of costumes. Classic Wolverine? Astonishing Cyclops? Modern Storm? Secret Wars II Magneto? Why not just choose a time period and stick with it?

I think they figured most kids aren't familiar with the comics so they wouldn't recognize the random mishmash of costumes anyway. So they probably just went with what they thought looked cool.

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Wasn't it reported that the Masters of Evil would be the villains working for Thanos in Avengers 2? That right there can help differentiate them, a little. Thanos is likely going to continued to be played up as the chess master, manipulating stuff behind the scenes. You can make Darkseid more upfront.

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They could also just put a rest to Iron Man at some point. Not kill him per say, but have Tony and his pals ride off into the sunset and focus on grooming new properties for film. They have an endless universe of heroes to pick from, after all.

In fact occasionally retiring characters could be a good way to cycle in new ones as members of the Avengers without the team getting too crowded.

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They should give Falcon his energy wings.

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Honestly, the people saying he's making an appearance before Black Panther because of the racial tension seem to be missing it. Black Panther is a character you can't really do without giving a solo movie first. Falcon has a simple origin and a history as a sidekick so he's easier to introduce in someone else's movie. Thus they get their minority member of the Avengers for Avengers 2 without having to spend 100 million dollars giving him a solo movie first.

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I believe Whedon has come out and said having Thanos be the mastermind behind Loki's invasion was his own idea.

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