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After seeing the valentines day cards DC did does anyone else miss the Marvel trading cards that use to come in comics in the 90's?

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Did anyone else notice that the costume Wolverine has on is D-Mans look at the belt buck.

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i really hope ryan stegman is still available to do sketches by the time i get to artist alley on friday i would love for a scarlet spider sketch and has anyone ever asked how much for the commision and its to high in price? what would be the best way to politely say you dont have enough for the commision and want to know if there is any cheaper type of sketch. not trying to sound cheap just dont want to insult the artist if i dont have enough.

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true but so far cable and the xforce uncanny xforce avengers arena and the amateur teaser have shown that it may not have anything to do with the title. i think for wolverine they have just gone through too many volumes too quickly so they decided to give it a different title.

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I've been looking over the teasers for the Marvel Now! books and some of them don't use the teasers word in the title but to describe the character, so what if Superior is just referring to Spider-Man being superior to Doctor Octopus. He could have stopped his dying wish and this could just be the beginning of an era for Spider-Man just like Big Time. I feel like Marvel wouldn't change the name of one of the best known comics just for Marvel Now and will just start another Volume of Amazing Spider-Man at #1. Any thoughts or opinions?

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@The_Tree: What issue was that? I have read it before but can't for the life of me remember it.

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Uncanny Avengers has me worried too, I just don't see it being that great AVX made me really start to hate the Avengers so the X-men joining the Avengers won't be my most anticipated book but since it Remender I'll give it a shot. The only other titles that I feel won't be that great are Psylockes x-force and Gambits ongoing, Psylockes team roster isn't that great and Puck seems a random character to use and Gambits series has been sadly disappointing Issue 1 was ok but 2 was boring and didn't give me any reason to pick up issue 3 which is bad because I was really hoping they could finally make a good Gambit series.

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Is Puck even that good of a character for a team?

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Wasn't it stated in the epilogue of Spider-Island that if one more person realized he was spider-man the spell to make everyone forget his identity would be broken? If so that might be what the shock is for #700

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@Strider92 said:

@mzultan17: The Spider-clone that got away? I don't remember this. What issue?

i think it was in part 12 of the others it was the weird black figure that resembled spider-man just made of spiders.