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Vroooms in on her vespa...WHOA!!! whats going on here?!?!!??!
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@geraldthesloth said:
" @Nighthunter said:
" umm hi...and you are? "
what he said. "

we may not know him but thats still not too nice, lol geez a villian giving out advice on politeness haha
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Okay well this is the title because:  
1) there has been little activity within their team forum  
and 2) because I Mz P!NK am challenging the whole team to a battle. 

I know this might be put on hold because it's last minute, but feed back would be nice : )

 Btw if anyone with a grudge against the Vine Tiatns or is just a villian that would wanna side with me let me know and it could turn into a  Vine Titans smack down!  
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"Hey you hug me!" A bewildered man turned to Mz P!NK as he was temporairly distracted from the Zombie Chaos. "Ahh damn it! Come on you know you wanna, now do it!" The man had sensed this young beauties flirty tension and felt he had no choice. Her hair was long and faded pink color. It glistened in the light as she moved towards him. A zombie started to come up behind her. In onefluid motion that had happened in a mere instant, the zombie is lying on the ground next to the others she had already dismembered and knocked out. She looked back at her large pile of Zombies that had begun to ooze with puss, blood, and guts. "Oh the joys of zombie killing and being of so evil!" She gestured with the hand to the man as she walked ever so close to him.  The poor man that was at least 30 and much to over weight took a gulp. As he had realized there was more to this fair temptress then meets the eye. 
She boots had clicked with every step she took. Her outfit would be foreign any where else, but granted she was at a carnival so her slutty, final fantasy cosplay combat-type outfit fit in perfectectly. "Alright then lover boy...hold me tight, because trust me I'll be the hottest thing you ever hold!" The man griped her tight and as she pressed against him she could feel herself begin to transform and the man say hello. 
She had transformed, but in her new body she was unsure of what she had become. She rushed out of the smoke in her new pink shell like skin. As she felt teh air around her with her new feelers. "Hey old guy, what animal am i now?" The man that had hugged her stood dumb founded and struggled to respond. "Mmmm--iisss....umm...your a pink lobster." 
"WTF!" Mz P!NK then goes on a rant of all the useless animals to get she got teh main course at a sea food restaurant. She had ranted on and on, while the world around her swirled by. The man that had hugged her was now being chased by a zombie head and the ferris wheel about to crumble. But all she could think of was the fact that she was a lobster. "Alright, I haven't much time before I change back so I'll have to make do. Hey old guy let me hop on your back and you can----Oh, o man!" Finally she had noticed that the old man was no longer among the living. In fact a few zombies had begun to mawl him over and his nice yellow pastel polo shirt and white shorts were stained red and pink with blood.  
His small intestine had been the debate of a few zombies as they gritted between there teeth to see who would win it. His head was completey gone. Probalby bits and pieces of it was laying inside a few zombies. As Mz P!NK looked on disappointed that she had lost her assistant, She sees the zombies start to disperse from his remains and circle her. "Haha, umm there is still plenty left of that fatty over there! Come on guys cut a cute lobster a break!"
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@the Vica said:

" @Mz P!NK said:
" @Olrik: i saw somewhere ur someone else, who else are u? "
I'm also me :P  And Eclipse, and Madros, and (for the purpose of the space pirates RPG) Sir Francis "


wow, lol everyone overlapes on here so much with profiles, im Mz S!lver, this one, and also Madam Rose when i feel like it
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ok i kinda get it, like best friends?!?!
@Akwa said:
"Well, this thread has been horribly, horribly derailed. "

listen to urself ur talking about trains and u say we're off topic geez!!! hyocrite!!! : P
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No buts!!! try harder!
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@Constantine said:
" @Mz P!NK said:
" @the Vica: i bet ur the same person... <_< >_> haha but i wont tell lol "
he wishes..... but this is freaky O_o "

i thought u said u r the same person!!??!?
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i saw somewhere ur someone else, who else are u?
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@the Vica:
i bet ur the same person... 
<_< >_> haha but i wont tell lol