Alien Bio For Cellphone Girl's B-Day RPG


Outside of Alien Spore Ship
Inside (what most sections of inside look like)
Alien Scout
Elite Alien-used to defend inside of ship/conquer planets
Evil Clones create from Mz P!NK's DNA while she was captured and connected to the ship

Basic Run Down

  • Mz P!NK was captured on her way to Cellphone Girl's B-Day party
  • What she was captured by was an alien space ship spore thing that landed in the middle of the interstate
  • The aliens have extracted some or her DNA and created evil clones that have all her powers plus theirs
  • The alien powers are:Cancelation of abilities, energy absorbtion, summoning of Alien hordes via teleportaion portals from within the ship,regeneration
  • Besides the ship the mobile aliens (because ship is considered a living alien, its like their species they just use it get around galaxies in) have their own powers, of spiked tails,acid spit, and invisibility....along with some regerneration
  • Weaknesses:fire, strong psychic powers, ice