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I agree with the comments about the JSA being suddenly revamped and younger, thereby throwing away 71 years of history. I am only 19, but I've been a fan of DC comics since I was 8, heck of comics in general. When I first started reading, I also started digging into the history of comics, especially during the Golden Age. The JSA has always been one of my favorite super-teams, reading collected volumes of their original adventures, and the new pre-Flashpoint stuff, when the team consisted mainly of second and third generation heroes taking up the reigns of their original predecessors. And leading that new team, or at least acting in leadership capacity, were Flash, Green Lantern and Wildcat, teaching these new young heroes what it means to be a hero. But with this new 52 thing of DC's, throwing away so much history, but at the same time bringing in such new and riveting stories, well I'm torn. I actually nearly started to get weepy while reading Earth 2 #1, but realized that for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to die on this world, it meant that a revamped JSA wouldn't have to be in the shadow of the Big Three, and therefore march forward with big strides, saving the day, righting wrongs like they used to, back when comics were a dime, there was a war on and comics were just starting out as a new medium to capture the hearts and minds of its readers the way the pulp novels did during the 30's. And as for Alan being gay now, I've got no problem with gays or lesbians, heck my aunt, my mother's little sister is lesbian. She married, and she and her partner have two wonderful little boys now. But to make the original Green Lantern, a hero so strong in his convictions, his sense of right and wrong and never had to question a situation before because he always knew that so long as he kept his wits and had the ring charged (and there was no wood around to break through his constructs) he could do his job and make the world a safer place, to make him gay, well that threw me off at first, made me mad and puzzled as to why DC would make this to change to one of their oldest characters (fighting the good fight for 71 years). So long as they don't make his sexuality the defining point of his character, so long as they continue to have him be a good, moral man, who knows what needs to be done and gets the job done, then I'm ok with it. Come the 6th, I'm getting my copy of issue #2, and I hope other people will as well, and thrill as the JSA comes back young, and fighting the good fight just like always.

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That's Stana Katic. She plays Detective Kate Beckett on 'Castle' opposite Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle. But the chance to see even fleeting clips of Mark Hamill, actually voicing the Joker, oh my god. For years I had no idea it was him, mainly because when the show was on, I was just a toddler. Thankfully that changed when I was 12 and did some digging. When Mark finally kicks the bucket, I am going to just lose it. Same thing goes for Kevin Conroy, if there ever comes along a duo who do Batman and Joker's voices better than these guys, the world is probably going to be ending at that point.

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I was reading that issue, and it literally blew my mind. To kill off the Big Three, in a matter of pages, utterly wow. But at the same time, we are introduced to the civilian identities of three of the JSA's original members, Alan Scott, Al Pratt (as an awesome gung ho army man) and Jay Garrick. This whole new take on these Golden Age characters has me excited. Hope this series lasts longer than the revival of the Blackhawks did.

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I have been keeping up with the comic so far, and I am not disappointed. I may only be 19 years old, but I've got an old soul for the things of the past. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, The Shadow, Doc Savage, old movies, music and radio shows. Its times like this I had been born during the 20th century instead of the 90's and growing up in this tech and media soaked age. Granted things weren't great then either, but, well values were different, so much was better. Long live the Golden Days, may their memory never fade!

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This is awesome! I am only 19, and have read so many reprints of the original Shadow pulp novels and listened to CD after CD of the radio shows. Truly, a character that has withstood the test of time, and come back again and again, each time, with fresh stories being added to the pantheon of adventures that are his glory days during the 1930's and 40's. This art is fantastic! I cannot wait to pick up my copy of this book.

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Batman comics, in particular collections of the original Kane/Finger work from the 40's, was some of my first exposure to comic books. Without Jerry and his amazing art work, I may have never gotten into comics that much. He was a man dedicated to his work, and dedicated to seeing that his brothers in ink would be well taken care of. The world is now a little bit darker without Mr. Robinson, but he shoulders on, after all, the Joker is still alive isn't he? And now every time we read a Batman comic, we can think back on the fact that he has gotten where he is today, with Mr. Robinson's pen and brush carefully filling on some of Bill's pencil drawings. The great comic book artists of the Golden Age are all but now gone, like WWI and WWII veterans they are becoming more and more rare in this day and age. R.I.P. Jerry, and God bless you for all you've done.

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Doom working with Richards? After years of hatred. It would be interesting to see which way this goes, especially in light of recent events.

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If they do make a Flash film, it would have to be about Barry, like they are doing with Hal's film. And maybe it would include a cameo from Wally, but the film could be like the Incredible Hulk, it takes place after he has received his powers and is established as Central City's champion, the same thing going for the Rouges.

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