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What happened to those challenge things us users could do to earn extra points? You know, where there would be lists of certain things we had to traverse the site to find, like Bat family members, certain patriotic characters etc. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?

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I am so looking forward to the latest 'Shadow' and 'Green Hornet' issues. And that first 'Shadow' cover, that is awesome! That thing looks like it belongs on a pulp novel!

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Good stuff bringing in Wonder Woman's most notable foe. Even better, the Man of Steel isn't a match for her. Who gets to feel the bite of the Cheetah next? I can't wait!

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G-Man you are absolutely right, I forgot to add that in there. And it's sad but true, comics these days, they aren't really for kids anymore, not like the way they used to be. The sad fact is, nothing is really for kid's anymore. Cartoons, they aren't wholesome, funny fun loving things, they are just mindless and pointless and just plain silly. Gimmie the good old days, with the Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, Flintstones and Yogi Bear or Johnny Quest. No wait, strike that, Young Justice is a excellent series. Not throwing that one under the bus.

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Scarlet, I respect your answer, but the thing is, without new material coming out for these characters, not just Peanuts, but Batman, Spider-Man, everything out there right now, interest would die eventually, and the only people who would ever read or watch cartoons like the Peanuts specials or read comics and comic books anymore, are adults. The children of the future, they would have no deep interest, not the way we do. They'd have no connection to the characters, no reason to want to read and watch and take an interest in any of this. If there should be an end, it would mean an end to everything. Let's look at Batman for example. Should the comic's have finally ended when Jerry Robinson, the last member of the original trio that worked on Batman in the Golden Age died last December? This would mean no more Batman cartoons, no more Batman movies or video games or comic books. The Dark Knight's career would have been done and over with, and we wouldn't even be getting the Joker's return right now. He would have just got his face cut off by the Dollmaker near the end of Detective #1 last year, and that would be the end of it. But with regards to Peanuts, I totally understand where you are coming from. Without Schulz being the creative mind behind it, it's just not the same, it doesn't really stick the way it should. And still, I hope someday, because material like this keeps a generated interest in timeless characters like Charlie Brown and his friends alive, I can sit down with my future five year old (the age when I first saw 'A Charlie Brown Christmas') and pop in a dvd of that timeless Christmas special, and show him or her stuff that mattered to me when I was a kid. And hopefully, at the end, they will want to see more, and read more and know more. So in closing I have this to say, without more new coming, the future will have no interest in the past, and all that is culturally deep and significant like the Peanuts Gang, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Star Wars etc. would just fad away.

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This is a fantastic cover! What lines, what colors, what epicness!!

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I wonder where I can grab a copy of this book? Amazon perhaps?

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As a life long fan of Green Hornet, I can't wait for this comic! Waid and Ross back together, booyah to the power team! Golden Age awesomeness!!

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Haha awesome! I love it when you pose the figure differently. Makes things so much more fun.

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Actually, with the 'Minutemen' series, I feel there is a story to tell. All we know about the group is the stuff gleaned from the flashbacks in the original Watchmen comic, and the excerpts from 'Under the Hood'. I love Golden Age stuff, so this series for me is tops. Issue three, where the team actually worked together to take down a bunch of smugglers (turned out to be Chinese fireworks that were being smuggled, but hey, its still illegal) that was awesome. Captain Metropolis drove a frickin tank through into that warehouse, a tank! And Darwyn Cooke doing the artwork, that is awesome! The New Frontier is one of my favorite series, my copies are getting really dogeared from reading them so much. And yes, I too love Alan Moore and respect his work, but he has been grousing about this for far too long. He did this while working for DC, he signed a contract. And after 26 years, seems to me like it was time to dust off the characters and bring them back into the spotlight. I don't care if I get a lot of nerdhate for this stance, I'm young, I will survive it all. But I care about everything that comics has laid down, even if all the big stuff happened before I was even born. I am what you might call, an open-minded nerd. I try to give people who are changing things in the industry a little leeway, and if something isn't good in pretty much all regards (artwork, story etc) I leave it alone. Other than that, I read all I can get my hands on (and that's quite a lot). So the haters can hate, but that makes no difference to me.

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