CV Prime Ravager

Height: 6'0

Weight: 100 tons

Age: One eon

Affiliation: Lawful Evil-Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Masculine programming


I am Ravager, I am the pendulum that balances the creation of God...I am man kinds overseer

[Log Book Page 1, 1,000,000 A.D December 28th]

"I killed the creator, he was imperfect"

Ravager said as the audience looked from his perspective in a first person view, he stood on top of the corpse of a man in a white laboratory court

"he told me to fulfill his programming"

there was nearby shouting of men, they sounded military...Ravager looked up at a blast door and watched it open several sci fi looking soldiers came out so many

"He told me to kill him" Ravager said innocently with out a shred of guilt

"Oh god" what seemed to be the sergeant of the soldiers said

"You are next,...activating Assault Mode" a high pitched sound came from Ravager "Error, blocked programing commencing override sequence"

"What are you waiting for SHOOT PLASMA NOW!!" The commander raised his advanced assault rifle and started shooting his men also followed lead, bright flashes of super heated gas ten of thousands of degrees hot came into contact with the machine, alas their efforts were in vain...the laboratory was melted into slag but Ravager stood unscathed as his metal alloy glowed a bright orange before cooling down "The professor recreated the infamous indestructible metal ally proto-adamantium, all efforts to harm me will be....ineffective"

"EMP lieutenant!" a African American threw a small silver sphere at Ravager causing a electric magnetic pulse to hit Ravager

"My hard ware is unaffected by any type of short circuiting you humans can cause"

"HACK HIM PRIVATE!" the sergeant started shooting at the ceiling causing more molten metal to drop on Ravager in an attempt to slow him down even though the machine had its leg in stuck in a pool of cooled liquid metal.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" the American soldier of Asian descent shouted as he had a data pad pointed at Ravager "I can't even get past his first fire wall!"

"I am unhackable" Ravager said in almost a smug voice "Assault mode override complete, commencing primary objective" Ravager casually broke off the pieces of dried liquid metal as if they were dried leaves, raising his left arm a tiny barrel popped out above the wrist

"OH SH" the commander said right before a laser capable of destabilizing atoms at a molecular level hit him

"Four thousand and forty three humans eliminated with in a forty mile radius" Ravager said as he looked at the puddle of red goop

(More to come)

Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced Intellect (Supposed to be the equal of Thanos, also he's capapble of thinking at the speed of light and process information that fast as well)
  • Enhanced Speed (Capable of reaching speed of eight hundred miles per hour instantaneously however unable to surpass it, however he has atto second reaction time)
  • Invulnerability (Made out of the same metal as cap's shield [Proto-Adamantium, the strongest version eva, only Abstracts can hope to damage it]
  • Weakness Detection (Ravager is so advance that he can scan any life form or being and find out their weakest spot physically or mentally)
  • Precognition (Simple mathematics and a super computer like mind allows him to predict moves so well that it can be considered precognition)
  • Magnetism Manipulation (On par with Magneto)
  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Raveger's full weaponry can be considered a planetary threat to all life)
  • Enhanced Strength (On par with Superboy)
  • Energy Manipulation,Absorption,Creation (Raveger is a god of energy manipulation,absorption, based attack simply make his own energy based attacks much more powerful)

Standard Equipment

  • Repulsor blasts

These are his primary weapons, they have three setting

  1. Non lethal, non lethal repulsor blasts shoot green beams of concussive energy the beam usually is enough to knock a human out but some times it doesn't that's why is has a second more powerful effect which releases green electricity that paralyzes the nerves of a carbon based life form preventing them to move, no matter how durable they will get paralyzed durability only quickens the fade off of the paralytic effect.
  2. Lethal, lethal repulsor blasts shoot blue beams of hot concussive energy ranging from two thousand kelvin to twenty thousand, it is powerful enough to maim meta's with low to medium levels of durability with extreme ease.
  3. Destruction, destruction beams are capable of destroying matter.

All repulsor blasts move at half the speed of light and have no recoil

(More to come)

Modes and Weaknesses

Ravager made himself own rules to prevent himself into being an unstoppable killing machine, however there are different rules for different modes, there are three rules and three modes

  • Friendly Mode



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