Kraang Technology

Energy-Matter Conversion

The EMC device (Energy-Matter Conversion), is one of the most valuable break throughs in the Consortium's technological research, although once thought impossible they've mastered the ability to convert energy from power sources like the star or even core of the planet, little is known but the process works by having extreme amounts of heat which is also the main reason why EMC devices can only be powered by suns or the core of a planet or something with extreme amounts of heat.

Using all the heat and energy gained, the Consortium induces an explosion in a pocket dimension via spatial manipulation similar to a mini Big Bang, this some how creates new particles and through matter manipulation devices of very odd design are capable of combining them together or fusing thus making elements/metals in that dimension and transferring it to ours.

EMC devices are excellent conduits for energy and have masterful energy manipulation which allows to receive energy from the core of a planet or rays of the sun extremely efficiently, EMC devices are the perfected form of a solar panel capable of getting hundreds of thousands of Terrawatts per hour which is than sent into the pocket dimension to build up until it reaches a million, after it achieves a million terrawatts of energy it explodes similar to the Big Bang but on a much smaller scale.

Usually in one day a single EMCD and multiple MMD's can convert all the particles from the energy into one septillion metric tons of matter.

Spatial Manipulation

The second most essential part

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The Kraang Empire Facts

  • The Kraang Empire has control of twenty galaxies just as large as IC 1101l, however their territory is 10,152,000 light years north west away from the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Their current Military force is in the triple digit high trillions however the total population of the combined Kraang is immeasurable in comparison to ites military
  • Their Military space fleet is in the double digit billions and growing steadily
  • They are not necessarily hostile or barbaric
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Consortium Space Ships

SC Battle Ship

Length: 11,700 ft

Width: 5,660 ft

Height/Depth: 1,514


  • Plasma Turrets

There are sixty four large plasma turrets on both sides of the SC battle ship, each have two cannons which are individually capable of delivering 10,000 degrees (Celsius) worth of heat energy and a petajoule worth of kinetic energy, the turrets fire the bolts of plasma at light speed and can shoot hundreds of times per minute. The turrets have an advanced A.I system that can track targets moving at faster than light speeds and even land hits on them by predicting their movements using it's extremely fast and intelligent mind, the last impressive thing about the turrets is their ability to rotate thee hundred and sixty degrees.

  • Plasma Cannons

Armed at the front of the ship are two large cannons which serve as the primary weapon of the SC battle ship, it shoots two large bolts of plasma each individually 200 feet in diameter,height,length and width, at ten times the speed of light each individually capable of delivering heat a hundred times greater than the core of the sun and can deliver up to 10,000 Gigatons.

  • Plasma Missiles

Armed at the sides and front inside of the ship there are a total of 5,000 Missiles, each torpedo is six feet in length and one foot in width and depth each missile can deliver up to 250 giga tons worth of kinetic energy and just as much heat the core of the sun puts out, each plasma missile comes with a advanced tracking capability that will hunt the target relentlessly while moving at speeds half the speed of light.


The SC Battle Ship is the most common or standard Consortium Military ship, despite this the Consortium technology gives them one of the most powerful shields in the universe capable of withstanding ten exatons worth of kinetic energy and stops all forms of attack whether it be of Magical,Meta or Technological origin, the shields also prevent people from teleporting in or out and the same with intangible beings as it creates an electric magnetic field that vibrates and shifts the atoms outside its main force field so anything that tries to teleport or phase near the ship will be permanent and instantly destroyed/killed.

  • Cruising speed is 50 light years per day
  • Their shields have to deactivate for a fraction of a second when they release their plasma missiles if they don't it will detonate inside the ship causing a chain reaction which will than be amplified by the shield causing an explosion of 1,250,000 gigatons followed by an extra unknown but large quantity of kinetic energy coming from the weapon system.
  • The crew has a minimum of military crew in the high quadruple digits.
  • When they fire their primary weapons they have to drain 50% of their shield energy for the attack thus leaving them significantly less defended.
  • The ship is capable of Slipstream Space travel, the ships SSE cuts a very fine hole in the fabric of space-time and slips into Slipspace with precision (much like a scalpel compared to a butcher knife). It exits with the same pinpoint accuracy, takes less time during travel, and is able to plot a course with error not exceeding an atom. It allows them to travel up to 100,000 light years per day.
  • The ship has an extremely advanced,complex and powerful telecommunication system that allows the Consortium to communicate perfectly while in slip space instantaneously and has a maximum range of 100,000 light years.
  • The ship carries an array of vehicles,weapons,water,food and essential supplies enough to fight a war for an entire year non stop.

SD Ship

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The Krang Empire (NPC Faction)

Sangheili Soldiers

The Krang is the parallel counterpart of the Covenant from Halo (retaining their names) the Sangheili wiped out the San 'Shyuum with ease as the Forerunners never existed, and thus alien races such as






and Jiralhanae came to join the Sangheili instead of the latter.


Note that they are counterparts to the original Covenant but are still different in many ways, currently Sangheili have reached Tier 2 and are almost at Tier 1 technology, (More to come)


Unggoy Soldier

Height: 4'0

Weight: 250-225 lbs

Maximum Life Span [Not in combat]: 100 ys

Strength: High

Speed: Average

Agility: Low

Intelligence: High

Durability: Average

Their Story

The Unggoy were the first alien race recruited by the Sangheili, however the Unggoy at this stage were already at Tier 5 as it took the Sangheili many centuries to reach their own level of high technology. Upon encountering the Unggoy the Sangheili offered a choice join the beginning of their empire or be destroyed by their space ships, in the end it all worked out and the Unggoy received multiple benefits from joining and were the back bone of the Consortium Army.

Military Training

there are five ranks for the Unggoy soldiers, (1st Highest 5th lowest)

1. Unggoy Ultra (White or Silver Armor)

2. Special Operations Unggoy (Black Armor)

3. Unggoy Heavy (Green Armor)

4. Major Unggoy (Red Armor)

5. Minor Unggoy (Yellow or Orange Armor)

The average age of an Unggoy soldier being recruited was sixteen, Unggoy's received extensive Sangheili training programs that would be considered in human if it was on earth, Unggoy's would receive twelve years of non stop training with the exception of two break days every week as Unggoy's would push the limits of their bodies preforming physical activities for up to one hundred and twenty hours straight before being deployed into active military duty, they were not just physically trained to their peak but also mentally granting resistance to multiple forms of mind control and lion like courage never backing down or fearing away.

Unggoy would only be deployed into Active Duty when their final twelve years of training is over and they pass their final training course, Unggoy's must have at least a score of 90 or higher to pass.

this includes in the following categories

  • Accuracy
  • Obedience
  • Loyalty
  • Physical Fitness
  • Intelligence
  • Competence
  • Speed
  • Overall Success.

Unggoy ranks, the lowest is Minor but by any means it does not mean they are not a threat. Minor Unggoy's are the equivalent of a Military Private except they've received much more difficult and longer training experience than a regular private. For a Unggoy to become a Major they must have at least have twenty hostile kills under their belt and served as a minor for two years once they become a Major they are given command of a five man grunt squad. Unggoy Heavy's are a harder rank to achieve needing up to forty kills and four years of being a Major, they are able to command majors and lead multiple squads but instead stay with other Heavy Unggoys that carry Anti-Vehicle and Infantry weapons. Special Operations Unggoys are only chosen from Unggoy who have had perfect records achieving a score of one hundred or higher they are the second most elite force specializing in classified missions and even suicidal ones. Ultra Unggoy's are the most elite military unit of their race tasked with essential missions or used as heavy reinforcements.


All grunts whether low ranked or high ranked come equipped with advanced Consortium power armor that also gives them a HUD and energy shield, for a Minor Grunt their armor is extremely resistant to ballistic projectile taking up to multiple assault rifle rounds to finally crack it, with energy shields activated they can with stand 10 Mega joules worth of energy before it depletes.

Major grunts have double the energy shield capacity which is 20 Mega joules and their armor is completely invulnerable to small arm ballistic weaponry not to mention a 500% increase in energy weapon resistance, Spec Op and Ultra Grunts have a whopping 40 Mega joule shields and extremely high resistance to energy based weaponry (2000% more than Major armor) and immunity to ballistic weaponry not to mention the ability of active camouflage which lets them blend into the environment.

(More to come)


Sangheili Warrior


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Cvnu Akatosh


Akatosh is supreme commander and leader of a collective race of aliens known as The Kraang, Akatosh is several eons old and has kept himself alive through a mix of technology and alien version of magic.

(more to come)

3,000,000,000 years ago on the planet Sanghelios Akatosh was born, he was part of a warrior family who were apart of a warring faction on the planet who were against another their names were Shiro Heiwa and Kuro Sasori, Akatosh was of the Kuro Sasori clan and were steadily losing ground to the Shiro's over the several centuries long war. Born in a time of war Akatosh was trained from birth and more aggressively than the other enemy clan due to them losing, their training could be compared that of the Spartans as Kuro Sasori cared more about quality than quantity while the opposite was with their enemy as the ratio of warriors to their enemies was one per hundred. Akatosh trained in a planet with gravity one hundred times more powerful than Earth, all Kuro Sasori warriors would wear suits of armor that weight a hundred metric tons in their combat exercises to reach peak Sangheili physique with their training beginning at the age of five it was extremely brutal yet effective turning them into one man army warriors.

Akatosh's alien anatomy made his age incredibly slow so by the time he was forty he was actually physically twenty, his forty years of aggressively training brought him to the battle field where he and one hundred other of his clan fought against ten thousand head on, the night before Akatosh received a vision from beings who called themselves Chaos Gods and offered him a deal...the specifications were unknown but the day later something was different about Akatosh and when he entered that battle field he and his brethren flawlessly defeated their enemy and went on to regain back their lost territory defeating army after army for the next hundred years.

In the end victory was achieved but not with out of the deaths of Akatosh's parent and three quarters of his race, despite this the remaining survivors of the Kuro Sasori continued to fight but not the Shiro's as they were slaughtered, they fought themselves for dominance over the remaining Sangheili a total of one thousand warriors fought in a free for all with the victor being Akatosh.


  • Enhanced Swordsmanship

Akatosh is the best swordsman in the entire Kraang Empire none have ever come close to his level of skill and countless millions have fallen to him, one of his famous feats (video above) is the battle of Shang-La.

  • Enhanced Strength

Surviving on a planet with one hundred times the gravity on earth while wearing hundred metric ton armor has given him strength in the 10,000 tons and capable of striking just as hard.

  • Enhanced Speed

Akatosh is capable of moving and fighting at massive hypersonic speeds to the point rail gun projectiles appear slow as snails to him, he's capable of wiping out entire armies before they can even offer any resistance.

  • Enhanced Durability

Akatosh is capable of with standing several gigatons worth of kinetic energy when unarmored and a hundred times that amount when armored and ten times more with his shields on.

  • Extra Forms
  1. First Zen Form (Unlocked)
  2. Second Zen Form (Unlocked)
  3. Third Zen Form (Unlocked)
  4. Fourth Zen Form (N/A)
  5. Sangheili God (LOCKED)

Akatosh's race are very special capable of tapping into what humans call their Qi reserves but for Sangheili it is called Zeng , Akatosh has a Zeng reserve of 6,000,000,000 Akatosh has stated that the average untapped power of a regular untrained Sangheili Zeng reserve is one hundred, according to Akatosh this is sufficient energy to blow up an earth sized planet with casual ease, Akatosh is capable of boosting his base form into his first Zeng form which multiplies his base form physical stats by a hundred while simultaneously giving him energy projection and flight this costs him however 1,000 Zen, if he were to use his second Zen form it will multiply his already boosted stats by another hundred giving him 100,000,000 ton striking strength and significantly more speed and durability the same is with the third and fourth.

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