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Can't you hear the wings? 0

Legion is officially the best. It's weird seeing a character I've always had no interest in, being portrayed in such a way that he actually interests me and not only holds his own, but actively holds up an entire book. Let me say this now, if you don't like Legion then you really should skip this series for the time being because it is completely Legion's story. It's not about replacing Professor X, or saving the world. No, it's about Legion trying his best to be a good person.As far as this iss...

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Time works different here 0

So this comic throws a curve ball right at the start with 3 little words "one year later". Got to admit I didn't expect that one. It raises some questions about just how the heck Cap is active in so many books during all this, but I can only guess that it will be hand waved as dimension shift time later on. Story wise this issue is a bit dull, mostly focusing Cap's problems trying to protect Ian in the deadly wilderness of Dimension Z. We get some nice little flashbacks which I'm sure I'd notice...

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How far we've fallen...I guess 0

Time travel is tricky business and I don't think Beast is well suited for it.His wacky plan involving past Cyclops is nice, but I don't know why the other X-Men were brought along, it's just kind of a weird nitpick. This issue is a bit better than the last one, picking up the pacing and actually having things happen. The cover lies once more though as it focuses more on the past X-Men, who were of course on the last cover which focused on the group on this cover...I don't get it. But I don't get...

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Going in Heavy 0

I picked up all 4 issues of the current Iron Man series on a whim and boy am I glad I did. The series is shaping up to be an interesting look at the constant threat Tony Start fears, the theft of Iron Man weaponry. This issue adds the twist of Iron Man facing magic based foes, revealing the potential for a deadly fusion of magic and science that our hero would usually be ill equipped to deal with. Sadly the fighting in this issue is honestly pretty bare bones and boring with the potential confli...

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All new Old X-Men 0

So Cyclops escaped from prison. I'd apologize for the spoiler but this issue didn't apologize to me. Anyway All New X-Men is about the X-Men trying to figure out a way to stop Cyclops evil plot of...saving newly created mutants from being kill by authorities. Seriously, he may have been evil in AvX but nothing he does in this issue seems like the work of an evil madman. I mean, most of his attacks even seem to be non-lethal, and he clearly is working to save lives. Honestly the conflict feels mo...

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Just Water under the bridge 0

Dialog is important and I think the team behind Captain Marvel gets that, as this issue has some great dialog between Carol and Monica that makes it a joy to read. This issue also features a nice little battle, with a bit of tension although it ends rather abruptly which, given it's the focus of the issue is a bit annoying. Still it's a nice little issue and a good change of pace from the time travel arc which felt like it dragged on a bit.A nice little issue that shouldn't disappoint fans of th...

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Let's change the team gimmick again guys 0

I like the idea behind the original Thunderbolts, I like supervillains teaming up and pretending to be heroes and then ending up wanting to be heroes for real. It's just a fun little concept. So when the team was converted to Osborn's kill crew I was disappointed. Then they came back to their roots as a villain reform team...and changed their name to Dark Avengers. So what are these new Thunderbolts about, why use the name? First off, they're about killing, secondly they've taken the name becaus...

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Like Thunder and Lightning 0

This issue is great, while it lacks the brutal battle of the last issue, it more than makes up for it in story. This issue really hammers(heh) home the differences between Thor's current self(the main focus) and his younger more arrogant self. Thor realizes just how much he'd messed up in the past by not warning the other Gods of the God Butcher. And unlike most cases where the hero makes a horrible mistake in the past and seems to realize his folly, Thor actually makes sure not to repeat his pa...

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Butchered Thor? 0

HAIL TRAVELER! Let me tell you the tale of the Mighty Thor God of Thunder, who in his young days faced the deadly God Butcher! Annnnnnd that gimmick is lasting all of that last sentence. So I just wanted to point out how awesome the cover for this issue is and I sure as heck hope it sets the standard as far as future covers go(so far it has). Anyway in this issue we really get to see what Thor will be dealing with in his futures as his younger self is the first seen taking on the God Butcher. An...

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Did we say "Before Watchmen" we meant during it. 0

I didn't know this would be a two issue mini and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. All things considered the writing was nice, the art was good, and this issue did a great job of making Moloch very sympathetic. But still it's for the best it ended here as the issue leaves little about Moloch to tell. This issue follows Moloch after he decides to redeem himself and find a job working for Ozymandias(who honestly looks a bit weird in this art style) of all people. Anyone who's read the origi...

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Origins of Minor Characters 0

Maybe I wasn't paying much attention but I didn't see this one coming. Before Watchmen was a concept I was interested in seeing from the start for better or worse, but of all the characters for DC to expand upon they chose Moloch, a relatively minor(all things considered) character from the original story who's main claims to fame was being the only "super villain" seen in the comic and having Comedian reveal parts of the main plot to him in a drunken rage. Basically this comic serves to expand ...

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