Superman 64: The Respect Thread

Superman 64 is not only a great game, but the greatest game on the N64. I’ll list my personal reasons here, but be sure to add your own!

1)Graphics: Just check this game out! Never before have I seen a more realistic depiction of the polygonal virtual reality universe within the Superman universe. Truly the Man of Steel has never looked so good!

2)Story: I don’t want to spoil the plot, but I have to say it’s Lex’s greatest scheme yet and the way the story introduces villains by awkwardly shoving them into the narrative is genius!

3)Difficulty: This game is so hard I’ve never beaten a single level. It must be amazing!


5)Controls: This game has the tightest controls I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how if you barely move the control stick, Superman will veer just out of the way of an objective no matter how you try. It adds so much to gameplay and is probably the hallmark of the game.


7)Characterization: Never before has Lex been this threatening, his “SOLVE MY MAZE” sends a chill down my spine every time I play this game.

8)Replayablilty: You’ll never beat this game so it never runs out of gameplay!

I’ll edit in more great reasons to love this great game as they come up!