Favorite Pulp Characters

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Posted by Mr.Q
What is it about them that just makes them seem so much more interesting than the "newer" heroes? I don't understand but I also don't argue. I guess you just can't beat a classic.
Posted by MysterioMaximus

Honestly it's so difficult to pinpoint, isn't it? ...I don't know if you can really classify all these as Pulp heroes, but they all have the same sort of drawn and appeal of them IMO. For me, I liked that seductive noir feel of ones like Shadow, Spirit, and Tracy had. I like the aged appeal. In fact, though I suppose perhaps it's unfair, I always tend to like a character a little bit more if I realize they're originally from the Golden or Silver age eras. They survived that endurance test.

Posted by Mr.Q
Like a fine wine. Better with age. I suppose I always like how simple it was. No alien invasions. No overly complex power sets that can blow up a small planet. It was just a story with a determined hero. Fantastic but real. There is a reason it's called the 'Golden' Age.