The Venezuela Response Squad - Officer in Command

Nobody really knows his name apart from the usual "officer" or "sir" as he keeps it secretive, all is know is that he has from a young age been adept at killing and torturing people in the most horrific ways possible. Since being born a rape child he grew up in a prison and was continuously beaten in his up-bringing and forced to defend himself without a father figure in his life, he was taught to ignore pain from a young age when he joined a gang ( at 15 ) that forced him to skin his own ankle to join and prove he was a "man". He did this and joined the group, for the next 5 years he simply went along with all of the murder and crimes that they committed before joining the Venezuelan military as pro fighter. Serving on the front-line for many wars, including the invasion and more recently surviving the Peak/Halo wars he was caught in the radioactive blast scarring his entire face. However....this yielded something more. He gained powers from the radiation somehow...powers that would grow to make him greater than he ever thought. He was promoted to officer in the VRS for his service and now serves as the leading man in command.


All of his natural functions suddenly more adept and he can lift up-to 5 tons, he also has bullet resistant skin to defend against anybody shooting him. He can run at inhuman speeds to escape enemies. His natural aim and precision has been boosted to very accurate aim also. He is also slightly resistant to the radiation and heat cannot harm him at-all. He is basically, a super-human now, a super-soldier.

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Posted by Kiddevil

@pyrogram I like this guy, I like the whole he's not a nice guy/ The guy with no name feel. Too bad you only use him as a npc.