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Name: Myrmidon

Alias: The Vespa Vanguard - The Devil's Death Dealer - The Ancient Arcani - The Metaphysical Mauler - Vespa Viper - Arcani Grandmaster

Alignment: Ambiguous

Height: Seven foot

Age: Over 14 billion years

Affiliations: Myrmidons

Species: Unknown, last of his race

Gender: Male

Enemies: The Strigidae sect of the Arcani

The Vespa Vanguard

Myrmidon against numerous Strigidae

The undisputed, ultimate practitioner, grandmaster, and innovator of the Arcani Martial Art known as Vespa, Myrmidon has religiously dedicated his life into the mastery and further discovery of how to utilize this monstrous ability. Possessing an intimate, and quite possibly, the most complex understanding and comprehension of all energies found through of the universe, the Vespa Vanguard has cultivated a "six" sense, the ability to "read" an opponents energy, both physical, and metaphysics. Myrmidon finds it relatively simple to look upon an enemy with this Vespa-Sense and locate key chakra points upon his target with sight alone prior to attacking said points, he could target specifics, going for an enemies sight chakra, strength chakra, or even, target the specific points in which an opponent may access their mutant abilities, "switching off" their X-Genes for a period of time. He is truly monstrous when tested.

  • VESPA: Wasp (Reference) - All beings are systems of matter and energy. Like any system there are nexus points which influence their critical functions. Vespa is the study of these points and how they might be disrupted or destroyed to inflict harm upon an enemy. Vespa teaches the secret strikes by which a chi users chakras are disabled, the pressure points which a limb or organ can be paralyzed, and even the occult techniques which can strip a magicians powers entirely - these can be learned by anybody and are not specific to size nor gender. Naturally, Myrmidon, a being fixated with furthering his knowledge on all types of energy was drawn to the mystic art of Vespa, and through the ages, has memorized the thousands of vital points within a host of bodies (be it human, or alien alike) and knows how to simply employ the art in a way that seemingly transcends reality. He has learnt to effortlessly induce muscular paralysis; from the entire body to individual limbs as necessary. He is able to pinpoint the specific atomic weaknesses within a living organism and strike with such deadly accuracy, a seemingly weak committed attack is able to render even the strongest individuals defeated. A single, well placed Vespa strike has been known to eat chunks from solid concrete via targeting the structural weak points of the said object. A more common usage of the art is to disable key chakra points within an individual to inhibit chi flow and deny them access to their abilities, and if required, absorb the entire chi within an enemy’s body (which in some instances can kill). This type of energy disruption can also be easily used on a magic user, disabling their ability to tap into magical abilities. Myrmidon has also been known to reverse the effects of Vespa or in more extreme cases, "give" new powers or, "impart" foreign energy into opponents, or willing subjects. (For example, he was able to give one student powers via tunnelling into his spirit, and imbuing his body with dark energy, thus, giving the man an awesome amount of power which he did not previously possess). Machines are also unsafe against such overwhelming power; he can disable technological systems (no matter how complex) by creating micro-electromagnetic pulses that reroute the power of circuits until they fry themselves. The Vespa Vanguard is also able to enlist the strikes possible to actually bypass physical resistances and inducing somatic feedback loops into neurological systems resulting in a loss of motor control, rendering his opponents standard martial arts prowess significantly lessened. His further, personal innovation are almost listless, having been learnt through countless battles and in the most unusual ways, one of the more potent, is utilizing his precious gem stones which carry metaphysical energies, he can transfer his Vespa techniques into these gems which have a type of "metaphysical memory" and if thrown correctly, in a precise manner can actually mimic the effects of a physical hand-to-hand disruption.
  • VESPA: The Death Touch - Esoterically gifted through harsh and religiously disciplined training, Myrmidon is able to in some instances able to perform the dreaded death touch which can be used to cause immediate or delayed death upon an enemy. Unlike most combatants, his ability of the death touch is not easily usable inside of actual battle, rather he must down his enemy first before performing such an attack - by placing his open palm onto an enemies face, Myrmidon is able to disable key chakra points to inhibit chi flow within a person, while simultaneously all Chi-within a persons body will be absorbed into his own (and likewise, Myrmidon could impart his own energy into a deceased body), resulting in an instantaneous death/revival or removing of ones abilities as needed.
  • VESPA: Long Range - His understanding of the esoteric art of VESPA has gone beyond the initial versions which are taught, being a fundamental traditionalist for all things Arcani by specifically training his pressure point and Chi-Blocking abilities possibly greater than anybody before him. He tapped into the mystic ability to perform long range VESPA, able to throw projectiles and lock onto specific points onto somebodies body and reduce them into muscle paralysis or even reduce Chi-Levels. Normally able to perform this with standard rocks albeit very, very hard. By utilizing his gemstones which store Chi-Blocking metaphysical energy they can transfer the VESPA technique into projectile form.
  • Semper Vincere VESPA: Attack/defend - An intricate system of fighting which incorporates his own system of combat and the Arcani art known as Vespa, it flows with the tide of battle, founded on the concept that being hit during combat is inevitable, and knowing midst battle, opportunities always arise to be exploited if one has the capacity to capitalize on these crucial moments. The Semper System of combat allows Myrmidon to go with the flow of combat, as an enemy may seek to punch, Myrmidon may attack the hand punching, and unlike other martial arts where this may be deemed as stupid, through Vespa, an attack targeting an opponent’s hand could be more deadly than a torso strike. Myrmidon does not seek to block attacks, using his durability to coax an enemy to attack, and then pouncing upon the limbs used. For example, an enemy could perform an overhead kick; he would counter by punching towards the enemies attacking leg focusing on causing paralysis by attacking the integral pressure points, again allowing an attack to be absorbed fluidly into your own style of destructive combat but dealing your own improbable moves. This style of battle was harnessed due to the fact Myrmidon routinely has bouts and show-offs with Godlike entities and celestial beings.
  • VESPA: The Pulse - An exotic extension of the standard Vespa ability to induce temporary (or permanent) disruption to an electrical system via touch, Myrmidon has innovated this ability in a way which almost transcends Vespa itself. Myrmidon has learnt to do a single, very powerful discharge of pure Vespa "Energy" in a given direction, targeting the electronics in any system, complex, or simple, in an attempt to stop them working for a short period of time. This acts like a ripple through the air, and can only be used once in a battle after charging his abilities, when used, his hands glow a violent yellow, and after usage, the Viper is unable to fight for a few minutes, having fully drained his energy stores.

Other abilities...

Earth Yoso: Inherently gifted with the esoteric arts due to his age, experience, and natural aptitude, Myrmidon is able to shape, carve and manipulate the very earth with simple hand gestures and mere thoughts. Any material that once possessed or would possess any earthly material is able to be manipulated.

He can effortlessly carve through rocks with mid-air palm strikes, able to push/push rocks, able to levitate pieces off of the ground and throw them at an enemy, create sandy smoke screens to obscure vision and even use the earth to see and hear through vibrations. The earth can also be used to defend oneself is trapped, he can "sink" into the ground and re-appear upon command anywhere in existence with seemingly no delay. He is able to stick his feet to the ground during battle to avert himself being thrown backwards by wind users or powerful energy blasts. His manipulation goes far enough to affect small mountains, being one of, if not the most powerful earth bender on the planet. Other applications of these ability allows Myrmidon to coat himself with rocks to absorb damage, or manipulate an enemies earth which they may be resigning on and around their feet, giving him the ability to attack during this time of distraction. He can also create rock/sand troops to help attack or distract during battle.

The applications to this power are almost infinite and in reality, is all down to the wielders orthodox, and unorthodox imagination. Through his esoteric form of earth manipulation, The Vespa Viper is able to manipulate metal of all kinds, even non-magnetic, synthetic, and alien metals can be manipulated beyond natural contortion. This ability can be used mentally without movements of the hands due. Due to his innate connection to the earth, Myrmidon is able to manipulate tattoo ink and use it for a variety of ways, he can construct makeshift bandages if cut, coat his eyes to stop acidic attacks, coat his lips to stop being infected by anyone who may wish to infect him via kiss, and even place tattoo ink onto another and use it upon their throat and choke them out. Perhaps his most nasty, and vicious tattoo ability is to destroy opponents internally, coating their insides, crushing veins, causing strokes, heart attacks, and even crushing organs.

Metal Yoso: Possibly the first known person in history to have ever unlocked the power of Metal Yoso, this seemingly impossible ability allows the user to channel his Chi into metal manipulation of all kinds, even non-magnetic metals (and alien metals) can be manipulated beyond natural contortion. This ability can be used mentally without movements of the hands due. On both of Myrmidons upper wrists lies a contraption that is able to fire out metal rope, this rope can be used to ensnare an enemy, whip an enemy or swing from building to building. Metal Yoso can be used without direct contact upon the metal, for instance affecting a metal pen on the other side of a room is possible.

Physical capacity:At a fundamental level Myrmidon is biologically gifted with a natural aptitude for physical combat. His body being able to easily lift over 100 tons, break into hyper-sonic speeds, and able to perceive things with picosecond reaction times -- This is even before external augmentation of his abilities. However, through countless years of grueling combat and absolutely peerless experience using many forms of exotic energies and technology, combined with a religiously disciplined training system, Myrmidon has intensified his physical prowess to that which none in his race had achieved before. His body has adapted to the continuous threats upon his being, growing ever stronger, faster and simply better. He is now able to effortlessly lift and sustain an unknown amount of weight while even on the heaviest gravitationally affected planets, this is due to his muscular and skeletal system having to evolve to each and every threat over billions of years, it was only a natural progression. The same can be said for his mind, he is able to perceive the world in slow motion, his "brain" has slowly but surely adapted to comprehend and react to speeds which even transcend light if warranted. The only true ability Myrmidon ever possessed was the ability to evolve. His body is able to adapt to external stimuli and adapt and overcome to become the pinnacle of evolution, whatever that may be.

Adept force wielder: The force is a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous energy found throughout the entire universe and only detectable through esoteric or exotic technological means. Myrmidon is able to access the force through an intricate knowledge and understanding of all energies, able to exponentially increase everything about his being, from physical, to mental performance. Able to "feel" ripples in the force and detect attacks before they have reached him, able to utilize the force and mimic a slight form of telekinesis and even telepathy. The force resides in all living things, this allows Myrmidon to utilize the force to heal himself during battle, the limits are unknown.

Mental Fortification: Due to his almost impossible age being older than the conceivable universe itself, he had faced off with an almost incalculable amount of telepathic users. The repeated exposure to psionic/telepathic assaults onto his mind over millions of years has rendered him with an automatically enacted evolutionary defensive mechanism capable of resisting and defending against even the mightiest of telepathic wielders. His biology dictates a form of psionic detection allowing his body to actively refute any attempts upon his mind. Upon the realization he would be suffering from a telepathic attack his mind would "dump" an unmanageable amount of ambient memory upon a target completely annulling their ability to read nor steal information. The standard human or alien mind can only hold so many memories, Myrmidon however, has no limit. He could easily transfer a vast quantity of millions upon billions of random unusable memories into the minds of any possible attackers rending their attack futile. He could open up a labyrinth of memories to try and turn even the strongest attack into a maze of endless turns while trying to locate his actual thoughts or important memories. All of this is discounting the fact he has been mastering his body and mind for the billions of years, that alone, accounts for his unmitigated mental solitude and fortification in the face of even the most unrelenting mental bombardment.


The Blades of Division

The Blades of Division were crafted by the Court of Arcani and gifted to Myrmidon generations ago. Both blades are tipped with the strength and sharpness of diamonds, although, this is meaningless when accounting their inherent ability. They have the capacity to upon contact, rob an effected item of it's thermal energy down to sub-atomic level going below absolute zero. The atoms inside of the effected zone would effectively break down to their subatomic parts, and then their sub-sub-atomic parts. In the fraction of the micro-split second that zero Kelvin is reached the matter would simply cease to exist. This can be resisted however, if the enemy possesses abilities to control their own energy and somehow redistribute it back into the effected area, they would be unharmed save for the actual physical blades attack.

Forearm/Gauntlet blades

Myrmidon possesses two gauntlet blades, these blades are stored within his gauntlets and can be retracted and protruded through usage of his Metal Yoso. Made from an unnamed mystic metal they are able to cleanly cut through most earthly materials without much effort, although, they are not indestructible and can be broken, as they often are. Simple weapons with deadly consequences in the hands of a master such as Myrmidon.