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I recall Rick Remender stating that Archangel turning into Death canceled out Gambit's transformation into Death. The last time his Death persona made an appearance was sometime in X-Men: Legacy during Carey's run, when Blindfold confronted Gambit about the Death identity growing inside him, and Death took over him for a moment. I'm pretty sure that's the last time Deathbit has been mentioned.

In other words, Mike Carey was building up the storyline but either dropped it or didn't have time to carry it out. Gambit also being Death didn't fit into Remender's plans (or he just couldn't bother with it, as he's openly stated that he has no interest in Gambit) so he ended the whole plotline in interviews.

In other words, Gambit got better, and Death is dead - unless some future writer decided to pick up the plotline.

Personally, I never cared much for the "Gambit as Death" plotline, so I'm not sad to see in go, even with a whimper. I didn't find it particularly compelling, and I think battling with his Death persona hindered Gambit as a character. It just never promised anything of interest.

Although I do recall someone here at the Comicvine forums suggesting that it would be cool if the Death persona got somehow separated from Gambit and turned into its own individual being & became Gambit's new nemesis. Now that would make a wicked story.

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Nah, I don't think there's any room for her - unless she is completely reinvented as a character (which is basically what happened when Kate Kane/Batwoman was introduced) & given an alternate civilian name to set her apart from Kate Kane, and that would more or less defeat the purpose of bringing her back to begin with (as opposed to creating a new charcater altogether). I think she's an unnecessary character who would be unavoidably confused with the current Batwoman, and I don't find her backstory nor her special relationship with Batman compelling enough to justify her return to comics.

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As a huge Gambit fan, I'm obviously very, very upset because of this, but not just because I enjoy reading a good Gambit series. I also think that the series happened to be one of the better Marvel titles out there right now, and it really stood out from the mass of Avengers and X-Men titles by having self-contained storylines (albeit with guest stars).

But I really shouldn't be surprised by this. After all, Marvel's marketing strategy at the moment seems to be releasing a dozen different Avengers titles and cramming all the characters in the Marvel Universe into them in one huge homogenous mass that is easy to market to the wider audience who saw the Avengers movie.

I friggin' hate the Avengers. The Avengers titles are just stupid, boring ego-fests with bloated storylines that roll over the rest of the Marvel Universe like a steamroller, killing all signs of individuality and self-contained plotlines. I really, really would prefer it if the different Marvel franchises would remain mostly separate and have their own storylines going on.The occasional crossover between two or more franchises would be must more interesting and exciting if the characters from different titles were interacting more rarely. Right now, crossover is the norm, nearly all titles are practically Avengers titles, even the X-Men titles, and it's really hard to find a title like Gambit that tells its own stories and focuses on someone other than an Avengers character.

Going back to Gambit, I really wish that the series would have gone on longer. There are lots of Gambit-related characters I really would have liked to see more of. Fence, for instance, was very cool. Also, even though I know James Asmus wasn't really all for digging into Gambit's family, I would have eventually liked to see Jean-Luc Lebeau, Mercy Lebeau, Tante Mattie, and others. I think they're cool, barely used characters with lots of potential for all sorts of stories. I would have also liked to see some of the recurring characters from those Gambit miniseries, like Courier.

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I'm kind of on the fence, here. On the other hand, Cyclops is going through interesting times right now, and I think he deserves to be in the spotlight because of that. Then again, the stories his interesting situation has generated haven't been all that great.

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I think they were both pretty terrible.

Last Stand tried to cram too many characters and too many plot ideas into one movie without doing anyone or anything any justice. It completely failed to deliver the Phoenix plotline even though the two previous movies had been carefull building up to it, it wasted time introducing new characters who ended up serving no greater purpose in the movie, and it gave such letdown endings to many of the central characters from the previous movies (mainly Cyclops, Rogue, Mystique, Jean, Xavier... oh hell - everyone, really). Overall, it was one big hot mess of a film that clearly lacked dignity and direction, and it was such a sad way to (temporarily) end a pretty good movie franchise.

Wolverine: Origins was a boring and forgettable gun show with explosions and ineffective fanservice. It was drawing from source material that could have easily been made into an exciting film, but it pretty much ruined it in delivery by speeding through the most interesting revelations of the original comic version of the Origins plotline within the first five minutes of the movie, and the spending the rest of the time retelling the story that was already mostly uncovered in the previous movies, tripping on plotholes, and marching in cameos of characters who really deserved more screen time that the script warranted them (what a waste of a good Gambit). It just basically ruined any chance it had to be engaging by killing all suspension in the very beginning and by focusing on telling the story the movie-going audience already knew, and not even being fun while at it.

I can't tell which I disliked more. Both movies bored me to tears between the occasional facepalms.

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I'm loving this. It's such a random team-up, and yet it feels like an excellent match. They have very little in common so I'm very curious to see how their dynamics will turn out. Also, I love the fact that Jubilee - a character who has often been pushed aside by writers who do not appreciate her at all - gets to team-up with one of the biggest names of the Marvel Universe.

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Kevin Zegers:

This is him in a really bad movie, but his eyes are red!

He's pretty, but also a great actor. Check him out in Transamerica, for instance.

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Sure, I'd like that, if she was to portray her as a tough, sassy, all grown up Rogue. After seeing her sass it up in True Blood as Sookie Stackhouse (whose personality is quite similar to Rogue from the comics), I'm kind of sad that the movie Rogue was a shy and reclusive teen since Anna Paquin could totally pull off the hot and awesome Rogue from the comics. Maybe this is her chance to do that.

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I just got into Fables, and I actually liked the Jack of Fables-spinoff better than Fables itself just because I loved Jack so much. Like Fables, Jack's series was a hit-and-miss for me as far as plot material was concerned, but Jack himself is such a fun character that I could easily ignore all of the flaws of the series. There's just something utterly lovable about his naive arrogance and complete lack of self-criticism. I just love trickster characters like him.

^ This is easily one of my favourite Jack moments. I also loved him in the Fables/JoF-crossover, where he's just being a total tactless jerk for no apparent reason while Rose Red is crushed with grief and depression and everyone else is busy with trying to stop the end of the world. He was just so hilariously selfish in that story arc :´-D

I hope Jack returns to comics someday.

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I like the second look much better than the final design. The short hair looks so much better than that stupid peek-a-boo ponytail (why would anyone wear their hair like that?), and the sleek ninja costume looks very cool, too. It's different to the original costume, but you can still tell that she's basically She-Fantomex.