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Very happy to see DC moving fast on the TV shows. With Marvel beating them in movies it's a very smart move. I've always been interested in Hourman but never really read any of his stories. I'd be up for watching an Hourman TV show though. Hopefully it's connected to Flash and Arrow. Now if only they'd bring in the Question!!!

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Comicvine what have you brought upon yourselves by asking this question... As if comic book fans didn't have enough to whine about.

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Both Trinity of Sin books from DC. Phantom Stranger and Pandora. I'm really loving Phantom Stranger and DeMatteis is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers! Also I'm a huge fan of the Question and since he is part of the Trinity of Sin I feel like I should know the other two members just as well.

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So, I like how no one realizes that these are just the first of the covers to be revealed. Instead a lot of people are just assuming that several series aren't getting villains month issues. They said EVERY series.

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I would love to suggest something with the Question (Vic Sage) who is my favorite character of all time but I'm such a DC guy I don't know enough Marvel characters to make a proper suggestion.

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SO incredibly excited for Multiversity! Now it looks like I may have to pick up Action Comics #9

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I like the figure but the trench coat is the EXACT same template as the one used for the Question DC Universe Classics figure. I probably only noticed because of how huge of a Question fan I am. Still a cool figure.

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I don't think anyone will ever replace Christian Bale, but it does seem like a nice progression and keeping with the Batman movies that the torch was passed to him.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: I'm sorry?

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So I'm trying to keep up with all of the seeds leading up to the Trinity War event mostly because the Question is my all time favorite character and he's gonna be a big player. I've already collected Justice League International Annual 1 and Justice League 7-13 and will eventually get 14 and I have Phantom Stranger 0-1 and eventually 2. My question is whether anyone knows if the next arc in Justice League Throne of Atlantis will be leading up to Trinity War. I think it will just because it's previewed at the end of Justice League 12 but I just want to make sure. Also I want to know if I should be getting the next two issues of Phantom Stranger. I don't think 3 will have anything to do with Trinity War but some people think 4 will be preluding since it involves the Justice League Dark trying to recruit Phantom Stranger. Any help would be great. Also if anyone knows of any comics I haven't mentioned that I should pick up.

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