Clark Kent Independent Blogger?

So the preview has been going around for Superman #13 and the big news is that supposedly Superman will be quitting the Daily Planet. Now for those of you not keeping up with the Man of Steel in the New 52, the Daily Planet isn’t exactly the same as before the New 52. Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet with his love interest Lois Lane has always been a sort of iconic scene and this changes in the New 52 which admittedly is what the New 52 is all about. First of all the Daily Planet is now under the umbrella of a bigger company and Lois Lane works for that company as a TV producer while Clark stays in the print department. Now, after a disagreement with Perry White and Lois Lane over the content of the news pieces these days Clark decides to quit the Daily Planet for apparently more electronic media and looking to report the cold hard truth of the news. I’m not a huge fan of all these changes mainly because of how iconic the whole idea is but I understand the decision and agree that it is probably the correct one. Part of the purpose of the New 52 has been to modernize the DCU and it just wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Clark Kent to be working at a newspaper in its dying days. TV and the internet are the new vessels of the “news” and so the DCU must show that. The only part of this that I disagree with and think that they could actually work on is this new attitude of Clark’s as a hard hitting reporter seeking to expose the truth to the world. That sounds a little bit more like Vic Sage’s style when he was working out of Hub City as the Question in the 80′s and it just doesn’t seem like Clark’s style. Yeah he’s always been a reporter but it was never truly a serious thing for him, it was always just his secret identity keeping him separated from Superman. It’s actually kind of weird to think of Clark Kent actually doing serious reporting. Not that that is a bad thing it just doesn’t seem his style. But then again as I said at the beginning, the purpose of the New 52 is change and with Vic Sage currently an immortal of the Trinity of Sin wandering the Earth he’s a little distracted from exposing the truth through the media so I suppose Clark could take over as that character for a while. Until next time!

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