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i would love to be batman because, well...he is the greatest detective to ever live and he is just the shit but i would have to pick superman if i had the chance to be him only because he has the powers .

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@Joe Venom: i second that. that cover is crazy, and despite how people feel about the story, from what i hear a lot are disliking it. i love the story as well. Maybe its just that im a big fan of Tony Daniel or maybe its not, but i love this arc.

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@chalkshark: what about joker to batman, you say batwing still wont have massacre defeated by issue 9, so what if batwing is still up against massacre i actually love the idea that he is not defeating an enemy an issue or in 2. The series is incredible and i love every issue!

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@ kartron: that's exactly what I thought while I read the 20 pages I could get through. I need more serious batman original graphic novels. I really can not wait until bats earth one comes out.

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Scott snyder is the best thing to ever happen to batman storytelling, from the black mirror and now this...the court of owls this is absolute gold and anyone not reading this or is deciding on it, get to it! this is what comics are all about. This is all building up into something huge i think and batman will become a stronger person, a stronger detective and a stonger superhero from all of this.

Also, the covers are always a treat as well, i have got all 5 variants as well which are not as good as the originals but i want everything that this new volume of batman has to offer because this is going to be something so look at years ahead of us.

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I like it a lot. I think this should have been done when the new 52 started coming out but whatever.

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I bought it then quickly returned it after reading about 20 pages. This is just. It for me I guess I really could not get into it. So I returned it and got superman secret origin instead which I enjoyed this book a lot actually.

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the way the series batman and robin is going i do see some seperation going on between the two of them. From him killing the bat in the second issue i believe it was and "nobody" taking him kinda under his wing or whatever you wish to call it, there is something going on between the 2 of them. but I actually would prefer batman alone, as big a fan i am of batman i just think doing a permanent death of robin would actually do good for bats, or maybe damien becoming something that he comes up with, a new name, costume and maybe a enemy of batman. could do for a good story arc, just an option.

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Batman: Earth One, is on the top of my list and now i heard there is a volume two to supermans earth one so that made the list also.

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I love the poses("haahahhahahhaahahaha" -Joker) and the detail put into the joker is absolutely amazing!

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