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My comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek; I can definitely see him pulling off Vision or Machine Man. Also, I feel like someone younger than Nathan Fillion would be better-suited to Star-Lord, though I'm not really sure who to pick.

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Quinto Vision sounds dreadful. Why would you ever put Quinto in a role where he can't show off his Texas-sized eyebrows?

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I never really got the Spider-Man 2 hype. It's good, but it's not amazing. Maybe a little better than ASM, but I like the plot threads ASM sets up (Norman Osborn, Gwen Stacy, Burglar) better than the ones the original movie introduced; I would have been a lot happier with the first trilogy's focus on Harry if he had been portrayed by a better actor and not James "Perpetually High as a Kite" Franco. If they manage to balance the (very large) cast for the next movie, I could definitely see it surpassing ASM.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

@Fiona_Hewie said:

  • Mac Gargan/Venom

Get out.

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I felt like it would have been good if not for Marvel already hyping it to hell and back. If I hadn't heard anything about it and just picked it up off the shelf, it could have been a pretty intriguing read. As is, I didn't feel like all that much happened, and most of what the book has to tell you was already revealed in preview pages/interviews/whatnot. It could definitely pick up, but the first issue was a disappointment

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@dangallant984: Ha! Yeah, I can see that happening. Gotta love Cap and his one-liners straight from the 40s.

My only concern with the Masters of Evil is that it would be hard to introduce/flesh out a big group of villains. Granted, you can set them up in other movies, but they should still be able to shine after they all come together, and when you add a large number of protagonists to a large number of antagonists, someone is definitely not getting enough screentime. Hawkeye was slighted in Avengers, and it seems probable that Avengers 2 will be introducing even more heroes.

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@Veshark said:

Masters of Evil. After the alien invasion, the next villain should be a counterpart team. Plus, with all the villains introduced in the new movies, there are lots of choices. Crossbones, Malekith, or older ones like the Abomination.

Another female. We need more ladies in the team. Captain/Ms. Marvel is a prime contender, and possibly the Scarlet Witch (no idea if Marvel owns the rights to her though).

A non-white. Yes, Thor is Asgardian and Hulk is green, but the team is basically all-Caucasian. We need Black Panther up in this here.

More Hawkeye. He got the least screen time and characterization in Avengers. Also, he needs his current Marvel Now costume with the purple arrow.

More of Cap. Cap's combat feats were kind of weaksauce in the first movie. Taking the Chitauri burst to the gut, needing IM's help to secure Loki, FAILING TO SHOOT A SINGLE MIND-CONTROLLED GUARD WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE.

Less buildup. With the origin story out of the way, I'm hoping for a more tightly-knit story with greater depth and characterization. Avengers was great, but the beginning buildup was slow and the pacing felt off.

Avengers Tower. It was teased at the end of the movie.

"Avengers Assemble". Easily the biggest disappointment of the first movie. We need this second time around, and Cap should be screaming it!


I'm okay with the Masters of Evil. So long as they go with a less-hokey name.

Carol and T'Challa are must-haves (we're probably getting the Falcon, too). Also, Marvel does have the rights to use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

More Hawkeye (with a little attitude) would be great.

I'm not sure why everyone gets so upset about that scene with Cap vs Guard. As I remember it (though I admit it's been a while), the guy was holed up in the doorway where Cap couldn't even see him (much less shoot at the guy) and it was Cap's job to stay by the lever, so he laid down some suppressing fire to keep the guard from popping out and shooting at him. Which totally worked, until Cap got unlucky and ended up dangling by that wire. Though I'm totally okay with seeing more of Cap as a bad-ass.

All the rest I'm cool with. No Thanos (or Thanos in a minor role rather than as a prime antagonist) seems like a good move to me, because it's hard to escalate from your main antagonist becoming God. Seriously, where do you go with the inevitable Avengers 3 after that?.

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A reboot would be really awkward now. Also, we're starting to get June solicits for Marvel, and none of them seem to point to a reboot. (To me, anyway). Is it possible that we're going to get some kind of mass OMD-style retcon? Yeah, definitely. A full-on reboot seems improbable, though.

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Nothing. A world you have utter control over isn't a world worth living in.

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I liked the Carnage USA mini, but wasn't crazy about Minimum Carnage as a follow-up. Logically speaking, don't symbiotes pick up the knowledge of their hosts? So when Carnage took over all the people (some of whom were Avengers!) in that town, I feel like he should have picked some stuff up. Carnage didn't take a peek inside the minds of any of those people he took over? I call BS on that. Would have been really interesting to see a Carnage that managed to educate himself in the quickest possible way, and maybe even pick up on some Avengers' secrets.