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I think Batman takes this, 7/10.

I think Bruce outclasses Logan in terms of swordsmanship and martial arts. He simply has far greater showings.

Combined with a weapon that can negate Logan's healing factor and his vast experience in thinking tactically against opponents who physically outclass him, I think he takes the win.

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@superguy1591: Why do you consider Luthor to be smarter than Batman?

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@logy5000 said:

@muyjingo said:

@silverpool: He just never seems to use it.

@logy5000: Funny, he didn't in Doomed.

And that's exactly the point I addressed earlier. The writers always seem to ignore that Clark can hear everything on the planet just so that Bruce can have a way to win.

Well, no. It wouldn't be just so Bruce could win. It is because it is ridiculous for Superman to be that powerful.

There seems to be a vast difference between Superman's technical powers and his actually, commonly observed powers.

That power alone, of being able to hear everything on the planet is rarely used. If he employed it all the time he wouldn't have trouble finding people and would always know of any plan against him. It would limit the stories that are able to be told.

Honestly, when was the last time that power was used or seen? It is far easier to give numerous examples of times it could have been used, but for some reason wasn't.

Point being, if such a power was not used in a story of Batman defeating Superman, it would be in line with most Superman stories. Which is fine by me.

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@bezza: Yeah, Superman get's the majority obviously.

There are people who think Batman has no chance no matter what he's that thought process I don't understand. Within the world of the DCU, there are numerous options available to him.

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@rulerofthisuniverse said:

I'm really sick of the product placement complaints. Winter Soldier had an entire scene that took place in an Apple store, talking to an Apple store tech guy. Having a Sears in the background of a shot and having them crash through an IHOP doesn't even come close to that.


Most of the people complaining about product placement were also fine with how Zod was dealt with...i.e. not aware of the numerous actual problems with the film.

Also, Clark doesn't need to be holding back in the fight since they will be introducing kryptonite.

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@jayc1324 said:

@muyjingo: The movies are in fact based in realism. They are meant to be realistic as possible. Unlike the previous Batman movies.

Give me one thing showing he was a stooge and not his own person with his own agenda. Was breaking Batman Talia's orders? She had slept with him the previous night. And once again, he was going to kill batman when she said not to. He clearly did not care that much about doing what she says. He just helped her escape prison and take over Gotham. What he really wanted was to beat batman. When she said to let batman live, a stooge would have said "Yes madam Talia" or something like that. Bane waited til she left, but still went against her orders. He cared about her but wasn't a stooge with no mind.

I agree Bane is less of a stooge than I had been implying. He was still, in my eye, closer to a henchman than a powerful independent entity in his own right, working for his own goals and motivations. It's not by any means a major issue I have with the movie though.

As for the movies being realistic...nope. Sure, they are more realistic than the previous Batman films, but that doesn't mean much. The movies are riddled with unrealistic moments and plot devices. They are dramatic movies with a focus on characters, so this gets forgiven or not even noticed.

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@muyjingo: Catching Bullets is well beyond what Batman should be capable of, peak human capabilities be damned, a peak human still shouldn't be able to do that, thats a speedster feat, or someone whose reflexes are higher than Spidermans.

Yeah, I agree. But then, no human could do many of the things Batman can do. Not sure why catching a bullet is any worse than supporting 2000 pounds on his back and then sprinting faster than the fastest sprinter...