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I didn't like Asylum at all, City was great and Origin was about the level of Asylum, maybe a bit better.

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Looks pretty awesome, although I have to agree that Superman should be front and centre, not Batman. I know it's not a Superman movie and that the trinity always rotates etc. but we all know that Superman is DC's first and most powerful character, leader of the Justice League (although not yet in MoS canon) and I just think he's the most natural-born leader. Personally I'd always put Kal at the front.

Batman has often been leader of the league, and currently is in the comics.

Having said that, I would be fine with Batman or Superman at the front. IF the MoS was more uplifting and inspiring, I would certainly want him at the front. Since he isn't, I don't really think it makes a difference.

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Looks good, I just don't like the fact that Batman is standing in the forefront on artwork for Superman's movie.

It's not a Superman movie. It's called Dawn of Justice for chrissakes.

Besides, who is at the front always changes around in depictions of the trinity.

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Done by Jeremy Roberts, who did a lot of art work for MoS.

The art takes heavy inspiration from the Icons cover art by Jim Lee.

I mainly love it. Batman's costume is the first good batsuit in a Hollywood film, although not a fan of seeing his eyes through the cowl, the teeny tiny ears or the unnecessary lines. Superman's still looks silly with the yellow notabelt. Wonder Woman's looks fine, although would prefer her with pants.

If the movie is anything like the tone of this art, then it could be amazing!

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@jonny_anonymous: When I posted this thread, I forgot the suit has been seen in color at SDCC.

Pointless thread now, but at least people can still appreciate the art.

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This art was done by Jeremy Roberts, who did a lot of the art for MoS and may be doing more for BvS.

Personally, I love it. It's not a ridiculous armored suit ala Nolan that takes away his agility, it's some kind of advanced mesh that protects him while still allowing him freedom to move.

I would like the eyes to be white, or at lest shielded. Not a fan of seeing human eyes through the batsuit. The ears could be longer, and I'm not a fan of all the lines on the suit but all superhero costumes seem to have unnecessary lines these days.

I'm am particularly glad they made the utility belt black. As much as I like a yellow utility belt I don't think it makes sense, especially when they are trying so hard to be realistic.

Assuming this is pretty close to what we will see in the film, what do you guys think?

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@rexwing said:

Batman is such a boss. I mean here are the new gods over here tearing the lanterns apart to find a way to defeat Darkseid and what does batman do? Waltzes into apokolyps and whips some major butt. That's it, I'm convinced batman is the life equation!!

That is kind of ridiculous that that is literally true. I hope it is addressed somehow...

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@k4tzm4n said:

@captain13 said:

DC Comics, Summer 2015: Batman defeats the DCU universe.

The only way he's losing is if Marvel agrees to a crossover and Batman has to fight Squirrel Girl.

Unrelated, but I really wish there would be another DC / Marvel crossover!

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Hello fellow viners, and presumably Superman fans. Before anyone gets aggravated that I might be attacking their favourite character, please relax, I’m not here to perform a character assassination on Clark. I just thought some of you may be interested to gain some insight into why some people are not fans of Superman, maybe generate some discussion, you may even be able to change my opinion.

At one point I did invest a significant amount of time trying to get to know him better, attempted to try and see him in the same way many of you must see him. I read what I gathered are his classics: All Star Superman, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, Kingdom Come, Birthright, What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and The American Way, Man of Steel, Red Son, For The Man Who Has Everything, Secret Origin. While I find the stories to be excellent, Superman himself just doesn’t do it for me.

I will state this off the bat. I don’t dislike Superman. He has cool powers, he’s a nice guy and a great hero. But I’m completely indifferent to him. And I think that’s worse. At least if there’s a character I strongly dislike, there is something about them that can evoke that reaction in me. With Superman I just don’t care, I find him boring.

I’ll give a few bullets to try and explain why, but I expect I will end up writing an essay, you are warned.

Please note I’m basing this all on Pre New 52 perceptions, I have not read New52 Superman solos except Unchained. I know he seems a little more arrogant and brash with a bit of attitude in New52, so please challenge me on these points if he is no longer like this.

Not relatable

I know many of you like to point out that the story of an outsider, trying to find out who he is and how he fits in is a very relatable story.

But I don’t see him that way. I don’t see him as an outsider. He’s been raised on Earth all his life, with loving parents, a typical, happy upbringing with some great friends. Given that he could accomplish pretty much anything another human might dream of doing with relatively little effort, I just don’t buy into being able to relate to his supposed struggle.

American Way

There’s nothing wrong with being patriotic, but he (or he used to) specifically fights for the American Way. Without hating on the old US of A, but given there are quite a few things about the American Way that I find disagreeable, it’s another reason I can’t get on board with him. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I think this might be a reason why a lot of non-US comic fans are not fans of Superman (although a lot of Superman fans are not from the US too)

Always do the right thing

Again, I know things may be different now (I think in Batman/Superman he even stated he’s not a boyscout), but given his reputation for always doing what’s just and right no matter what the situation, that just simply bores me. If I knew someone like that in real life I’d find them seriously irritating. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with morals, but his are a little too much for me. I find that there’s an air of being perfect about Superman, and perfect is boring to me.


There’s no denying there’s a religious element to Superman and his story is comparable with Jesus Christ, he is also quite often referred to as a God. Given my own personal beliefs, I dislike the idea of there being an all-powerful, mighty being who loves and protects humanity, while being worshipped by his followers. Not only does it bore me, but I disagree with it. I know you’ll say people don’t worship Superman as a religion in comics, but in my opinion the element of it is still there (or certainly it used to be the case in the comics) given the people of DC’s Universe admiration and love for him all over the world and people always crying out for his help.

I agree with Lex

No, not that Superman should die! (does he even think that anymore?) I just find it boring that people should look to Superman for hope, help and inspiration. This seriously bores me. I agree with Lex that it holds humanity back. I’m not saying Superman should stop helping people! I just don’t like the fact so many civilians in the DC Universe will continuously look to Superman as their source of inspiration or to be the answer to their problems, which also ties in with my problem about the religious aspect. I can’t care about someone when apparently they seem to be carrying all the answers to humanity’s problems.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended anyone if they took the time to read all that, hope you found some of it interesting as to why I don’t like Superman, and hopefully can generate some discussion.

Interesting post.

I won't debate anything with you as this is your own personal opinion, but I disagree with some of your points so will elaborate on why I like superman.

Not relatable: I agree, he mostly had a happy life, and him being the last of his race sucks but wasn't overly traumatic as he didn't experience it directly. I don't really know what it means when people talk about relateability however. I can relate to him as a human who just tries to do the right thing. I don't need anything more than that to enjoy his stories.

American Way: Well, he renounced his citezenship a while back, but that probably didn't happen N52. I don't really have a problem with this because I think Superman always tries to do the right thing. In recent decades, this really hasn't been the case for the US but it used to be. It's not really an issue for me as I see Superman who happens to be American setting an example for the goverment, and it being up to them if they follow it. Given the numerous goverment agencies trying to destroy him and such, it seems pretty clear to me Clark is distanced from the US goverment.

Religion: I don't really see Superman's story having religious elements. People like to say it does, but it's pretty thin. On top of that I'm an atheist, so all stories are equally fictional to me...Superman's just happen to be entertaining and have nice art.

Lex is wrong: Lex's main point is that Superman is holding back humanity from realizing it's true potential. He may have a point in that, but that has nothing to do with people looking to up to Clark. Clark always tries to do the right thing and people see that. Why wouldn't people be inspired by someone like Clark?