How Batman has changed in the New 52

I'm no fan of what has happened to Batman in the New 52. Despite people saying that Batman's history has hardly changed, I don't think this is true.

Pre New 52 Batman was the peak of awesomeness, a well developed character with writers who paid attention to detail. That isn't the case so far.

So, I have made a list of the changes to Batman (The character and the universe). It's a negative list, but if you can think of a positive change please let me know in the comments.

  • Year One does not apply. Bruce was not gone for 11 years training. He would train off and on and come back to Gotham every so often.
  • Bruce no longer has a father/son relationship with Dick. Dick may have only been a ward, but for all intents and purposes Bruce was his father. That is no longer the case with Dick having a part time job at the manor and living elsewhere.
  • Oblivious to a secret society operating since before Batman was operating. You think he would have noticed a pattern in the types of deaths or something...but no.
  • Allows himself to be captured rather easily.
  • Not great tactical awareness. Taking off his cowl in an early Justice League issue. Going to confront Superman on a whim.
  • Worlds greatest detective? Thinking his investigation into the court as a boy before his training was sufficient?
  • Letting a Talon catch him unawares and let his belt be taken so easily? Pre New-52 Batman would have had some kind of security preventing that.
  • Leaving stuff unfinished? Not chasing up on Dollmaker, Jokers face, abandoning the court of owls till they make a move again...its partly poor writing but it also seems out of character.

I dont know if Ive used the best examples and will update it as I think of more stuff. It just seems New 52 Batman keeps doing things and getting himself in situations that Pre New 52 Batman would have known better or not had as much a problem with. Him being at the start of his career isn't an excuse, either.

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