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i like red hood but i think moon knight will win this

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Cable was as a good father to Hope Summers as possible, considering they had to travel continuously through time and has to train her in order to be able to survive

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i feel a bit disappointed with the poster. looks nice but not as awesome as they were saying.

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@lokheit said:

@liveforever said:

Very interesting issue, especially considering not much happens (oh, hey Bendis), but one thing still bothers me.

Scarlet Witch: "You're accusing me of things I did not do consciously."

What the hell was it when Cyclops killed Xavier then?! You can't say that was fully conscious! I could swallow all of the hypocrisy from Wolverine, Beast, Scarlet Witch & Cap if it was POINTED OUT IN THE NARRATIVE by someone!

It drives me nuts.

This is what I came here to say.

They had all the pieces to formulate the real question but at the end no one did it and I think someone should've done it:

- First Alex tells young Scotty that present Scott is telling things to himself about what happened in Xavier's death to live with it.

- Then when Jean asks about the Scarlet Witch they say that it's ok because she wasn't in control...

The question: Why Wanda is innocent and Scott isn't was in the air, they should've made it and slap all hypocrites there with it. Scott was not just out of his mind, he was possesed by a comic entity! And he didn't lose it until the Avengers started poking him until he got angry.

I'm beginning to think all you need to prove your innocence is be Steve's buddy or himself:

- Wanda goes crazy and decimates mutankind, but it's OK because Cap has feelings for her. Scott goes possesed, is poked until he can't control it anymore and kill 1 person (less than Wolverine, Wanda, Beast...) but as he didn't hook up with Cap he isn't innocent.

- Scott wants Hope to get the Phoenix Force but caps decides that if someone is going to save the planet it's him so without knwoing anything about the PF he starts smashing at them and at the end his team causes the PF to posses them. Then when those possesed X-Men start doing good stuff for the planet he realizes that the one doing good stuff isn't him, so that can't be right and he thinks that they will end up going crazy... so he decides the best idea would be to poke them with a stick non-stop!! Absolutely genious!! And then to solve things Cap USES SCOTT ORIGINAL PLAN and it works... but because it was Cap who took the decission and not Scott it's alright.

- Beast discovers Scott's X-Force and gets mad at him, leaves the team and from there thinks Scott is a psychopath to the point he risks the whole reality just to prove his point (when really he left because he was mad at them letting Osborn torture him a bit longer than needed as part of a plan, but he told to himself that it was because Scott is bad to justify his actions and hypocresy). Later he becomes a part of Steve's Secret Avengers and during a mission HE KILLS MILLIONS (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than either Scott's X-Force or Scott while possesed) and he only needed Steve (Steve, not Scott of course) telling him it was for a greater good to feel ok about that. If it had been Scott he would've hated him for that (he already was mad at him for a similar decission in a lesser scale by Scott during Secret Invasion).

- Aditionally when Beast joins Wolverine school he discovers that Wolverine continued with X-Force when Scott decided it was enough. Did he leave the school? Nay, he's just mad at Scott because Osborn tortured him and his feelings are hurt. He could live with Wolverine's team killing others because they weren't Scott. And again, he risked the whole reality because he was going to die anyway so he didn't care about others life if his own was going to end without proving his point.

Basically they're all a bunch of hypocrites at this point. I think the young X-Men are starting to see it but I think that question shoud've been done and I the fact that they didn't makes me think it will never be made so all the hypocrites can stand there looking like saints.

This, so much this!

i feel very happy to see that i am not the only one to see the hypocrisy, the double standards and the hate towards Cyclops and his x-men and the clean slate that all the murderous Avengers get (Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Beast who was also upset with Scott having an X-Force team but ok with Wolverine's X-Force). I think Marvel needs to realize this has reached a point where its just frustrating to read.

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i love how the spoilers are full of action sequences, give you an idea of the story but not spoil it (like some trailers do). absolutely love this trailer. hope the movie will meet my high expectations

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Fraction's Hawkeye is one of my favorite character in comics and thats a thing i never thought i was going to say so that says a lot of how awesome he is!

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if they dont put some big names like avengers, xmen etc and keep it normal spy stuff with a decent story, then i am into it.

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this looks awesome. my worry is if the art is suitable for superman. for batman is perfect since it has that dark feeling in it.