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Manhattan with ease  
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I've always thought of Zoom as some kind of skyfather.(Whats a skyfather?)

Skyfather = pre crisis Darkseid, marvel Odin, Surtur etc    

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 Valor said:
yeah this is an easy one...Manhattan

Zoom can do nothing
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@Super_SoldierXII said:
Conan guts a demon before breakfast. Then downs a tankard of ale ... then guts more demons before his noontime meal. Kills a dragon in the afternoon, and decapitates a sorceror all before falling down to bed, drunk and surrounded by naked bar wenches. Predator is going down.
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@m0ntyb0y said:
  use common sense please.
poor Zoom
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@Noir_Dark said:

Thats what I was thinking, In order for Thor to win he would first have to hit the surfer, which he can't

The last fight Thor got to hit Surfer with PIS 
Silver Surfer zoomed past Asgard's defenses and past Heimdall after his all-seeing eyes sensed the Surfer the Silver surfer was still fast enough to fly past everyone and go face to face with Odin 
His back was turned on Thor, he got off his board and Thor tried to cheap shot him, sucker punching him with the hammer  


Thor still got beat down  
SS blitzed his board into Thor  
Odin finally beats Surfer 
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Hulk is the weak link

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Prep time then Tony Stark owns, in a random encounter Magneto might win it

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Doom defeats them all, he's too dangerous with prep. The only ones who really might trouble him are Tony and Eric cos he has no time to prepare for these fights but Doom would still beat them 
Current Strange is a joke, Classic would have won

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No, he's slower, Superman has better speed feats than Captain Marvel
He's physically weaker,  Superman comes off better in lifting power and durability than Billy   
Superman also has long range attacks, Superman has super breath, heat vision etc Cap marvel can only really call lightning attacks down on the spot where he stands
However Marvel does do much better in fights against magic beings and Superman does have a vulnerability to magical attacks, if Billy were to use his intelligence he could come up with ways of beating Superman

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GoT, although I hate most of the characters in GoT 
all the cool/nice people seem to suffer or die, even the poor horses murdered
loved it when the Dwarf pimp smacked that teenage boy king     


Prince Joffrey little scumbag 

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Anyway guys personal attacks are not allowed here, criticize the logic not the messenger himself/herself. Its not nice to insult the Albanian, the Greek or whatever Ethnic group you are 
I don't think Loki is smart enough or strong  to beat down Galactus in a fight,  
maybe with lots of magic artifacts and prep he would do it but Galactus has cosmic intelligence and has abstract power levels