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Hi, guys it's been awhile since I talked to you all but here Iám and I'm back. Just got a little busy I guess with school work and finding a job and what not. Any who about a couple of months back I bought Watchmen for my first time right after Dark Knight premiered and I saw the Watchmen trailer. Me being a comic book nut I guess I had to get it, right? A self-respecting comic fan would have one on his shelf and I gotta tell you it took me forever to get into it. I mean really get into it I just got done reading it a little over a month ago but it payed off! Dear Lord my eyes were open like I were blind and now can see! I seriously wanted to cry at the end of the book and picked it up and read it again, I wish I could read it again for the first time. Well that's enough from me for now I'm sure your tired of hearing me yammer on about a book that's been out for 21 years. (laughs.) Maybe later we can discuss the reviews of the movie and book. Caio.

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I just got done again reading V for Vendeta for the 8th time and I wanted to see who else aprecciated that and read it or saw the movie.

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I would have to say use to that. I'm getting use to Vertigo because I'm more of a DC guy. But I love Vertigo because those British comics are so much more serious and less gory, and corny. They have much more of what I want and looking for: like big business with corporation take over and more politics. The stuff that really makes think and question. Also big contreversal topics and more politics and racial questions. My favorite by far in the Vertigo universe is "V for Vendetta", ow, man that's what started me. Vertigo is great, since it's DC but more European it's like I can have both DC and have more maturity and variety and zaze.

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Just can't help say enough how cool V was and the movie. Both endings for them were f&%$ing awesome. Guy is strong, incredible intelligent, and mysterious. Plus that extremely cool mask he wears and the hat, too. Guy is also a smooth talker even in the comic book. Incredibly stealthfull, too. What can I say but for you guys to check out my new page on him! Just type in V on the search.

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What's the matter with V? :(

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You don't like V?

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I agree. They should have made him both, a man for anarchy and at the same time against fascism. But I'm a little confused by "the organ scene", I know that book inside-out, read it three times and can't recall that scene.

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Right dude. He does, he f%&#ing rocks! My favorite damn character, the book and movie were fraking great. Man I love that guy, he's like the English Batman. But with more mystery.

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I'm sorry but I just can't help but admire and love the character V so much. I just got done posting the new edition to V on this site and I'm getting back into loving and reading the book again. The movie I thought was incredibly good to and I want to know if anybody is a V nut like me to!