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You know, I get it. Marvel wants money and they'll sacrifice everything in their comics to get it. But I hate it.

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I'm a 33 year old. I collected comics up until I was in my teens and then started again in my 20's. After this issue I cancelled all my subscriptions. Done with physical comics and pretty much done with cosmic Marvel. DNA aren't coming back and Bendis isn't doing a good job.

For the record I didn't hate the issue. I accepted Bendis was going to ignore large chunks of the Thanos Imperative, particularly the part where Thanos brought death to the Cancerverse. When Nova, a man who blew up a space ship by flying through it, lost his arm to a shield it didn't even phase me. When they decided he couldn't die because he would still be missing his arm, it didn't phase me. When he proclaimed his true love as Gamora instead of Namorita who he took out of the time stream to be with, it didn't phase me. I already knew Marvel doesn't care about the parts of cosmic Marvel I care about.

Richard Rider is dead. And so is my comic subscription.

Still buying the Angel & Faith comics, those are great ;D

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Just a friendly reminder, I like the movie. I will own a copy of the movie. But I like the DNA run on the comics better.

Gamora's only importance to the plot was Quill saving her and as a love interest for Quill. Nebula wasn't actually important to the plot at all. Gamora's ass kicking was pretty limited to a fight she didn't win with Quill (granted neither did he) and a fight with her sister. Don't forget about Quill and Drax saving her in prison and don't forget about Quill saving her in space. Believe me from the guy who wrote Lollipop Chainsaw which has a lot to say about objectifying people believe it or not, I was pretty surprised.

Gamora is a favorite character of mine. She is the deadliest woman in the galaxy but she sure doesn't live up to it in the movie.

As for powers, Gunn left out all the characters with powers and de-powered everyone that went beyond invulnerability and super strength. For example: Adam Warlock, Mantis, Phyla Vell, Moondragon, Star Hawk, Captain Universe. Cosmo was just a dog in a space suit. Collector was just a guy with stuff in jars. Ronan was just physically powerful with a hammer that didn't do anything. I'm just thankful he at least left Groot's powers mostly in tact. And let us not forget about how pathetic the Nova Corps was.

I'm sure everyone will love the second movie and it will earn close to a billion dollars. Marvel seemingly doesn't make bad ones. Gunn doesn't seem to have any actual reverence for the actual comic characters themselves. He's more interested in the stuff he made up. He's a creator, that's what they do. I'm just expecting the second movie to go on a path that is going to irritate me the whole time. Thus I state the opinion: it won't be any good. And I know its my fault for liking the comics so much. Its a perspective that's obviously different from some people's.

I'm open to being surprised and wrong. I would love to be in fact. But I like to keep my expectations in check.

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I enjoyed it. Definitely not the best. Didn't really do much to move the season plot forward but gave some needed character development to the side characters.

My predictions for Wells and the prison is he wants all the villains there and will release them at once for some reason or another at the end of the season. Maybe that will necessitate the need for the full CW Justice League or super team up (Arrow, Atom, Flash, Firestorm, New Canary, Katana, etc).

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All the covers for these events seem to have certain different elements (ie the black helmet Novas on Infinity Gauntlet). As much as I'd love a revisit to Annihilation, I think they'd just replace Richard Rider with Same Alexander or attempt to ruin it in some other way.

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Wait, Beast had a story arc?

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You should do Galactus versus popular character (ie Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc) one week just for laughs.

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The problem is Cyclops, being one of my favorite characters, has powers that make no sense. They're blasts that aren't lasers, but actual pushing force yet can be reflected by mirrors. Sometimes they go everywhere and sometimes they don't. His eyes occasionally smoke in the cold even though they aren't heated. And he occasionally runs out despite not being able to turn it off. So seeing as how he defies any possibility of real physics, Nightwing and Robin who operate almost fully in physics (except for their utility belts) have no chance.

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Few predictions:

Thea as Speedy is going to happen. Roy is either going to be killed or go straight into Arsenal.

Sara is going to die. Laurel is going to be Black Canary but maybe not this season.

Malcom Merlyn is going to fight Deathstroke. He's going to come back to town because of Moira's death. He's going to fight Deathstroke because Deathstroke is going to go after Thea. This might mean she gets her initial training from Malcom for Speedy.

Arrow is going to be injected with the mirakuru to fix his knee and fight Deathstroke.

The cure for the mirakuru will be introduced and everyone will get cured.

Mirakuru is the substance of the Lazarus Pitt and the League of Shadows uses it.

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For the title being "Birds of Prey" it really is just misdirection, especially after an episode called "Suicide Squad" where we got the real thing. Was really hoping for a Canary/Huntress team up by the end.

Also does anyone else think they're going to kill off Sarah so Laurel can inherit Black Canary? Laurel and Helena seemed more likely to turn ally than Sarah and Helena.