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Few predictions:

Thea as Speedy is going to happen. Roy is either going to be killed or go straight into Arsenal.

Sara is going to die. Laurel is going to be Black Canary but maybe not this season.

Malcom Merlyn is going to fight Deathstroke. He's going to come back to town because of Moira's death. He's going to fight Deathstroke because Deathstroke is going to go after Thea. This might mean she gets her initial training from Malcom for Speedy.

Arrow is going to be injected with the mirakuru to fix his knee and fight Deathstroke.

The cure for the mirakuru will be introduced and everyone will get cured.

Mirakuru is the substance of the Lazarus Pitt and the League of Shadows uses it.

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For the title being "Birds of Prey" it really is just misdirection, especially after an episode called "Suicide Squad" where we got the real thing. Was really hoping for a Canary/Huntress team up by the end.

Also does anyone else think they're going to kill off Sarah so Laurel can inherit Black Canary? Laurel and Helena seemed more likely to turn ally than Sarah and Helena.

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Nice! My 3 favorite X-Men are Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, and Illyana. Following them probably Rogue and Colossus (80's Colossus at least).

I always want to like Nightcrawler but no Nightcrawler story has really grabbed me so far. Well, unless you count X-Men Evolution. Man I loved that cartoon! Of course I write that, he was pretty great in Excalibur.

Wolverine was a great character in the 80's and early 90's. Was also entertaining in Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men. They just kind of made him into god though. He can't die and he's the best in every single profession ever because he's immortal. Also he's in love with every chick he slept with but for some reason the fans always seem to clamor for Jean. What about Tyger Tiger or Mariko?

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I support this motion.

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I would read pre-Annihilation Nova and if you like Nova in Annihilation and want to know more. The old stuff is mostly Rich constantly losing and regaining his powers but has some good stories in it. But there is a lot of throw backs to the old Nova and New Warriors series in Nova volume 4's later issues with the Sphinx and Namorita.

The original 25 issue run is hard to make it through but the last few issues go into a big crossover with Rom the Space Knight and the Fantastic Four, climaxing in a show down between Sphinx and Galactus. And I say the last few issues, what happens is the story starts in the last few issues and then goes over to Rom and the FF. If you want to cherry pick, read the origin, any stories with the Sphinx, and then the last story arc

The New Warriors is mostly skippable. I refer to this period of Rich's career as his jock years. The first 25 issues or so are still mostly entertaining but the later half of the series is pretty weak. The subsequent New Warriors volumes aren't very good either. Although truth be told I didn't read the last one because it had nothing to do with the original team. I hear it might have been good but the Fox 90's X-Men cartoon made me hate Jubilee so I will never know.

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Its not that Sam is a bad character, its that he is the most bland stereotypical character that has been in a book I purchased in a very long time. There is no room in my wallet for bland characters, especially ones meant to replace good ones like Richard Rider in the name of character evolution. I picked up the first 6 issues of Sam's run as they came out and man I could not give a rat's ass about this kid. On top of that you have characters like Rocket Raccoon and Gamora showing up and telling him he's "the one"? Give me a break! Leob is such a terrible writer.

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I really enjoyed this event. Part of why I enjoyed it is because it was short, sweet, and not an Infinity Gauntlet spanning event.

As an X-Men man my whole life and as someone who has read a huge amount of X comics, I should mention that I out right despise Jubilee. Part of that is the 90's cartoon's fault. But I genuinely enjoyed her and Shogo in this cross over.

I enjoyed seeing Xavier as a straight out villain. Sure the original Xavier was a villain many times and oftentimes while proclaiming himself a hero. OG Xavier is a great character that has the facade of Martin Luther King but with the underneath of a cut throat dirty politician. Sure he's not accepting money from corporations but he did over write a lot of people's brains with what he considered correct. I'm glad he's dead. And I'm also glad all his children are horrible villainous people. Seriously what is up with that?

With Kitty, Cyclops, and Magik being my favorite X characters, I'm glad to see them on the same team. Storm used to be a favorite character of mine but that was in the Giant Size X-Men to Fall of the Mutants era. The Black Panther marriage always seemed dumb to me. Kitty dumping Iceman also made me happy. Colossus all the way!

I too am sad of the death of 'stache Colossus.

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People, Disney bought Marvel in 2009. Thanos Imperative started in 2010. The article is entirely a joke. Richard Rider's nic-name has always been Rich. Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out in 2011.

For some reason Marvel wants us to love NINO and forget about Rider. Maybe they'll change their minds. Maybe the character will be gone forever.

My hope is the GOTG film will be so popular Marvel will want to resurrect all their old cosmic titles and characters. Also I can't imagine NINO has much legs left in him if his books are already down to 37K. Not sure if I know more than 1 person that's a fan of NINO at that. My biggest worry is that they include Richard Rider in the GOTG movie and kill him or make him an old man, setting up a NINO film.

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Its been a while since I've read the Thanos Imperative but I remember clearly at the end it was just Nova and Star-Lord stuck with Thanos. I don't remember Drax being there at all. And Gamora and Nova had a thing. Gamora's most human moment in comics is the Annihilation Conquest arc with Nova. Why isn't she asking about him too?

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Read the Super Skrull Annihliation mini, it'll make you sympathize with Super Skrull.

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