Comics that need their own Videogame

Guardians of the Galaxy

Imagine a mash up game with Groot, Rocket Racoon, Star Lord, Moon Dragon, Gamora, and Phylla Vell. I would love to see Bug, Mantis, and Warlock also included but lets be realistic here, there's only so much dev time and money. I'm saying third person multiplayer brawler with the story line being the one from Annihilation Conquest essentially. Make some huge maps with lots of destructible things. And for the developer I elect Platinum Games because Bayonetta, Vanquish, and the soon to be Anarchy Reigns should be a good enough resume. It would basically play out like a bombastic heist Magnificent 7 or 7 Samurai type type of deal with each character having a different specialty.


Nova is a bit harder to pin since he works in three dimensional space and is a bit of a space cop. Which is why we have Hideo Kojima pull out the action game stylings of Zone of Enders and add a little bit of adventure detective work a la La Noire and Batman to it. And for the story arc or villain? Well Nova's classic Villain is The Sphinx but the first Annihilation would probably be the most amazing. Either that or the Thanos Imperative.

Avengers Classic

With the movie on its way and that little FPS brawler snippet, I gotta say its a neat idea. Line up including Cap, Thor, Hulk, Giant Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Wasp. Throw all the story lines out of the window and just break out all the big bads from Loki to Doom to Ultron to Fin Fang Foom. Game company to do it? DICE for their work on Mirror's Edge.


If you haven't read Nextwave then you haven't lived or breathed life. You know not the joy of joys. And if you had read Nextwave then you would not question the idea that a game needs to, nay, has to be made from it!


Here We Go

Time to bath in nerdom.

I think they should bring back the actual New Warriors and just upfront call them The Warriors. Get Dwayne Taylor (the original Night Thrasher), Penance, Nova, Rage, Darkhawk, Namorita (Blue version maybe?), and... well I hate Justice. Maybe finally put Justice into the Major Victory suit? That character needs a serious overhaul. I can't stand Firestar either. Maybe the first issue can start with the death of Hindsight Lad. I'm just saying all these characters have been through hell and back (those that are still currently alive that is), why not bring them together for a reunion? Maybe throw in some crazy Sphinx or Tai storyline. Or Nova can take them up to space.

So I'm afraid of Jeph Loeb writing cosmic Marvel. The man absolutely butchered Ultimate Marvel. I mean did anyone like those books? They were just terrible. Ultimate X was surprisingly refreshing but overall the man does not inspire confidence.

Also not sure what to think of the Annihilators series. Its also weird to me that space faith church is still around. They killed off a lot of characters in space so they're obviously gearing up for some returns. Peter Quill, Richard Rider, Adam Warlock, Thanos, Lilandra.... Yeah no way those dudes stay dead.

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