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Plausible World: 4/5To me the main strength of the book is that the characters feel like real people and I could see what they experience happen to actual people. For example, this book does a good job of explaining how a rich couple that has a driver would wind up alone in an alley to get murdered. One thing I do wonder about with this story, and other Batman stories, is why folks like the state attorney general or the FBI haven’t looked into the obvious corruption in Gotham.Art: 3/5If I had to...

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Beyond Enjoyment 0

When I look for comics to read I try to look beyond whether or not I enjoyed a story. Comic book characters in a sense serve as role models for readers. For example, while I can’t become a member of Batman Inc., I can fight crime as a police officer if I want too. If comic book characters are role models then it makes sense to have characters who are male, female, black, white, Latino/a, Asian, heterosexual, lesbian, disabled etc. to maximize the possible range of readers who could identify with...

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Good At Their Job 0

SPOILERS AHEADIntroductionWhen I read a comic book I obviously want an enjoyable story but I also pay attention to the presence (or absence) of ethnic minorities, the roles of women, and the world created in the comic book. Quite a number of comic books are an enjoyable read but repeat the old formula of basically being about white guys. I would give a comic like this (such as the recent Justice League of America #1) a three out of five. Some comic books (like the current Batwing series) break t...

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More Starfire Please 0

Minor spoilers to follow:Oddly enough, I came away from this comic thinking it needed more of Starfire, in all senses, rather than less. Starfire. like Power Girl, seems to be one of those characters who has a lot of potential but who is usually treated like eye candy. The new 52 seems like a good time to give the character some depth. In that regard my main problem with this issue is that, while Starfire does some adult things like have sex with Roy Harper, she doesn't really act very mature wh...

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Fragmentation 0

Even though I haven't read the issues that Hickman was referencing in his summary, I wasn't really confused. Mostly, I feel like the events of the issue could have been replaced with a paragraph saying something to the effect of the Kree created the Inhumans, Black Bolt of the Inhumans was recently believed to have been killed in a war with the Shi'ar, Black Bolt isn't really dead.  Hickman is obviously doing some Earth shaking stuff with the Council of Reeds. However, I don't see the logic of h...

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Getting Political 0

SPOILERS BELOW The Bad I'm fine with political stories in comic books but in this case I feel like the author's politics may have gotten in the way of the story. In this story Rayhan Mazin, an Arab-American, gets mistaken for a terrorist when he saves a plane from crashing. Power Girl shows up with Batman and they wind up being the ones credited with saving the plane. Rayhan Mazin spends the next six months in a detention facility. He eventually escapes so he can see is dying father. My main pro...

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