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I'll take a world with a consistant timeline with no plotholes over a WW-BM-SM love triangle any day, no matter how appealing one would be.

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As has been said by most above Thor and Hulk are easy losses. Ant man and Wasp are easy wins.

Iron Man is a tossup IMO. If IM has a Spidey-killer, he probably loses. But if Spidey can get Tony to burn out his suit and take him down, he wins.

Captain America beats Spidey. Its close and down to a final blow, but Cap wins, regardless of whether Spidey gets the Shield from him or not.

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In the end, almost everyone was right and wrong:

Cyclops was right that this coming of the Phoenix and Hope would lead to the rebirth of mutants. He was wrong that it posed little/no threat to the Earth.

Capt. America was right that the Phoenix's return might endanger the Earth.

Everyone who said so was right when they said the Phoenix couldn't be controlled. If it wasn't for the Scarlet Witch suggesting Hope should give it up, Hope would have gone from White Phoenix to Dark Phoenix like Cyke did.

The real heroes of this story? Spiderman and Iron Man. Spiderman for the "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" which makes him the only Marvel hero still worth beans. Iron Man for splitting up the Phoenix Force. Hope wasn't ready, and she would have gone Dark Phoenix quickly.

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So if Krypto came back seriously injured from the Phantom Zone, does this mean my theory that Michael Vick has taken up residence there might be solid?

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@DCFan1992 With that vote, this thread is... Hope-less! (Deal with it!)

Storm - 5

Beast -16

Iceman - 14

Rogue -14 (+1)

Darwin -11

Nightcrawler -13

Colossus -11

Rachel Grey -10

Hellion -10

Prodigy -10

Mercury -10

Armor -10

Pixie -11

Loa -10

X-23 - 37

Dust - 21

Apocalypse -10

Trance - 10

Juggernaut -12

Omega Red -10

Mystique - 9

White Queen - 12

Moonstar - 18

Sabretooth -11

Legion - 4 (-1)

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Green Arrow - 10

Aquaman - 12

Martian Manhunter - 14

Flash - 18 (+2, as much as I think DC should have a Wonder Woman movie to round out the Big 3, a Flash movie would probably be cooler)

Wonder Woman - 16

Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) - 18

Dr. Fate - 8

Doom Patrol - 8

Teen Titans - 18

Black Panther - 22

Luke Cage - 12

Strange - 10

Namor - 6

Silver Surfer - 4 (-2, he got his cameo in FF2, I don't want to see him again)

New Mutants - 12

Nova - 14