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@spawndon: ya, there unworried faces add to it too. nice pick. 
@M.S. Feather
: Nice selections. There's something bout that Plastic Man one alright, now that you say it 
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@karbacca: This is awesome man. Great job
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I've been digging Tony's weekly posts of awesome art picks (and loving the Phil Noto insertions) but it always feels like there isn't enough there (to meanyway, I'm addicted to comic art and artists and want to be a professional illustrator). Other sites, which I won't mention, do similar things 
So here's my idea and someone please tell me if this is already or has been covered/done: 
Us Comic Viner's post our own art picks. Hopefully this will take off. I think it would be really great and I'm sure we'd all discover artist's we've never heard of before, which is always good. 
I'm even going to suggest a format/formula of doing this, and it goes a little something like this...  
Current Pick: 
For this heading pick a piece that either has been released in recent weeks (be it online or even in this week's comics) 
Mine would have to be the Daredevil #1 cover by Javier Rodriguez. Simply a great cover for a great issue. Words are used very cleverly here, as you can see. 
People can post covers or panel work or one off pieces on someone's blog, etc. Just make sure it's pretty current.

Daredevil #1
 Iconic Pick 
For this pick an image you regard as classic or that you've always remembered for one reason or another . It could be from the 60's or last month. Completely up to you, but try and describe why it's so great
Many to choose, this time I'll pick Jim Lee's epic spread from X-men #1. For as long as I can remember, I can remember remembering this pic. Folow me? No? 
Favorite Artist Pick
Pick an image by one of your favorite artists  
Frank Quitley is by far my favorite artist and I was even lucky enough to meet him a few months ago. Such a talent and inspiration. Hard to choose just one pic but this one happens to be staring me in the face right now. It's been my phone wallpaper for months now
Shout Out Pick 
If at all possible post a pic by an up and coming artist, a little known artist or even someone you know 
Declan Shalvey is an irish comic book artist currently working on Thunderbolts. He's pretty much amazing. He's part of the Eclectic Mick's blog which features daily posts by other irish artists working in the comic book industry too 
 Do you like X-Force? Cos I love X-force and this piece is a visual treat to behold
So let me know what you think of this idea. I'm hoping to make a post every week so hopefully this will take off. Try not to post something that's already here unless it's really really really really awesome!
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I'm shocking myself with this answer but, I think Red Hood is a better movie.  
lots more action I suppose. 
Mask is great and fantastic the first time, but it's a crime/mystery film. so second viewings aren't the same. Red hood is a delight to watch again and again

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@Timandm: September 
@cattlebattle: Various Reasons. I like Red Robin and I like that Tray 13, I think that's her name, from world of Flashpoint. But I'm just not excited in any about these titles tbh. Maybe, for me anyway, the other big guns are just overshadowing  the young justice titles. Also, I know deep down i won't be able to follow all 52+ titles so discounting these is a start
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Well he's not the artist on Year One. Can't believe you didn't dig it, but whatever. 
If  you didn't like it you probably won't like The Dark Knight Returns. Millar wrote and drew it. 
I'd always recommend the Long Halloween and Knightfall to people trying to get into Batman. The Killing Joke and Hush are good reads for newbie's too :D

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still don't get the good and evil one. any help?

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@tonis: Thanks, man. This idea for this one just popped into my head one night and I could not wait to do it. 
I had to have Wolverine and Deadpool acting funny as I thought the tension between the others was evident. If you're reading Uncanny you'll probably get it more I suppose
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@spawndon: Is StormShadow GI Joe or something? Not knowledgeable in that area I'm afraid, sorry. 
Well this is Uncanny X-Force: Fantomex, Psylocke, Archangel, Wolverine and Deadpool. My favorite Marvel series at the moment
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